Mass Income Machines Review – Your Way to Financial Freedom?

Would we not all love an Income Machine that generated money for us like clockwork? Well, Jacob explains that Mass Income Machines is going to do that for you. The way that he explains the system makes it sound like an awesome one to get, but how do you know it’s not another scam?

In this Mass Income Machines Review, I will tell you everything that Mass Income Machines is and isn’t. We’ll go through some shocking facts and I will also advise whether this is a good program to get into or whether this is going to be a waste of your time and money.

By the end of this review, you’ll have a good understanding of whether this is going to be a good system for you to sign up for or not, so read this review until the very end.

At A Glance

Name: Mass Income Machines


Owner: Jacob Allen

Purpose: Make Money Doing Affiliate Marketing

Price: $37

Do I Recommend It?: No… This is a SCAM!

What Is Mass Income Machines?

Jacob starts off by saying that you are about to get access to the system that will get you to online success, just like the many others who are already inside the system and who are making great money, even while they sleep. It has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies, online trading or any other “risky online gambling ventures”.

And to prove to you that his system does work, he shows you a few accounts of his. This system is designed to make you serious money in the shortest time possible and you could make money as early as today.

Mass Income Machines uses the power of groups to help each other out. Setting up is easy and each step takes about 4 minutes to complete. Jacob even shows you what the inside of this program looks like and even creates a brand new Clickbank account to then show you that his methods just work.

After creating your account, once the money-making system is activated, you tap into the power of the groups to make money. Jacob signs back into the same brand new account that he created a few days later, to show you that the account has now made him money, thus proving the efficiency of his system.

How true is all this? Does Jacob really show you what it takes to make money online? Did he really devise a system that will put you ahead of all the other online marketers?

Or will this be yet another disappointment added to the thousands of others that are now floating on the internet to con people? Is Jacob really only after your money?

Don’t Trust The Income Proof

As soon as I saw that Jacob had an affiliation with Clickbank, I knew that he would try to show you income proof from there as well. Do you know why that is?

That’s because this system is for sale on Clickbank. Clickbank is an online retailer that allows people to post digital products for sale on its platform, similar to what Amazon does with allowing different vendors to post items for sale on its marketplace.

The way that you can make money on Clickbank is either being a vendor or an affiliate and from what I know (seeing as Mass Income Machines is a digital product for sale within Clickbank), Jacob is a vendor there. The income proof however, does not break down the income to show you whether he made the money as an affiliate or a vendor there.

The income proof is the TOTAL of all the sales that are made, be it as a vendor or an affiliate, so the income cannot really be used as solid income proof.

The Reality Of Thing On Clickbank

Whether you choose to make money as a vendor or an affiliate on Clickbank, you have to promote your products. Mostly as a vendor, you want to promote to affiliates, who will in turn advertize your product to prospective buyers in order to bring in the money. As an affiliate, you want to promote the vendor’s product, in order to make sales and earn your commissions.

Unfortunately, making money online is not as easy as simply creating your free account with Clickbank. There is much more work involved with the advertizing of the products than Jacob is willing to disclose here.

If you thought that only creating your free Clickbank account would make the money roll in, then you will deeply be disappointed because that’s not how the online world works.

Think about it; if you own a shop, the only way to make money is for money to change hands. The money ends up in your pocket, but somebody else must have spent it for that to happen. It’s the exact same way with online income; there is no money made if money does not change hands, in other words, people need to BUY in order for you to make money.

The Red Flags

There are a few red flags that I have discovered within the sales video and they are very much common with scams and/or low-quality products that I have reviewed and exposed before. Let’s go over each one of them so you can see why they don’t add up.

1) No info on the creator

Having no information on the creator of the systems is one big red flag in the online world. That’s because there are so many scams that if anybody wants to make honest sales, they have to go the extra mile to prove that they are real people, with real stories, real struggles and real successes.

