Multiple Streams Machine Review – Free With A Few Price Tags?

Multiple Streams Machine review

Welcome to my honest Multiple Streams Machine review and I say honest because I will be telling you all about the good, the bad and the ugly of the program.

Other reviews are written by affiliates of the program and are pretty much trying to convince you that it is the best thing out there for making money online. That’s of course, for their own financial gain. But not me!

I’m not affiliated with Multiple Streams Machine and I won’t try to convince you. I might recommend it if it REALLY works as advertised. Otherwise, I have no interest in helping any scammers make more money online, especially not by conning somebody looking for honest ways to earn.

Why should you believe and trust me? Well, I’ve been in the online arena for over 2 years, so I can tell when a method will or will not work. I have vowed and worked hard to expose scams and my work is not done yet!

Multiple Streams Machines might be yet another one! Let’s find out!

Multiple Streams Machine At A Glance


Creator: Martin Wilson

Purpose: Earn Online Through Multiple Streams

Price: Free to join*

Do I Recommend It?: No because most of the income streams require an investment and do not abide by the FTC rules. All of those income streams require recruiting to earn and some of them are pyramid schemes!

What Is Multiple Streams Machine?

The first video claims that Multiple Streams Machine is a zero-dollar opportunity, which means here are no investments needed to make money with the program. It’s not an MLM or a network marketing company.

You don’t have to sell anything and still be able to receive multiple $80 – $100 payments.

Then you’re asked to put in your email and to view another presentation, which is directed by Martin, the creator of the program.

He advertises Multiple Streams Machine as being “a work from home position that pays daily and that costs absolutely nothing”. Personally, I find that hard to believe since it sounds too good to be true!

A work from home position means that you’ll be employed by them, doesn’t it? But somehow, I’m not getting that vibe. Additionally, Martin says that you’ll make a maximum return for less work.

Doesn’t it mean then that he is positioning this as being a get-rich-quick scheme? Additionally, why would anybody even call this a “WORK” from home position, since not much work will be involved? Some things to think about, right?

But what he says is that they are looking for “home-based referral agents” to work with well-known companies like Walmart, and no experience is required. You can work from anywhere at all. Make money immediately and easily.

As if I would believe that!

The truth is that I’ve come across so many programs that claim the same thing and I have reviewed around 400 programs already on this website. Those programs didn’t work as advertised at all!

Besides, we really have to think with a cool head; if those programs really worked as advertised, then nobody would be working the traditional job. Just think making even $2K per week or every 2 weeks! That’s WAY more than what people are getting paid at their regular jobs, even in the Tier 1 countries.

So if it was that easy to make that kind of money, the world would be a LOT different than what it is now, right? And you would have already been RICH with the number of programs that claim to make you that kind of money, LOL!

How Multiple Streams Machine Works

Now let’s get into the workings of the program, because there really aren’t a lot of details given, right?

Well, let me just tell you that this isn’t a “work from home” position like Martin wants you to believe at all! He is lying to you. It’s really a business opportunity, although Martin tells us that it isn’t.

Some of his lies are already coming to light, aren’t they? And there are plenty more to come, but let’s just take a look at how the system works and how you earn.

Basically, you’re given a list of different programs that you can sign up for and once you fulfill all the requirements, you become eligible to earn from each opportunity.

What Multiple Streams Machine does is group all of these opportunities together so that you don’t have to promote them each individually to the same person. Once the person signs up for their free account with Multiple Streams Machine, they are automatically put in front of all of those income streams.

And the different income streams are as follows;

1) Level Rewards 

I’ve taken a look at this website and even signed up to take a look inside and how it works. What you need to do here is complete offers to receive points. Those points add up to help you level up.

Let’s say you signed up to play 2 games; one rewarding you with 0.50 points and the other rewarding you with 0.65 points. That’s a total of 1.15 points. Getting to the 1 point means you leveled up and are now at level 1.

As soon as you hit 2 points, you would be at level 2 and so on.

Now, the reason why you want to level up is to be able to earn from referring others to the platform. Each time a referral reaches a new level, you receive $5. But you will only earn if you are a level AHEAD of them.

Let’s say you are at level 3 and you refer somebody. You would be able to earn $5 for each level that the referral is able to reach; so your potential here is $15. If your referral levels up to 4 points and you’re still at 3, you won’t receive the $5.

But also know that it’s not easy to complete these offers/tasks. Some of them will require that you sign up to other survey websites and complete at least a few surveys. Some other offers will require that you make purchases to level up.

What I don’t like is that there are offers that require that you sign up for their trials but you still need to add a credit card when signing up. It’s not a good idea because you’ll need to remember to cancel the memberships before you are charged.

Anyways, what’s important to note here is that you need to REFER others in order to make money from this website.

2) Prosperity Marketing System

It’s the first time that I’m hearing of this program so I went online and did some research. From what I was able to gather, this program gives you some extra tools needed in online business and has a free 7-day trial.

In other words, it isn’t FREE, as was advertised in the sales video by Martin. Another lie! But it does not cost too much for the first level (the STUDENT level); $12/month.

How this works is that you’ll receive your website and be able to make use of a lot of different tools and marketing materials. From what I was able to gather, the training is not that great, but people are able to make 100% commission.

