Review – Another Fake GPT Website? review

I came across another website that promises to pay you for watching videos and I decided to review it. So if you were looking for an honest review and were wondering whether you’ll actually get paid, then this is it!

A lot of people are promoting it just because of the perceived potential to make a lot of money, as per the pay out, but the truth is that they probably don’t know whether it is a scam or not.

That’s why if you are wanting to make sure it’s legit before you sign up, then this is the right review for you because let me tell you that I found a lot of red flags that I think you should know about.

MheVideon At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Make money online watching videos

Price: Free to join but will cost you money!

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s a scam that you should totally avoid! Yes, it is free to sign up but they will ask you for money inside of the member’s area and disguise it in such a clever way that you won’t suspect it’s a scam.

What Is MheVideon?

This is a website that promises to pay you some good money for watching videos. Youtube videos to be more specific. So they’ll have a bunch of videos that will be available for you to watch and they’ll also tell you how much you’ll get paid per video.

There are videos that will pay you $1 and there are videos that I saw will pay you even $25!

The bad news is that I have seen this type of website before and they were all scams.

However, I just want to tell you that even if I hadn’t seen this type of website before, that I would still have been skeptical. That’s because the pay is way too high for this type of website and for this type of work.

The truth is that these types of websites don’t usually pay much. You might only get paid a few cents for a video of about 5 minutes long, so you would usually make only a few dollars for an hour of watching videos.

But MheVideon’s pay, like I said, is WAY above industry standard, which means that this is a red flag already. Most websites that promise you easy money for less work, when compared to other legitimate sites, tend to be scams.

And they tend to want something else, which might just be your personal information or they’ll find a way to extract money from you on the backend.

Anyhow, if it was as easy to make money as MheVideon claims, then everybody would be doing it and nobody would be working the traditional job. I mean, when I tried it, I worked 4 hours and made $100, so why would I stick to my job to have to work twice more hours to make that money?

Now you see why it makes for suspicious website? Believe me, I’ve been reviewing these types of website for 3 years now so I definitely know what I’m talking about.

Inside MheVideon – The Member’s Area

It’s fairly easy to sign up because you don’t need to give out too much information. All you need is to provide an email and a password, and create a username.

Once that is done, you can start watching videos to earn and the layout is about the same as the homepage. You choose a video and it starts playing.

Some videos are fairly short, only a few minutes long and some others are very long! I found that the longer ones are supposed to pay you more, like I saw one that would be around 30 minutes but that paid $25.

To be honest with you, I had already tried another similar website before called NteVideon and since I think that MheVideon is going to be the same, let me tell you of the experience I’ve had with NteVideon.

The first thing that I did was watch a few videos and made about $10. As there were no requirements to check out anywhere, I tried cashing out those $10 and was met with a requirement after I had given them my Paypal email address (I gave them a fake email, obviously!).

The requirement was that I would need to make at least $100 and watch at least 200 minutes of video to be eligible to cash out, which is what I did. That’s when it took me about 4 hours to make $100.

I tried to cash out afterwards and there was another requirement that popped up; it now said that I need to have at least 40 referrals in order to cash out in addition of the $100 made and 200 watched minutes.

My question is WHY did they not tell me about this requirement when the first requirement popped up? If they were transparent, they should have told me about ALL the requirements at once, because I could have started working on getting referrals earlier, right?

So that’s definitely one of the red flags!

Another red flag was that they also offered me the opportunity of BUYING referrals from other members, which made no sense at all! Let me explain.

They were selling referrals for like $20 for around 100 referrals, but the truth is that they would be losing money at that rate. You see, MheVideon claims that they will pay you 40% of your referrals’ earnings as an override.

And you saw how easy it was for me to make $100, right? So if you had 100 referrals, that would make you $4000 in overrides every single day! Why would you only sell 100 referrals for $20?

That’s when I realized that those members are all fake! There are no referrals being sold here. It’s just the creator/scammer behind this website trying to disguise the purpose of the money they want from you. That’s how they make money from you!

The Red Flags! – Here Are Other Scammy Reasons To Avoid MheVideon

1) Unknown Creator

If I don’t know who created it, I stay away from it! That’s because you don’t know what the creator’s intentions are behind the website. They don’t give you a reason at all to trust them.

They could tell you a lot of things and try to convince you to sign up and make a lot of promises, but all these will have no meaning. That’s because they really want to scam you and will do anything to get your money.

So only deal with websites whose owners/creators are not afraid to show their faces and their identities. You would then be able to conduct research on them to make sure you can rely on them.

MheVideon is definitely NOT one of them!

2) Higher-than-normal pay

I already mentioned this, but such high pay in this industry is not typical, which means that it is a red flag and something to look out for always.

I have seen countless websites trying to lure you into signing up by promising you high pay and they almost always turned out to be scams.

They will either want your personal information, like a website I recently reviewed called AltasCash, or like MheVideon, they’ll try to con you into buying something in exchange for more money.

3) No transparency

This is also something I have already discussed, but most websites like this will be transparent about the requirements to cash out even before you get started with them. But with MheVideon, the requirements are nowhere to be found.

The only way to find out is if you try to cash out and then too, they don’t give you the full list of requirements in one go. Chances are that Mhevideon might have many more requirements to extract more money from you even after you buy the referrals.

These are scammers that will try to get as much money as they can from you but in the end, they obviously will not give you the earnings that they promise you.

So don’t make the mistake of paying for anything on their website.

4) Fake support thread!

The next red flag that I found was that the support thread is completely fake! You see, this is the same support thread that was copied and pasted from NteVideon. Take a look at both of them side by side below.

As you can see, the usernames of the first few people are the same, the comments are the same too and they are in the exact same order.

This is enough proof to show you that MheVideon is a scam and that there never will be anybody to answer your questions or help you if ever you run into any problems with the website, which you are bound to run into (hint; it’s about the pay!).

This is proof that the creator of those websites just created those websites because they are after the money they can get from you, rather than help you make money.

We just have a serial scammer on the loose!

Is MheVideon A Scam?

I think I have been clear enough through out this whole review; I definitely think that Mhevideon is a scam and that you should avoid it. There are just too many red flags for my liking and not enough things to like about the website for me to really recommend it.

Not to mention that it’s not the first time that I’ve come across something like this. Moreover, I even tried another wesbite that is exactly the same and that looks like it might be from the same creator/owner.

If they didn’t pay previously, then what makes you think that they’ll start paying now?

You can definitely still try it out but there is also the possibility of the creator selling your personal information to whoever will pay for it and he won’t even care in whose hands it lands!

This is dangerous because your personal data could potentially be violated and your identity could be stolen. This means that it will affect your credit and you might possibly get sued for stuff you never did.

So in my honest opinion, it’s best to stay away from MheVideon.

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Lots of Love,


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