If the creator does not prove to you that he/she is a real person, then chances are, their systems are scams and/or such low quality systems that nobody would ever be able to find success with them. Using a pen name or a fake name in this industry, allows scammers to create scam after scam without ever being caught.

2) No info on the system

Clickbank is a legitimate platform and many of the products and sellers are legitimate. However for some reason, most of the ones that are in the make-money-online section are mostly scams and most never tell you what the system is about nor how the money is made.

As you can see, it’s exactly what’s happening within the sales video for Mass Income Machines. We’re not told about whether you will be making money as a vendor or an affiliate and neither are you told how the money is being made. You’re not told what you will be taught or whether the methods used are legal at all.

This just goes to show that either the system is a complete scam or it’s low-quality.

3) Make money within an unreasonable time-frame

Everybody is not the same. Everybody works differently. Everybody learns at a different pace. Not everybody will take action on what they learn.

Yet, you find that Jacob tells you that you will be able to make money within 24 hours.

Sure, we all know taking action is part of the equation but making money on the same day, either being a vendor or an affiliate with Clickbank, is almost impossible. Less than 1% of people will make sales and will make money, and as this is not the norm, isn’t it misleading information?

This is done only to entice you to join the program and to give up your money to them. Remember, it is not so easy to earn trust with people within 24 hours and have them buy something from you. People are just too intelligent and are better at safeguarding their money now than ever before!

4) Affiliation with Profit 24×7

Profit 24×7 is another program that I have reviewed some time ago, and it was kind of expected and unexpected at the same time to see that they are affiliated. I knew that I had heard the name “Jacob Allen” before and could not pin-point where, until I saw the typo within the sales video, referring to Profit 24×7.

Profit 24×7’s sales video is laid out much the same as Mass Income Machines and is also as vague. Many of the red flags that I mention here are also present there and thus, in my opinion, this system is just another re-hashed product that just had a name makeover.

Mass Income Machines Review – Is it A Scam?

I have given you all the information that I could possibly give you about how the system is expected to work, and whether or not you will make money here. What do you think?

Many will say that this is not a scam because making money on Clickbank is legit, whether it be as a vendor or an affiliate. They will also point out that there is a 60 Day Money Back guarantee, thus proving that you’re not really losing any money at the end of the day, if you don’t like what’s inside.

But in my opinion, because of the way that this is advertised, I would say that it is a scam. Money cannot be made as easily on the internet, as Jacob claims. This system also has a lot of red flags that are very similar to other scams on the internet and it is also re-hashed from another system called Profit 24×7.

If Profit 24×7 was such a hit (as claimed in their sales video), then what is the need for a rehashed program such as Mass Income Machines? This is total nonsense and is a red flag!

I do not recommend Mass Income Machines and I think it is a scam.

Is There A Real Way To Make Money Online?

To be perfectly honest, there are several ways to make money online. You can make money online by creating an e-commerce store of your own, you can create a website and advertize your own services or you could also create a website and promote affiliate offers.

I deal with affiliate marketing and I promote affiliate offers. Affiliate marketing is really easy and is one of the best ways for beginners to start making money online because it does not deal with product creation and it has the best potential for residual income down the road.

I only work 2 hours a day and currently making $50 a day with my website. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy to make money. It takes a lot of hard work and it takes time and patience.

But why would you waste time looking to make a quick buck here and there, or chase make-money-online scams, when you could build something sustainable over time that would be so stable, you could quit your day-job?

Let me introduce you to the training platform that I have used to learn, start and grow my online business. Don’t worry, it’s free to start and to try and thus, you can rest assured that you won’t have to invest into something that you may not like.


I promise you, it’s different than those scams and low-quality product that promise the world and yet, deliver on nothing at all.

Anyways, do you have any questions about making money on Clickbank? Do you have any questions about making money online in general? Or any comments or experiences that you can share about Clickbank systems like Mass Income Machines? I would love to hear from you.

Praying for your success always,


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