What you’re promoting is basically the SAME business opportunity that you got sucked into; Prosperity Marketing System itself. Therefore, you need to recruit and have your referrals upgrade to make money.

I don’t agree with this business model because it goes against the rules of the FTC; here is emphasis on recruiting and there is no REAL product. The training and tools inside are mostly designed to help you promote the program itself.

3) GDI – Global Domains International

This company is one that has been around for a long time, so you can bet that it isn’t a scam. I don’t consider it to be a scam either.

Is GDI A Scam

You see, this company provides web hosting services for people who want to have a website. Web hosting can be described as the actual “space” of the website on the internet.

Let’s take for example, your house. The house is your website and the plot of land it is on, is the web hosting. It’s where all the files of the website are saved and are retrieved based on your actions on the website (clicks and so on).

However, in order to be part of their business opportunity, you need to be a customer. Therefore, you need to pay for web hosting which costs $10/month. So as you can see, this isn’t a free opportunity either.

Additionally, the earning potential is quite low. You only make $1 per person that you refer (or that your team refers 5 levels deep). This means that you earn $1 for each person that signs up for $10/month.

4) Lead Lightning

This is another program that I’ve already reviewed and unfortunately, it is bad news.

Lead Lightning Review

The truth is that it is a pyramid scheme and the only way to make money is to recruit others into the scheme. The training and the sales materials don’t try to hide that they are geared to helping you recruit others either.

At this point, you might have already guessed that it’s not free to join this program either. It will cost you at least $7 and as much as $850! It’s a real pay-to-play program where you only make more when you invest more.

Here’s something that you might not know about this program; it has 5 membership levels and you only earn from the levels that you have already purchased. You won’t earn any money if somebody is at a higher level than you.

For example, let’s say that you are at the 3rd level and your referral decides to join at the 4th level, or even to just upgrade to that level. You won’t make ANY money at all, even though you’re the one who referred them!

5) NetSpend

I had heard of NetSpend before but I had to really research how you would be able to make money with this.

NetSpend is an online prepaid card company, where you would usually load the card you get with cash and be able to use it like a regular debit card. But what’s unheard of is that they have a referral program.

You need to be an active member in order to be able to earn from that program. So what that means is that you’ll need to go through their sign up and activation process. Then, you’ll need to load up your account with at least $40.

That’s when you become eligible to refer others. Your referrals need to go through the exact same process and you’ll earn $20 for each of the referrals that add $40 to their own accounts.

This may seem great, but know that the fees to use NetSpend are a little higher than the fees at your local bank.

Missing Important Training!

It seems so nice to have the program itself promote these different programs directly to your referrals, without you needing to promote each program individually. But as a newbie, you’ll need to learn how to get people to look at the offer in the first place, right?

You sure can try posting links n your wall on Facebook and on your other social media networks, but that won’t really get you anywhere. Sure, you could get a few interested people but you won’t make thousands of dollars a month.

Without a reliable traffic method, you don’t get eyes on your offer, you don’t get referrals and you don’t make money.

And unfortunately, Multiple Streams Machine does NOT have very good training on getting free traffic to your offers. You have some Facebook training and some Twitter training, but you don’t have any other significant free training.

What does that leave us? PAID traffic!

The different options are Business Opportunity ads, Classified Ads, Solo Ads and Pay-per-Click to name a few. These are great ways to get some traffic to your offer, but again, it’s not free and can cost a LOT every month.

Again, Martin lies to us about the fact that there will be no cost associated with this program when clearly, investments are required for most of the income streams.

Is Multiple Streams Machine A Scam?

Different people will answer this question differently. Some people could say that Multiple Streams Machine isn’t a scam because it is really free to join the funnel. There’s nothing to invest there.

Additionally, there are 2 income streams that could work for completely free; Level Rewards and NetSpend.

However, others might call this a scam because there are a lot of misleading claims made in the video about making money online in general and the system does not work as advertised.

The first is the opportunity is promoted as a “work from home position” when it is really a business opportunity. You are led to believe that there won’t be any investments at all to make thousands of dollars every month, when that’s not true.

Martin also tells us that there won’t be a lot of work required but as you see now, there is a lot to learn in terms of traffic strategies to make these streams work for you. They ALL require that you recruit people into them.

Addtionally, there aren’t a lot of good training to get FREE traffic. If you want to make any serious profits, you will need to invest in paid traffic, which I don’t recommend. You need to first understand your audience else you would well be burning up your money.

Unless you have enough money to experiment with but a lot of people looking to make more money on the side online, don’t have the kind of money needed to experiment with ads or other paid traffic methods.

And who wants to be part of such a scheme, based on lies? Moreover, some of those income streams don’t meet the FTC rules and guidelines. If they are shut down, what then?

Anyways, I’m sure you get the picture. I don’t recommend Multiple Streams Machine and now you know why. The rest is up to you.

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Those “done-for-you” programs don’t allow you to have total control over your business and like I’ve just demonstrated, they are mostly full of lies. They also usually require work AND investments anyway.

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Thanks for reading my Multiple Streams Machine review and if you have had any experience at all with the program, whether positive or negative, don’t hesitate to share it with me. I would love to hear from you.

Lots of Love,


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