Max Daily Profits – Yet another scam?

I would like to congratulate you for landing upon this review, because it shows that you are doing your homework to find out whether Max Daily Profits is worth the hype. You probably stumbled across it within the WarriorPlus platform and were wondering if it was really all that different from other money-making programs online. Keep reading for the full details of this program.

At A Glance

Name: Max Daily Profits


Purpose: Create a passive income online

Owner(s): Mark Barrett, Paul Prissick

Recommended? : No

My First Impressions

From the very get-go seeing the sales page, I came to recognize that Max Daily Profits was either a very low-quality product or a scam. The landing page seems to go on and on about the benefits of the program but nothing about how the product actually works.

The owners claim that only 30 minutes of work is required for you to be able to make $100 – $200 a day on autopilot, which means that it is a full-time income for most people today.

However, in my experience, most programs that claim to make you full-time income for a few minutes of work everyday AND on autopilot, are usually either very low-quality or outright scams. Something to think about before you invest into this program, especially since they don’t give you the details of the program before you pay.

Another fact that didn’t sit right with me, is the fact that their case study website made only about $500 a month on autopilot, for a total of about $5500 – $6000 a year. This definitely does not sound like full-time income to me.

They just claim I would be able to make $100 – $200 a day on autopilot, which translates to $3000 – $6000 monthly and upto $72,000 yearly. Their case study does not even match with their promises. Really makes me wonder whether their new method works after all, because if they didn’t experience this result then how can they guarantee anybody would make this amount?

Lying Front

The owners of this program are quick to give you reasons why affiliate marketing will not work and will not make you passive income and as an affiliate marketer myself, I can tell you that they are plainly lying to you. Here’s what they tell you about affiliate marketing;

1) they claim that the best affiliate products are already being promoted by a lot of other affiliate marketers and that will make it hard for newbies to succeed

2) they claim that even if you are able to sell through your affiliate link, that you will only earn a few dollars in commissions and thus how long will it take you to make decent money?

3) they make a statement that you will need to keep working day after day to make any sales with affiliate marketing, where offers pay little to begin with

4) you can find youself working hours and hours a day, to make decent income

What they are not telling you!

Now, although it may “ring” true to a lot of people who are not familiar with affiliate marketing, let me clarify by saying that they are totally playing on words to get you to buy their product. It is a sales pitch.

Here is why the reasons they give you about affiliate marketing do not make sense;

Argument for 1) There are affiliate programs for absolutely EVERYTHING you can imagine. It just depends on your interest; you could be interested in pet care, car accessories, electronics, websites, golf, camping, etc… For sure, some of these are pretty competitive, but it does NOT mean that you cannot be successful. You just need to be creative!

Plus, there are new products coming out on the market all the time! If you try to keep up with the inventions and new products that you know your customers are going to love, then the competition means nothing.

Argument for 2) Affiliate programs only pay a few bucks per sale? That’s the biggest lie of the century. There are MANY affiliate programs out there that pay upto 75% commission, depending on what your interest / niche is. For example. if you go to ClickBank, you will find that most of their commissions are around that mark.

Maybe all these guys had experience with, was Amazon. Amazon’s affiliate program only pays a measly 10% at best, and if your item costs under $10, then they are right on this one.

But the beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t only get commissions on the item that you promote, but you get commissions on THE ENTIRE ORDER! And that’s true at Amazon too.

For example, let’s say you promote children’s toys on Amazon and your visitor clicks through to buy the product, or even just to check on the price. If your visitor decides to buy ANYTHING AT ALL, even if it’s not the toy, you get the commission. If they ended up buying the toy (at $50) AND a pair of shoes (at $100), costing a total of $150, then you can make $15 for that one single sale. You only need 10 sales like that per day, to make a full-time income.

Argument for 3) The amazing thing with affiliate marketing, if done right, is cumulative in nature. Which means that you only need to do the work ONCE and it can bring you some pretty good passive income.

The best way to tackle affiliate marketing, is to create a website and write reviews about your favorite products, and even about products that suck. When you don’t recommend a particular product, offer an alternative instead, to really provide a solution for your readers and to also boost your income opportunities.

With a website, once you write a review, it is never just thrown out the window the next day. It never becomes useless. Because the way it works, is that Google loves to provide relevant and helpful information to its searchers’ base.

So if you write quality reviews, then your posts will keep appearing on the first page of Google and the other search engines, and day after day, people will keep clicking and will keep buying through your link, making you passive income.

If this is not THEIR definition of passive income, I don’t know what they are trying to sell you!

Take the above example. I went to look for Clickbank review and this is the article that this person wrote, back in 2015! That’s 3 years ago! This article is probably very popular and well written and guess what? The author is STILL making a ton of money with it. It has been on the first page of Google all this time.

