Million Dollar Replicator Review – $1M In A Month?

It was the name of this program that actually got me to think that this may be a scam after all. I would say that 90% of programs with “million” or “millionaire” within its title, are suggestive of a scam. But I did not want to label it as such without giving it a chance. We should never judge a book by its cover.

So in this Million Dollar Replicator review, I’ll go over the sales video and will let know whether in my opinion, you should be joining this program or not. You’ll know whether this is a program that is designed to make the creator richer or whether it is designed to really help you achieve the financial freedom you’re looking for.

Let’s dive right in!

At A Glance

Name: Million Dollar Replicator


Owner: Michael Sachs

Purpose: Unknown

Price: $37 + Upsells

Do I Recommend It?: No… Smells like a SCAM!

What Is Million Dollar Replicator?

Million Dollar Replicator is a program that has been created by a so-called Michael Sachs, who tells you that he has a secret to share with you, that can make you a millionaire within 30 days. What proof does he have that this works? He has a few testimonials lined up and he shows them to you.

This program is specifically designed for newbies, although experienced marketers can also use it. You don’t need any skills, experience with making money online and neither do you need a list to make this system work. You could even make money within your first day of starting with the program.

Michael says that this program is a brand new way of making money online that has never been heard of or seen before. While other methods are too time-consuming and complicated to understand and to execute, this method is fast and just about anybody can do it. However, almost nobody is using it, making it very effective.

There are only a few copies left so you should sign up as fast as possible or this opportunity could pass you by, says Michael.

So should you accept his invitation and join him or are there any reason at all that you should NOT do that? Is he another scammer that will rob you of your money or will you really be able to make so much money as to quit your job?

Michael paints a very pretty picture of the future you could have but things aren’t what they seem.

The Red Flags

The video seems well-put together and if I didn’t know what I know about making money online, I would have signed up in a heart beat. Even I am very impressed with the amount of work that has gone into creating the video and the sales page, but I’m sorry Michael, it’s not enough to convince me to give you my money.

There are just too many red flags that I have found that are very similar to other make-money-online scams and I have bought into enough of them and exposed them on this website, to know what could be inside.

1) Fake Scarcity

Michael says that there are only a few copies left, only 10 more spots left to fill, this opportunity is not going to be available for long. All these are fake!

I have seen this tactic being used too many times with scams and low-quality programs. The reason they would use this is to push you to sign up by creating a fear that this opportunity will really disappear or that all the spaces within the program will be taken up, when that does not make sense.

However, programs like that want to make more money and would not actually close up the program or restrict the number of people that can sign up for the program. Putting a cap or closing it would mean that they would also restrict the amount of money that they could make.

2) Millionaire within 30 days

This is what a typical get-rich-quick scheme will tell you; that you can make a million dollars within a year. But Million Dollar Replicator takes it a step further and tells you that it’s possible within a month!

I hope you realize how ridiculous this is. For a newbie to make so much money within a year, let alone 30 days, is just impossible. As a newbie, you need to learn the ropes of how it works online, you need to apply what is taught and you also need to give your business time to grow.

You have to understand that in order for you to make money online, somebody else must be paying for SOMETHING. Money is not just going to appear in your bank account with a few clicks. if it was so easy, then there would be no such thing as “employees” today. Everybody would be working for themselves, from home.

3) Michael Sachs

Who is Michael? He does not show himself within the video, He does not go the extra mile to stand out and to really convince you that he is a real person behind the video. This is very common with scams and low-quality programs, because it gives them to ability to remain anonymous and to steal your money.

You see, remaining anonymous would mean that they can create multiple scams and low-quality programs that nobody is going to be able to sue them for. Nobody would know who to sue. Additionally, creating multiple programs, they will make sure to also create new names for themselves so as not to be recognized.

What about the picture of himself, you may ask? Well, it does not say much because it’s a stock photo. So the guy in this picture is not really Michael.

4) Member Testimonials

The testimonials from the members are so believable, are they not? But I’m sorry to bring you the news that they are all fake! Yes, they are actually paid actors, hired from a freelance website called Fiverr. Again, just like the fake photo of the owner of the program, hiring actors for testimonials is also very common for scams.

There is a possibility of real testimonials only being portrayed by these actors, but this is not disclosed. If there really were real testimonials, then why not ask satisfied members to shoot a quick testimonial? I know that if I had been a satisfied member of any program, I would have been very happy to share my experiences.

