Money Genie Review – The UGLY TRUTH Revealed!

Money Genie review

Welcome to my honest Money Genie review.

You want an honest review because you want an unbiased review. I’m seeing everybody promoting Money Genie, but nobody is actually telling you the ugly truth that I found out about the website.

Yes, there are some things you should know before joining the website, even if the website is free to join. Maybe the people promoting Money Genie don’t know about this so if you find this article helpful, then share it with them.

Anyway, let’s get started. There’s a lot that I need to expose to you in this review and by the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Money Genie At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Get referrals and complete tasks to earn

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE! It’s a mass data-harvesting scheme!

What is Money Genie?

Money Genie is self-claimed to be the #1 Social Media Affiliate Network, where you can make hundreds of dollars every single day. Sign up now and receive a $35 sign up and refer others to make $1 for every click and $5 for every referral.

This sounds like a good opportunity to make some easy money, right? And to be honest, if I knew nothing about making money online and I were a beginner, I would have signed up in a heartbeat and work hard to make money with it.

But the sad and bitter truth is that I’ve seen similar claims being made before with other scammy websites, like Paid leaf, Referral Pay, Influencers Earn and so on, that look and work similarly to Money Genie.

Those websites did not pay and were exposed by the BBB website as being mass data harvesting websites, where they utilize your information for financial gain; be it by selling your information or using it to hack into your online accounts.

That’s why even if a website is free to join, you need to be careful!

The reason why I believe that it is the same person who is behind all of these websites is due to the fact that all of those websites have an unknown creator. And that definitely raises a red flag.

If you don’t know who created the website, then chances are, it’s a scam because the creator will just keep on creating scams for his own benefit and never get caught or sued because nobody can identify who is behind those schemes.

How Money Genie Works

Before we get into the red flags that I’ve found out about the website, we need to look into the dashboard and members’ area to understand what the business model is. If the business model makes sense, then we can rest assured that it’s legit.

If not, then you really need to question how the heck they make money and how they will be paying you.

Researching how they make money, I found out they claim to make money through you completing tasks and offers. But what’s fishy is that each task will pay you from $15 – $50, depending on what task it is, mostly paying you $30 on average.

However, when compared to other similar legit websites, like SwagBucks or Points Prizes, the pay is unusually high with Money Genie. The truth is that companies will not pay you so much to complete small tasks.

And why is that, you ask? Why is it impossible for companies to pay you $30 for every survey you complete? It’s because literally anybody can complete surveys. It does not require any special skill.

When you can find literally anybody to do that kind of work and especially since you need to find hundreds to thousands of people to gain significant information on how to improve the brand according to majority, you won’t pay $30 per survey.

Imagine a company like Coca-Cola needing at least 100,000 people for a survey. Do you think they’d pay $30 each? That’s $3M ONLY in surveys. So as you can see, it does not make any sense.

That’s why surveys and other small tasks only pay a few cents on SwagBucks and on Points Prizes. Any website that tells you that you’ll make a lot more money is probably a scam.

The Ugly Truth! – Lies And Deception

Not only does the amount that they pay for each task looks too high and suspicious, but there are also other things that I’ve noticed on the Money Genie website that does not encourage me to trust them.

1) 5 years in business is a lie!

The first one is the fact that Money Genie claims to have been in business for about 5 years. Well, that’s a complete lie since I found out that the website was only registered on October 23, 2019. Take a look for yourself.

Why would they lie about being in business for 5 years, when they’ve only been in business for 2 months? That’s something that I know too well; they do this because they longer they’ve been in business, the more credible you’ll think the website is.

But now that you see it’s a big lie, why would you want to trust anything else they say? Especially since the creator of the website is complete unknown?

2) Fake payment proofs

Now that we know when the website really sprung into existence, it’s easy for us to verify whether the payment proofs posted on the website are real or not.

And unfortunately, some of the dates on those cheques are WAY prior to the registration or creation of Money Genie. Therefore, as you can see, the payment proofs are completely fake.

The other ones have the dates all blurred out. If the creator really was transparent about their business, they wouldn’t blur out the date that those payments were received, because they need to prove to be legit as much as possible, right?

My hunch is that those dates are covered because they are WAY before the website came into existence and it is the creator of Money Genie’s way of hiding the truth from us.

Well, unfortunately, they forgot to blur out the dates on those cheques too.

3) Video Testimonials are NOT real

You’ve probably been doing research all over, right? Even on Youtube. And on Youtube, you’ll see that people are saying they’ve been earning with Money Genie and that you should really join using their link… blah, blah, blah…

But the truth is that those people joined Money Genie and are merely completing a task that says to upload a video on Youtube promoting the website, in order to make $50 off of that submission.

They haven’t actually cashed out or show you any proof of payment, right? But Money Genie is using them to promote the website and encourage people to join so as to get a hold of their data.

4) No REAL payment proofs from similar websites

You know how I mentioned that Money Genie is similar to some other websites that I’ve reviewed and exposed as scams, right? Well, nobody actually got paid from those websites.

You can’t expect to get paid with Money Genie either since the creators are anonymous and because we suspect that the same person or party is behind all of those websites. If they didn’t pay anybody in the past, they certainly won’t pay people now.

And even if you can find somebody who said they got paid, they never actually provide the proof.

In my honest opinion, those are the people behind these websites that create different accounts on Youtube only to post these comments to give other people hope that they’ll receive their money, when it fact, that’s not gonna happen at all.

Just take a look at the various comments I received on my Youtube Channel about some of the other similar websites.

So what actually happens is that people do the work and complete the tasks. They then try to cash out. The system tells them to wait 30 days for the payment to get released. After the 30 days, there’s no payment.

Some people’s accounts are even closed for fraud even though they’ve done everything correctly.

Is Money Genie A Scam?

I do think that Money Genie is a complete scam and should be avoided. Not only is it similar to the many scammy websites that I have reviewed before but there are numerous red flags on the website that indicate a scam.

A legitimate website would proudly feature the name of the creator. a legitimate website would NOT lie about how long they’ve been in business. It would not give you fake payment proofs.

It would actually have a positive history, no matter how long they’ve been in business. They advertise paying instantaneously, but then make you wait 30 days before the release of payment. Then, they don’t release it and ban you.

Also compared to other legitimate companies, Money Genie pays too highly for jobs that anybody can do. Can every perform a surgery on somebody else? NO! It requires a specific education and that’s why surgeons get paid more.

It’s because not everybody can perform a surgery.

The same thing here applies. Anybody and everybody can complete simple surveys so that drives down the payment for that kind of work. That’s why it’s impossible for anybody to pay you $30 per tasks.

Additionally, the BBB even says that those websites only exist to get a hole of your personal information. They could sell it to scammers and spammers or use it themselves to hack into online accounts. Why take the risk?

Money Genie is a complete scam and your information is at risk if you sign up with them. They are a total waste of time.

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Thanks for reading my Money Genie review. How has your experience been with the website? Let me know below. I would love to hear from you… 🙂

Lots of Love,



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