Argument for 4) For this point, they are close to the truth regarding the fact that you will need to work hours and hours a day to make this work. Affiliate marketing will not make you a millionaire overnight. It takes real hardwork, patience and a lot of personal accountability to make it work.

However, what they have failed to mention again, is that a website and the reviews written on it, if done correctly, is cumulative in nature. And this, does not require for you to work as hard as soon as it is properly established and you find yourself where you want to be financially.

It takes a lot of hard work to get it off the ground but it is totally worth it once you are well-established and making the income you dreamed of. You are never retiring because the best way to keep the income coming is to always keep your website up to date, but you will only need to work a few hours a day down the road and enjoy the rest of your day with your family!

What do they really want to teach you?

So from what I have gathered from investing into this program, they want to teach you to offer free trials for products that will later on start charging your customers. They want to teach you to drive traffic to a squeeze / landing page where they can sign up for the trial.

But the problem with that, is that you cannot choose your interest, because these trial products will only be online / digital products. And this will mostly be within the making-money niche.

If you are interested in kid’s toys, then there isn’t much that is going to help you here. You would be dealing with physical products mostly, unless they are online games or demo games downloaded for your son’s gaming PC.

Problem with this as well, is you really have to know your products too and if it is within a niche that you have no interest in, then this will REALLY seem like work to you and you will not enjoy it.

Plus, you won’t make money as fast as they make it seem. Being a marketer myself, I know exactly what it takes to drive traffic and it can take a few months to really start getting a significant amount of visitors to start making an income.


You can already tell from my perspective, that whatever this program costs, that I’m definitely not going to recommend it. But from a price standpoint, it is not a bad idea to give it a try, if you really think that you could make this work for you.

The cost for this program, is at $17 (discounted from $97). The discount I know for a fact, is also just a sales pitch, to have you hand them your money. From what I have seen, the training that they give you is not worth $97. It is more along the lines of what they are asking you for.

However, be prepared for a few upsells within this program, which is what they are hoping for you to invest into, to lure you into making $400 a day. I am personally a plan of upsells; I believe in a system that is transparent where you are given the amount you need to pay upfront and base that on what you will be getting in return.

If I see a great list of tools and services for the amount I need to pay, then I go for it! But not in this case, unfortunately. The owners here just want to lure you in with the low upfront cost of $17, to get you to buy more once you are inside.


Now, it may seem like I am bashing the program, but I really do not think that this is a scam. What they have here is a good concept to think about to make some side-income, but just don’t expect $100 a day within a few days of starting this.

I really do not like how they give people a bad impression of affiliate marketing, because it is a pretty legitimate and very good way of making full-time income online.

I know people who have been making $7000+ with affiliate marketing (READ DYLAN’S STORY HERE) and most of this is passive. The owners really hide all the good things about affiliate marketing to make you buy into their program that will only make them richer.

There is no guarantee that they update this program either, to keep up with the changing algorhythms of the Internet and social media. They also make you think that you can make quick money with this program which is also why I really do not recommend it.

To make real money online

As you already know now that I make money with affiliate marketing, and also because I have had a few years’ experience with it, this is the route that I actually recommend you go. There are a lot of advantages, some mentioned above, that are really worth considering.

1) No need to buy wholesale products

2) No need to stock your products

3) No need to hold on to inventory that is not selling

4) LOTS of affiliate programs available on the net

5) Great passive income opportunity

6) Make money anywhere in the world

7) Choose ANY interest or product to promote

This is the dream that I am living and you can make this your dream as well.

The one thing to get you on track with your online business, is to invest in the BEST training platform that will show you step-by-step of what you need to do, in order to be successful.

It is the training platform that I have used as well, to build this website. And I am not afraid to share with you this amazing training platform and show you how you too can make great income from home.

The platform that I am talking about, is called Wealthy Affiliate.

It will teach you from scratch, about how to create your website, how to choose products and your interest, how to attract visitors to your website and how to make the most of your reviews and optimize your income.

A great fact about Wealthy Affiliate, is that you can start for FREE, without spending a dime and you could still make money while you learn. Keep your free membership for as long as you like, or unlock the potential to make money beyond your wildest dreams by upgrading to their premium membership.


>> Discover the awesomeness of Wealthy Affiliate <<

I highly recommend that you READ DYLAN’S STORY, because he has been such a great inspiration to me. It shows right here that the system taught at Wealthy Affiliate works and that you don’t need to look any further to make your dreams a reality.

I hope I was able to shed some light on Max Daily Profits and I was able to help you make a decision on whether this is or isn’t the right program for you.

Whichever road you choose to go, I really hope that you make it a great success!

Forever your friend,



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