I’m sure many would have been okay with giving a free testimonial. This makes paid testimonials unnecessary and ultimately questionable, because who would PAY for something when they could get it for FREE?

To show you that this is common, here are other reviews that I have written with programs using paid testimonials;

1) Click Click Cash

2) EZ Bay Payday

3) YT Crusher

4) Greedy Mentor

5) Smart Cash App

5) Affiliations

Looking around the website, you’ll see a lot of affiliations, specially with news corporations like CNN and magazines like Forbes. I don’t understand why they would have an affiliation with some others, like Aviva (and insurance company) and Fujifilm (a camera company). Those just don’t make sense.

But anyways, this is just an attempt at looking legitimate when Million Dollar Replicator has absolutely no affiliate with them. I know that for a fact because when I googled those two companies together, even the name of the creator along with the other companies, there was no information at all that came up.

Therefore, these affiliations are fake and are only there to try to appear legitimate.

6) Live Social proof

Another part of the website that seems so real is the Live Social Proof from Facebook and from Twitter. However, if you try to look for a page called “Million Dollar Replicator” or a group by that name, you’ll find nothing at all. If there were such a group, even if you were not able to join it because it was reserved for members, you would have at least seen it.

But there is no such thing on Facebook, nor on Twitter. Therefore, the only conclusion that we can come to, is that the Social Proof is completely fake and made up, in an attempt to appear legitimate.

7) No Information About The Program

One last red flag that I will be exposing is the fact that there is just no information about the program, how it works, what tools are included, where the money is gonna come from and what the products or services are going to entail. Programs that don’t tell you ANYTHING about what’s included should absolutely be avoided.

How do you know that the program is going to be right for you? How do you know that this program is going to be legal? How do you know there won’t be any more fees to access what’s needed to become successful with the program?

There are no indications. and absolutely no reason to believe that Michael, being a fictitious character himself, is going to keep his promise. There is no way to know what he could be hiding from you either, because the video is so vague.

We would learn as much as possible about an electronic for example, before making a decision to purchase it. This is to make sure that it has the right features that we are looking for. Make-money-online programs should also be the same; we need to know exactly how it works before making our investment.

Million Dollar Replicator Review – Scam?

You see, there are tons of people who would say that it’s a scam and others who would say that it isn’t one. It depends on your perspective.

Those who would say it’s a scam would probably come to this conclusion because of the misleading video and all the red flags that come with it, such as the anonymous creator, the paid testimonials and the lack of information about the how the system itself works.

Those who would say it’s not a scam will tell you that you probably would get a product inside and that creators of such programs have the right to put a price to their products. Additionally, this system is also sold through Clickbank, where they are strict about their 60 day money back guarantee.

So technically, these scammers will not be able to get away with your money even if you do pay into the program, seeing as they have to respect the money-back guarantee being a vendor on the platform, else, they would have their rights to sell on the platform revoked.

From whichever perspective you’re looking at the program, I still don’t recommend it because if it is a scam and the video really is misleading, which I do think it is, then you would be wasting your money and time. If it isn’t a scam, I still do think that it’s not going to give you the necessary training and tools that you’ll need to make money online.

Maybe of these programs are so generic and would only introduce you to a method of making money online and do not actually give you step-by-step instructions. All they want is to make money off of you and don’t really care about whether you’ll make money from their program or not.

Again, I do NOT recommend Million Dollar Replicator.

What Would I Recommend?

It’s the program that I have myself used that is making me passive income on a daily basis. You see, in order to become successful online, you need training, tools and support. If any of these is missing, you will probably fail.

What happens with most programs online is that they only give you ONE of the three things that are important for online success. And thus, you need to jump from program to program and put the puzzle pieces together yourself, in order to crack the code of making money online.

Though you can do this yourself, it would take you A LONG TIME as well as A LOT OF MONEY. So what I propose is for you to create your FREE account with a program that has everything that you need from A to Z. It’s the same one that I have myself learned from and continue to use to keep growing my online business.

Check Out The Platform For FREE!

Remember that making money online takes learning, execution and patience. You won’t see results right away, like any other business, be it online or offline, but with enough time you will see your work being paid off tenfold!

If you do sign up, I’ll see you on the other side to guide you.

Until then, Stay Safe!

Your Friend,


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