Monkey Mailers Review – Incredible Money Power?

You’re here because you want an honest Monkey Mailers review. You don’t want a sales page. You simply want real and truthful information. I can appreciate that!

That’s why I want to let you know that I am not an affiliate of Monkey Mailers and that this review is going to be the most honest one that you’re ever going to read. Most other reviews are from affiliates who want to promote to you, but not this one.

In this review, I will go over the good, the bad and even the ugly, unlike the other reviews, that will give you all the information that you need to make an informed buying decision. It’s time to say NO to lies!

Monkey Mailers At A Glance


Creators: Dawud Islam and Paul Snelleksz

Purpose: Grow your email list and make sales with affiliate marketing

Price: $14.95+

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s not worth it because Monkey Mailers will simply show you some sources that other sellers are using too to try and earn money. You will be trying to promote to sellers and NOT buyers, so what’s the point?

What is Monkey Mailers?

Dawud claims that Monkey Mailers is for people who don’t want to wait for the time it takes to grow an email list in order to be able to earn from it. This program will help you promote your offer to thousands of people and you don’t have to build a list.

I guess, unless you want to.

It’s true that the money is really in the list because building an email list will help you build trust and rapport with your audience and when you promote something, they won’t hesitate to buy. But is this what Dawud is telling us here?

It looks to me like Dawud is trying to target people who just don’t want to go through the hard work and the time that it takes to build an online business. He is targeting people who want fast and easy money.

But when have you really had a good experience with programs that promise this? I have never had one. On the contrary, most programs that claimed that I could make easy money all flopped and never worked as advertised.

I have a feeling that Monkey Mailers is going to be one of them, unfortunately, because the only people who make money with get-rich-quick schemes are those creators and affiliates of those schemes. The users, like you and I, never make anything.

We lose money! We let ourselves be manipulated and instead of really asking the right questions and getting satisfactory answers, we let our desire and hope of making easy money take over our senses. That’s what they want!

But honestly, if it was that easy to start making money online, then don’t you think many more people would have been quitting their jobs and working from home? 

If a daily email to 500K people is so easy to be sent and it’s making people tens of thousands of dollars a month, then isn’t that better than working a full-time 8-hour job and only making $10 per hour?

Now can you see how absurd Monkey Mailers sounds?

Inside Monkey Mailers – The Front End

The first thing that I have to let you know is that before you get into the members’ area, you will be offered upsells that I suggest you don’t purchase. The truth is that they aren’t covered under the money-back guarantee.

That’s something that is always in the grey and many people lose money because they think this is going to be so good, not knowing that if they don’t like it, they cannot get their money back. The money back guarantee is only for the front-end.

But anyways, when you get to the members’ area, you will get access to 6 videos. 

1) Welcome Video

2) Overview

3) Introduction

4) Your 15 Secrets Sites

5) Resources

6) Conclusion

So as you can see, there are only 6 videos and the ones that will most benefit you will be videos 4 and 5. I don’t think any of the other videos will really help you make money using Monkey Mailers. This is pretty shallow training, right?

What you would hope to do with Monkey Mailers is to join some or all of those 15 Secrets Sites. Those are mailer websites where you agree to receive promotional emails to be able to send out your own promotional emails to others.

By opening and reading other people’s promotional emails, you receive credits and are able to use those crefits to send out your own promotional emails. When you run out of credits, you start over with reading other people’s emails.

However, you have to be careful. Not all of those mailer sites are free. There are some that will be free but will have a limit on the number of credits you can earn per day or that you can send per day.

Some others will require that you pay to become a member. There might be different packages that will be at various prices, and each will allow you to send a maximum number of emails per day.

The idea is that you’ll be able to promote anything you want to them and make sales that way, each time somebody buys what you promote to them. Additionally, you would also be able to grow your email list if you point them to a squeeze page first.

The Flaws – Why It Doesn’t Work As Advertised

On the surface, it looks like as long as you are able to open other people’s emails and earn those credits to be able to promote your own products, you’re gonna make money. But it’s way more complicated than Dawud wants to admit.

You see, for one thing, the email marketing training is very shallow. You won’t be able to get the hang of it with only 2 core training videos. It takes way more information, technique and strategies to make money with email marketing.

Dawud does not teach you how to build a rapport and trust with your audience. And with the type of audience that you’ll get within those mailer sites, it’s easy to see how you’ll fail. And badly!

You see, people who are open to visiting those mailer sites and who will be opening your emails are people like you; a seller looking to promote his/her products. What’s the point of trying to promote to SELLERS? You should be targeting BUYERS!

The reason for them to open your emails is incentivized; they receive credits in return so that they can promote their own products. They will not be genuinely interested in your promotions. Who is gonna buy?

Sure, you could make a few bucks here and there but will you really make the hundreds to thousands of dollars that Dawud claims he is making with this? I don’t think so. There is no proof that Dawud made his money using this method.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are upsells that you’ll need to take into consideration as well, and those are never mentioned on the sales pages, right? Didn’t he say you’re getting everything you need for the one low price?

I think that is pretty misleading. It’s just a way for Dawud to make money himself. It’s not a way for you to make money online.


Can’t think of anything other than the money back guarantee


1) You need to be okay with receiving promotional emails, opening them and reading them on a daily basis to be able to earn credits and to send your own promotional emails

2) Not all mailer sites are free

3) The promotional emails you send are being sent to the wrong audience; they want to SELL too, not buy

4) No proof that Dawud made his money from using this method. That would be surprising to me!

5) Upsells are never mentioned on the sales pages

6) Shallow training on email marketing

Is Monkey Mailers A Scam?

No, I really don’t think that Monkey Mailers is a scam. You are getting something in exchange for your money, no matter the quality, and you are also able to get a refund on the front end. So you’re not really losing money here.

But that does not mean that I recommend Monkey Mailers. On the contrary, I do think that it is a complete waste of time and money. Sure, $15 is not a lot but wouldn’t you rather spend it on something that will give you more value?

This training is very shallow and you won’t really learn the right skills for email marketing. You won’t even get the right audience! The mailer sites that Dawud promotes here are full of SELLERS and not BUYERS!

Only buyers will buy, right? The people in those websites are only wanting to SELL just like you! And just like you, they’ll only be opening their emails and reading them for the credit and not really because they are interested.

What’s the point of promoting to people who you already know won’t be interested? The time you spend reading those promotional emails to be able to earn enough credits to send out your own promotional emails will go to waste.

You might earn a few dollars, but I’m sure it won’t be worth the time that you spend on it.

These are the reason that I would stay away from Monkey Mailers. Total waste of money and time!

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Affiliate marketing is a way of earning money online where you promote other people’s products. It’s easy to get accepted to promote products and some other programs don’t even need you to apply for approval.

That’s not the hard part. The hard part is finding people who are looking for the products you promote and who are willing to buy from you. It’s a process where you have to earn people’s trust.

If you want a done for you system or a program that will make you money at the push of a button, then nothing will work. You won’t really be able to earn trust from others and the only person who makes any money, is the creator of the program.

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Thanks for reading my Monkey Mailers review. I would appreciate it if you could leave your questions below so that others can learn from the answers that I can give you. And if you’ve had any experience with Monkey Mailers, feel free to let us know of your experiences.

Lots of Love,


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