Message Money Machine Review – SHOCKING DISCOVERY!

Making close to $1,000 a day sounds like a dream come true for many people and Len, the spokesperson for Message Money Machine, claims that this system is going to be the one to change your life, if you only buy it to uncover the secret app he will let you use.

In this Message Money Machine Review, I will be going over the sales page and what it is supposedly about. I will also be going some shocking discovery I made about the system and I will also be letting you on how money is REALLY made online.

Read until the end, because I have a surprise for you waiting… 🙂

At A Glance

Name: Message Money Machine


Owner: “Len Case”

Purpose: Make money sending random messages

Price: $37

Do I Recommend It?: Nope! This is a scam!

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What Is Message Money Machine?

The sales video starts off with news reports, telling us that people have been making money online, not needing to wake up and face the rush hour traffic. You also have some testimonials, claiming that they are making $50K a month, and one even reported to have made $500K within a year.

Then, Len introduces himself and tell you that he is able to make that money, by sending people links through Facebook and emails.That’s what he calls “Message Money” links. Apparently, Amazon and Ebay pay people huge commissions to people who get these links in front of people.

To make this work, you need 5 minutes a day of work. You don’t need a website, technical skills, prior education nor any experience. All you have to do, is share random links, regardless of whether people buy from these links or not. Additionally, you could make even more money by letting Len’s app do all the work for you, with only 4 minutes needed to set it up.

Afterwards, all you need to do is fill in your address to get paid. You’ll ge paid from traffic generated by other people’s content. You simply click a few buttons and nothing more. Everything that’s technical and hard, will be taken care of by the app. You don’t even need to know how it all works. All you need to know is that it works.

So, are these claims true and will you make such a life-changing amount of money using the system?

How The System Works

From what I understand, this system promotes a method of making money online known as affiliate marketing, where you can read more about HERE. But to put briefly, affiliate marketing is when you promote a product where you make a cut of the sale for each buyer you refer through your unique link.

My understanding is that this system will have something to do with showing you how to use pre-written messages, where you will be able to input your unique link and promote to others on the internet, where if a sale is made, you will be getting a cut of the sale.

This sounds harmless, except for the few things that I have uncovered below that will be very shocking especially if you know a bit about affiliate marketers and a very famous one, in particular.

Reasons This System Is A Scam

1) News report

News report have been used in association with scams and low-quality products forever. They are used as a means to convince you that their systems are so good that they have been featured on the news. However, if you had not noticed, not one of those news reports make mention of Message Money Machine.

These reports could definitely be true, but are being used here to lure you into thinking that the system is legit. It’s just a tactic used to push you to buy the system. Nothing more.

2) Fake Testimonials

If you listen to the testimonials again, you will notice that all of them have been cut and glued together at different weird places. This is proof that these testimonials were not originally used for Message Money Machines in the first place. I also have proof that they had been in another product, called Tube Crusher and Instant Payday Tricks.

Moreover, these are not even real testimonials. These people have never even used ANY of those make-money-online products. They have been hired for a measly $5 from a website called Fiverr, where they posted their testimonials services. They are paid actors.

Look at the below.

You’ll recognize some of them in the following reviews that I have already written about other scam products:

  1. Yt Crusher
  2. Tube Crusher
  3. EZ Bay Payday
  4. Easy Insta Profits

3) Fake name

Underneath the video, you are able to see a little note that says that Len Case is a pen name. I am always very skeptical of pen names, because scammers are able to keep their identities hidden.

What happens is that as soon as their system is labelled as a scam and they no longer make money from it, they then create a completely new system that may be a rehashed version of the older system. They slap a new name on it and change their pen names so as not to be recognized.

Take for example, Message Money Machine and Instant Payday Tricks. They all have the same domain name, which means that both systems are owned by the same person. Yet, their pen names are different too. You have “Len Case” here and you have “Ed Roberts” for Instant Payday Tricks.

Additionally, I have my suspicions that the scammer behind these programs is Matthew Neer, a very well-known affiliate marketer and online course creator, who has made millions of dollars online. I personally think he made his fortune scamming people on the internet. His voice and the voice in this video, as well as Instant Payday Tricks, and Viral Cash App, which I categorized as a scam, are all his.

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4) 5 Minutes of work

Another sign that this is a scam is the fact that “Len” says that you only need to spend 5 minutes a day working on it and you’ll be able to see the money rolling in. Sorry, but even a 7 year-old could see through this.

The amount of work that is needed to make close to $1000 a day, does not translate to 5 minutes of work. This is an online business. Business people work harder than regular employees. Yet, here you are told that you will barely need to work at all. Does it make sense?

The truth is that making money online the RIGHT way takes as much time and effort as a physical business. You either need to spend money to make money or you need to spend time to make money. There is no other way around it. Most of us don’t have the money, so we have to trade time to make the online business work and it sure as heck needs more time that 5 minutes a day.

5) Outrageous income claims

You are told you will be able to make thousands of dollars a day. Some people in those FAKE testimonials even said they made upto $500K in their first year. If making money online were that easy, all physical shops, malls and even restaurants would go bankrupt; they would not be able to run without employees.

Yet, you find that so many people are still struggling to make ends meet and they still have to work at their regular jobs that they hate so much. You know why that is? That’s because making money on the internet, though possible, takes time and work! You won’t make half a million dollars within your first year.

6) No need for traffic

That’s the biggest lie of the century. Of course you need traffic to be able to work an online business. Without people being put in front of your website or service, there will be no buyers. Not to mention that it is important to get your website and service even in front of people who are not buyers because they could refer buyers to you.

ALL traffic is important. Without traffic, there is no money to be made.

7) “The App is still available in your area” or “This Video could be removed at any time”

This is another lie. It is common for scammers to lure you into believing that their programs are only available in certain aread and will be removed at any time, to push you into buying the system so they can make money off of you. This system will be available for as long as it is bringing in money for the scammer.

That’s the only thing they care about.

8) Income Proof on ClickBank

On ClickBank, money can be made as an affiliate or as a vendor. However, “Len” does not even show us if this money was made as an affiliate or a vendor. The income he shows you is the total income that was made, as both a vendor and an affiliate.

My suspicions however, is that this is a vendor’s account, because Matthew Neer has always been a product creator. Never came across Matthew Neer’s blog in my life. He has never written ANY reviews about other products, or promoting any other products but his own.

So, this money was made by scamming people as a vendor of SCAM products. He only came out of the bushes when he started making a ton of money and could put his name to legit products and could charge a pretty penny for them.

Conclusion of This Message Money Machine Review

You already know what I think of this system; and it’s that Message Money Machine is a complete scam. Affiliate marketing does work but this is showing you affiliate marketing the WRONG way. You will never be able to make life-changing income like this with this scammy product.

This scammer uses scammy tactics to sell you the system, such as the news reports, the fake testimonials, the so-called pen-name and outrageous money claims. He also wants to make you think that making money online is as easy as only logging into a system for 5 minutes every day, when that’s not true.

Making money online takes a lot of effort and time, just like any other business. All who claim that you will be able to make money within your first day, or to make you full-time income within just a few days, or weeks, are all lying to you. Remember, if it was that easy, then everybody would be debt-free, everybody would be working from home instead of grinding away at their regular jobs.

These scammers want to sell you their system and will go to any lengths and will tell you any lie to get to your money. Don’t fall for them!

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