Money On Demand Review – Another of Ewen’s Great Systems?

I say another one of Ewen’s programs because this is not the only program that he has out at the moment; the other programs he created are 10 Minutes Cash, Fast Track Cash, Autopilot Profits and Copy Paste Income. I have not been impressed with his programs that I have reviewed in the past, so I wanted to see if Money on Demand was any different.

In this Money On Demand Review, I will be going over what you get with your investment and what is taught within the program. And based on my experience with online marketing, I will also let you know whether this is going to help you achieve the financial freedom that you’re looking for.

In other words, by the end of this review, you’ll know exactly whether this is a program that will match your needs or not.

At A Glace

Name: Money On Demand


Owner: Ewen Chia

Purpose: Learn email marketing and affiliate marketing

Price: $37 + Upsells

Do I Recommend It?: NO…

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If You Prefer to Watch The Review, Here’s the Video

What Is Money On Demand?

Ewen starts by asking you whether you want to swap places with him and make money on autopilot, while you literally do nothing. Yea, everybody wants to make money doing nothing, but my question to you is, would your shop make money if you were closed everyday?


Ewen telling you that you can do literally nothing and make money is just a hype that I have seen too many times. What he does is keeps repeating himself over and over again, with each and every system of his. The truth is that you can only start making money AFTER you work hard and establish your business. You WON’T make money doing nothing.

There’s always work involved, and even more so, if you want to start and grow a business; the tallest building on Earth at the moment, the Burj-Khalifa in Dubai, was not built in one day. It required a lot of planning, a lot of structural details, a lot of tools, a lot of people and a lot of TIME!

Similarly, you won’t make money on autopilot doing nothing.

He even asks you why you think that nothing has worked for you at this point. His answer to that, is that the courses you buy online that promise you to help you make money online, are all a smokescreen. To a degree, I agree with him. 90% of make money online systems never ever have your best interest at heart.

However, the reason that people keep falling for those scams is that they don’t want to do any work and yet, expect that money is going to magically appear in their bank accounts. That’s just not how business works, whether it is online or offline.

Let’s Get Into What You’re Paying For – The Training

After signing in, you’ll get to the member’s area and be greeted by a welcome video. You’ll have a bunch of links on the left, including the core training, which is in video format.

Going through the training, I see that Ewen has some pretty good stuff regarding email marketing and affiliate marketing, but if you’re an intermediate/advanced marketer already, you’re not going to be learning anything new. It’s nothing revolutionary.

Here’s what you get:

Video 1 – Email marketing

Video 2 – Introduction to affiliate marketing

Video 3 – How to collect subscribers (Squeeze page and Autoresponder)

Video 4 – Traffic generation strategies – solo ads

Video 5 – Process Duplication + Upsell (Million Dollar Alliance)

That’s really it for the training. Most of the videos are around 30 minutes long, which I think is a good length, but you’re not going to become a pro with only 2 hours of information (I didn’t count the last one because he’s not really teaching anything).

In my opinion, this system is not worth $37 because it’s information that you can find for free online if you do some research and do some digging. Most of the information he touches upon can be found on Youtube too, just so you know. If I had to put a price tag to this training, it would probably around the $10 mark.

Deep Disappointment With The Training

Although you’ll learn a few good things being a newbie, email marketing (along with affiliate marketing) is just ONE side of the whole business and I believe that it should not be the CORE of your business. It’s not really on autopilot and it’s not really passive, which makes his sales page a big lie!

And he never mentions anything about you needing to invest into tools, before you get the training. Squeeze pages need a domain name registration that will cost $13 – $15 on a yearly basis, which is not bad, but webhosting is going to cost you around $10 every month and an autoresponder will cost you at least $20 every month.

Ewen does teach you about free traffic generation strategies, like commenting on other blogs, social media marketing, forum marketing and video marketing on Youtube, but he does not show you how to generate traffic using SEO techniques, which is actually where I get 90% of my traffic, on AUTOPILOT and for FREE!

