Review – Are People Getting Paid With This Website?

You’re here because you want a REAL and HONEST review. You don’t want a review from somebody just blindly promoting it to you or telling you it’s a scam without proof, right?

And I totally understand you! I’ve waste so much time trying to figure our who was telling the truth and who wasn’t and sometimes, even fell into the traps. That’s why I want to bring you a very honest review so you can make an informed decision.

The truth is that I’ve seen similar websites before and even tried them. I’ve taken a deep look at MoneyGuru and I can tell you that there are red flags that are worth considering before signing up.

Let me take you through them so you stop falling for scams!

MoneyGuru At A Glance


Creator: unknown

Purpose: Refer others and complete offers and tasks

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: No! I think that it’s a total scam and a total waste of your time. There is no proof that anybody has gotten paid and the lies that I uncover just make it too much of a risk for you to get involved.

What Is MoneyGuru?

The website claims that MoneyGuru is the #1 Apps Install Affiliate networks out there, that will pay you not only to install apps and review them, but also to refer your friends and family, as well as to complete offers and surveys.

This sounds like an easy way to make big money online, right? Especially because MoneyGuru seems to pay more than most of the other well-known websites, including SwagBucks.

But does it mean that MoneyGuru is legitimate? I don’t think so. It might sound good but it’s not how things work on the internet. 

I’ve seen and tried other similar websites before, like Referral Pay, CashGem, SpininCash and some others and they have never paid me. They never paid out other people either. And don’t you find it strange that the red flags are all the same too?

I know that you probably think there is a website like this that really works, but how realistic is that? If it was as easy as that to make money online, then people would have been flocking to the website and wouldn’t work the traditional job anymore.

Needless to mention that this website would have helped a lot of people during this Covid-19 crisis but people are still struggling. Of course, that’s a sad thing but it’s just more proof that these kinds of websites don’t work.

Did you want more proof? Then read on as I expose MoneyGuru as the scam that it is.

How MoneyGuru Works

I love figuring out the workings of a website or business, whether it is mine or not. You see, I’ve been through too many scams and reviewed almost 500 products so taking a look at how the business makes money and spends it will tell us a lot.

But the workings of MoneyGuru actually pushed me deeper into having doubts. That’s because for a website like this, the earnings and spendings don’t make any sense, business-wise.

MoneyGuru is a GPT or get-paid-to website. This is what we usually call websites that pay you to complete small tasks. And for this kind of website, the pay is very very low because just about anybody can do it.

When there is a surplus of people qualified for the job, the pay goes down. But that’s not what we’re seeing here. When you compare it to other legit websites that have been around for years, it starts to seem odd.

MoneyGuru claims to pay you $10 for signing up, $5 for every survey you complete, $5 for simply downloading apps and running them for 30 seconds, $5 for every referral, and $10 for every post on your social media accounts.

But I’ve never seen those amounts being paid out for this kind of website. It’s way too much and that’s the reason I see this as one of the red flags. 

For one, they raise the payout to draw people in and two, they also have to charge more to be able to pay out that much. Who would want to do business with MoneyGuru, if they are charging more for the same tasks?

That’s why I firmly don’t believe that they have any affiliated partners and they will not pay out. Do you still want more reasons to believe me? Read on.

Reasons Why I Believe Nobody Is Getting Paid + Red Flags

1) Unknown creator

The first red flag that I noticed is that there is no mention of who the creator of MoneyGuru is. They say that they’ve been around for a while, but there is no mention of a date. What’s a while to you? A month? A year? 10 years?

That’s not very useful information. 

Then, they also tell us that their parent company has been around since 2010. Well, my question is what company is that? If they’ve been around for 10 years, then disclosing the name would increase their trustworthiness, right?

Yet, they choose to keep it hidden, which makes no sense. Doesn’t it make you wonder whether there really is a company out there or not? How can you really trust that MoneyGuru is real?

If they’re not disclosing such general information, then it’s a red flag. They could be lying to you about everything else.

2) Created When?

The MoneyGuru website does not actually tell us when the website was created and so, I decided to do a little research. I found out that the website was only created on June 25, 2020, which is about a month ago.

So no, in my book, as well as in the online world, a website of only 1 month is not very trustworthy. It has not yet established a positive track record or history of payments. 

1 month is not enough to prove to the world that they want the best for their members or that they are not out to scam people. Usually, these scams are around for about a year or so, because the domain name needs to be renewed every year.

If in 1 year, the website disappears, then you know it was most probably a scam. And my hunch is that MoneyGuru, just like so many other similar websites, like Referral Pay and Viral Bucks, is definitely going to disappear.

3) Fake payment proofs on the website

Now, if the website only being around for 1 month is not enough to deter you from signing up with MoneyGuru, then I think that this piece of information definitely will.

I’ve actually found out that the payment proofs on the website are completely fake! 

As we already know now, the website was only created on June 25, 2020, but there are some payment proofs that go to January 2020. How is that possible, when the website did not even exist then?

That’s why the only conclusion is that those payment proofs are completely fake and made up, just like so many of the similar websites that have been using the same tactics and conning people.

4) Paid testimonials

Not only the payment proofs are fake, but even the testimonials are fake. Don’t you find it so weird that nobody ever shows you live proof, on camera, that they’ve gotten paid? No proof from paypal, cashapp, or anything else.

But that’s not the only issue. the issue is that those testimonials are not even real. The people in those videos are getting paid in return for their testimonials/recordings. So they have never even used the website or gotten paid.

They’re just reading off a script and acting it out, just to make you think they’ve gotten paid and that MoneyGuru is this awesome website where you can do the same thing. But the truth is that this is not real because they are getting paid for the video, not because they did the work on the website.

That’s why you need to really beware! 

Is MoneyGuru A Scam?

In my honest and humble opinion, I do think that MoneyGuru is a scam that you should avoid. I’ve not seen a single good thing about this website, whether it is MoneyGuru or the other similar websites that have been parading around.

Who would sign up for this now, knowing that they’re just telling you a bunch of lies? 

There is no knowing of who created this website, no real proof that they pay, no real testimonials as they’re paid actors and it’s similar to so many other scams that I’ve already exposed!

What about the business model that does not make any sense? How can they remain afloat without having anybody really willing to pay them and to become their customers. No customers means no income, means no pay for you, right?

Moreover, it’s website that has been around for only about a month and that’s not enough for us to determine whether it is really trustworthy or not. On the contrary, I already told you that I think it’s a scam, based on all the red flags.

Just like some of the others I exposed, I think that it’s not going to be around for long. It might be there for a few months, maybe a year, but chances are that nobody will get paid. The creator just wants your personal data to sell in order to make money.

That has been the same thing with the others so I doubt this one is going to be different.

So again, I really think that you should stay away from MoneyGuru.

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Thanks for reading my MoneyGuru review and as usual, I would like to request that you share your experiences if you’ve signed up with MoneyGuru. Let us know if you’ve gotten paid and whether or not you think it’s a scam or legitimate website.

Lots of Love,


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