Millionaire’s Brain Academy Review – Rewire Your Brain To Riches?

Welcome to my Millionaire’s Brain Academy review!

This program sounded like a different approach to becoming a millionaire, compared to the other “make-money-online” programs and I had to admit, I was intrigued! But given my experience in exposing scams, I didn’t have a lot of expectations about the program, specially because it was sold on ClickBank.

But not all the Clickbank products that I reviewed were bad, which really made me think about the possibility of this program being a legit one.

So if you’re on the fence, just like I was, then I’m happy to bring you my review of this program and will tell you whether or not this is a good program to invest in, in my honest and humble opinion.

Millionaire’s Brain Academy At A Glance


Owner: Winter Vee

Purpose: Helps you step into a millionaire’s brain to help you make the decisions they would

Price: $47+

Do I Recommend It?: No!

What Is Millionaire’s Brain Academy?

The video starts off very good, with motivational speakers telling you to think positively and to keep believing in yourself whether or not others do the same. Then, Winter Vee starts talking to you about the “secret” that separates you from a “Bill Gates” or a “Steve Jobs”.

And he claims that without it, you’re just going to keep struggling and this will be the exact same way that you’re going to be the rest of your life.

Well, that’s harsh!

From the preview of the video, I already knew what Winter was going to talk about and it is MINDSET. Sure, mindset has a big role to play in bringing success and you have got to be positive and keep going in the direction that you believe is going to change your life.

But my mind couldn’t help but go “someplace else” while watching the video, because it felt like something was missing. Anyways, I’ll get to that later.

What Winter Vee says, is that millionaires’ brains are wired to think differently than ours and that with his self-help program, you will be able to think and act like one. He promises to rewire our brains within 7 days, the same way he was able to rewire his to make $22k within his first week.

So far, it does not sound impossible but it heavily depends on what we are getting inside, doesn’t it? He tells you that you’re going to be able to turn it around 180 degrees by just watching videos. Does he live up to the expectations set?

Let’s take a look…

What Do You Get Inside?

I have to say that I was kind of excited to find out what was inside, because everybody had their own problems and I thought that I could really use this in my personal and online business life. But when I realized what you get, I was REALLY disappointed.

All you get for your initial payment of $47 is a 121-page ebook, that talks about NOTHING new. It’s really information that I already knew and for the length of the ebook, it felt very repetitive to me. I felt like I could just have seen a few FREE Youtube videos, or I could have even bought CHEAPER self-help books that could give me the same info.

In his sales video, Winter Vee kept telling us about this BIG secret and made it sound like what he was going to divulge was some big secret that ONLY HE knew about, but that’s not really the case. The ebook is WAY OVERPRICED, if you ask me.

What’s even more disappointing, is that he made me think that all I had to pay for was the $47 to get access to the motivational videos and audios, but guess what? That’s actually EXTRA.

There are a few upsells that Winter Vee conveniently leaves out in his sales video, making you think that you get acess to everything for the one-time fee, when that’s not the case. Additionally, these upsells are OVERPRICED as you will soon discover. They’re not worth the money.

Upsell 1 – Hyper Wealth DNA ($197)

This is a compilation of videos and audios that you can watch or listen to but to be honest, just these alone will not make you a millionaire within 7-10 days. So you’re not actually get a whole lot of value for your money here.

Upsell 2 – Copy Paste Wealth ($97)

These are done-for-you templates but let me tell you that I never use them because I believe in learning and doing things myself. You think done-for-you stuff will help you? It does the opposite. It makes you dependent on them because you’ll never know how things are supposed to work.

Upsell 3 – Jumping Audio Program ($97)

This is supposed to help you “jump” to the perfect mindset through listening to audio that (I think) you’ll be able to listen to anywhere, but again, you’re not getting the value for your money here.


As usual, I just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to see what others who bought the program thought about it and I came to know that I was not the only one who was disappointed with my purchase.

Doing my research, I stumbled across a few complaints on the website, and here’s what two of them say about Millionaire’s Brain Academy.



So as you can see, that’s not very reassuring, is it? At least 3 people have given you their opinion on the program and as yet, I havent found one positive review from a real user of the program. That’s gotta tell you something, right?

Is Millionaire’s Brain Academy A Scam?

Even if I have had a bad experience with this program, I don’t think it’s a scam. The reason for this, is because I still think you’re getting SOMETHING for your money. Even if I think this is a total rip off, the vendor of the program has the right to price his products at whatever price he wishes.

However, some other people will categorize this as a scam because of the misleading claims made, as well as for having hidden costs and advertising services as part of the price, when these are PREMIUM options.

Whether you think it’s a scam or not though, I have to say that I don’t recommend this program because from my perspective, it’s just going to be a big waste of your money. It’s a total rip off because this is all information that you can either find for free on the internet.

Either that, or you can also buy the more cost-effective alternatives from bookstores or online. It’s not like you’re going to learn anything new by buying MORE for this ebook than most of the others.

So although it’s not a scam, I still think that your money will do you better in your wallet than invested into this program. Avoid Millionaire’s Brain Academy!

Remember I Told You Something Was Missing?

Here’s the missing link!

It’s true that starting with a positive mind and believing in yourself, even if others don’t do that, is the first step to take, in order to become successful. It’s really true that you’ve already LOST the battle if you don’t think you can win. In hindsight, it’s like thinking “what’s the point of trying hard if I’m just going to lose anyways?”

But it’s not like you’re going to become rich just by believing you’re already rich, right? It’s not like dreaming about money every night and believing it’s gonna happen SOMEDAY that you’re going to earn more.

The missing link here, is TAKING ACTION!

So as you can see, changes will only happen once you change your mindset AND actually make changes in your life to work towards the life of your dreams. If you just sit there, doing nothing, then nothing’s gonna happen. Nothing’s gonna change.

Let me suggest that you join my recommended community FOR FREE, where you’ll get the support that you need to elevate and change your mindset, as well as get access to the training and the tools that you need, in order to start and grow an online business that will help you earn more online. This will be the “taking action” part.

Again, you can join for FREE to try it out and if you decide to walk away, then you would have lost nothing financially.


I promise to be by your side and to help you through any hurdles or obstacles, in order to get to your goals in life. Whether it be to quit your current job, or earn a side-income, or to save up for your retirement, it’s possible with the program that I recommend.

I hope you take up the offer but in the meantime, should you have any questions or need to make comments about Millionaire’s Bran Academy or about making money online in general, don’t hesitate to leave them below. I would love to hear from you.

Your Friend,


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