I believe that it’s a very important strategy because of the automation. I mean, I was away on vacation this month (thanks to great discounts from Devant Travels) and I didn’t work for ONE day while I was away, and I still made money. That’s what true automation is about, and I was able to do that using SEO.

But anyways, if you truly want automation with the techniques that he shows you, then solo ads (renting another marketer’s email list to promote your products) is the way to go. But it costs a lot of money, specially if the list you’re targeting is highly responsive and highly converting.

Alert! Upsells Galore!

I have seen it with his other systems as well, but here, the number of upsells is just ridiculous! He has a total of 10 upsells that you have to watch out for. Most of them are his own systems that he has already released or that will be released, but there are a few of them that I believe he is affiliated with.

Some of the upsells pitched are a system by Michael Chenney and another is The Super Affiliate System by John Crestani. Both are completely legitimate programs, but by pitching you to these systems, Ewen just wants to make more money off of you.

Because he knows that the measly 5 videos he just sold you, though it is a method that does work ON TOP OF AN ESTABLISHED BUSINESS, is not going to help you make the thousands of dollars that you’re looking for.

These upsells cost upward of $37. I have even seen some at $97 and John Crestani’s system will cost you upwards of $500 and a continuity fee of $47 for Live Webinars. So the upsells are not cheap! You also have to keep in mind the yearly cost of your domain name registration, your monthly webhosting cost and your autoresponder cost.

Money On Demand Review – Recommended?

Far from it! I don’t think that there is much value offered for the price of $37 at all, specially if you have a notion of how email and affiliate marketing work. If you’re a newbie, then it’s a little different; you will learn quite a few things by investing into this course, but it still is not worth the $37, as the information can be found for free on the Internet.

I also won’t recommend this training because I believe that the traffic generation strategies are just lacking. It’s very misleading to tell you that you’ll be able to make money on autopilot with the strategies he shows you because it’s just not true! People won’t trust you if you don’t have an established presence online and your sales will suffer.

With this system, it is possible to make money, but you’ll only be able to make a few bucks here and there. You won’t make the thousands of dollars that Ewen so buyontly flashes at you within his sales pages.

Oh and… you definitely won’t make money by doing NOTHING! That’s why the training is there, because you have to work for it!

Definitely not recommending Money On Demand. It’s up to you whether you choose to invest in this system, but if you’ve got $19, let me show you a system that will be worth your time and money.

Here’s The System That I Recommend

Like I told you some time ago, I went on vacation a while back for around 10 days, and I was still able to make money even if I didn’t put in any work. That’s what true automation is about and I was able to achieve this due to SEO strategies.

And I learned this SEO strategy from a one-of-a-kind training platform that I’m sure, you’ll really enjoy. It’s got all the training that you need, all the tools that you need and all the support that you need as well. To build a real business online, you need all three of these things, to really become successful.

And if you have $19, then I would highly recommend that you try out this system for 30 days. It does not have a money-back guarantee, but it does have a free trial. The trial is usually enough for you to get a feel of the system, but if you need more time, then it’s only $19 for another 30 days.

It’s way less than what Ewen wants to charge you and you learn WAY better strategies too. You get free website (on subdomains), webhosting is included in your membership, you get the marketing tools and training, you learn about all marketing strategies and you even get weekly Live Webinars and Live Q&As.

Much better value and much better price-point, don’t you agree?

Start Your FREE Trial Here!

If you do end up joining, know that I will become your coach and mentor and I promise you that I am prepared to work relentlessly with you, until you make your first earnings. I am a Top 50 member of the platform, so you can rest assured that I am very active.

But anyhow, please get in touch with me using the comments section below if you have any questions at all. Silly questions don’t exist. We only learn by asking, so I invite you to do that below. If you’ve also had any experience at all with any of Ewen’s systems, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share them with us.

Thanks for reading!

Your Friend,


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