My 20 Dollar Travel Business Review – Is It A Pyramid Scheme?

My 20 Dollar Travel business review

Welcome to my honest My 20 Dollar Travel Business review. Why do you want an honest review? It’s to make an informed decision, of course.

You want to know the good, the bad and the ugly of the program so that you understand exactly what you’re buying. And the reason you should read my review is because I’ve been in the online arena for over 2 years.

So I know what I’m talking about when it comes to making money online and from home.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen some reviews that do nothing but promote My 20 Dollar Travel Business without giving you all the information you need. They’ve all been affiliates of the program who will benefit financially when you decide to join.

But know that I’m not affiliated with the program and so, I will be able to give you my honest take on it.

My 20 Dollar Travel Business At A Glance


Creator: Steve Gresham

Purpose: Sell the memberships to earn and to save on travel deals

Price: $1 7-day trial, $20 or $100 / month

Do I Recommend It?: No. Although it isn’t a scam, the fact that this business operates like an MLM makes it really hard for most people to profit from it.

What Is My 20 Dollar Travel Business?

There are two reasons that you would want to join My 20 Dollar Travel Business. The first is to receive discounts of up to 75% on travel getaways and the second reason would be to make money online and from home.

The travel getaways include hotels, condos, cruises, car rentals and so on, that are much cheaper than popular travel websites like Trivago or Expedia.

Moreover, you also get a free business opportunity that comes with it, to help you earn, even while you’re away on vacation. Just promote the huge savings and others will join you. Everybody wants to travel and to earn more money, right?

What I like is that it is a global opportunity, which means that as long as you have a Paypal account anywhere in the world, you can earn from this. You can also get started for as little as $1, so it’s easy for anybody to start this business.

My research brought me to Steve Gresham as being the creator and CEO of the company. This is not the first program that he has created. Some others are My 1 Dollar Business and Savings Highway.

But because they focused heavily on recruiting, they both collapsed.

Things look a little different this time around with My 20 Dollar Travel Business because there is actually a product. We’ll have to look at the business model to see whether it is going to be worth it to join for the long term.

It kind of reminds me of a program that I personally promote, called Devant Travels.

How My 20 Dollar Travel Business Works

Like I mentioned earlier, there are two sides to the program; the first is to become a customer and simply take advantage of the travel deals, which is great for people who travel on a  regular basis.

The other side is to use the training and resources and promote the benefits to others to earn a side income, or even a full-time income, if you’re serious. But you can also choose to do both!

The Business Side

If you want to make money with this program, you’ll need to start by choosing a membership option and market your referral link that you’ll find inside the member’s area.

You can market over the internet on social media or just word of mouth talking to friends and family. What you’ll promote are the benefits of My 20 Dollar Travel Business, which is the heavy discount that they’ll get on travel deals.

Most people are probably going to be more interested in the discounts than the business opportunity, as claimed by Steve. But if they later on want to also become entrepreneurs, they can switch to the business side and start earning.

The Customer Side

To become a customer, it’s not free. You need to choose and pay for a membership option, in order to get those preferred rates and pricing.

In that case, I would recommend only going with the $20 membership because the benefits are the same whether you take the $20 or $100 options.

So what’s the difference, then, you might ask?

The only difference between the $20 and the $100 options is that you get to earn more when you choose the $100 option. So that’s a benefit only if you also choose to promote the business.

By becoming a customer, you’ll be able to access the deals. You’ll be able to browse availability and pricing and actively compare to what the general public is currently paying.

They’re able to offer upto 75% off because many times, hotels, condos and even cruises aren’t booked at full capacity but still incure running or utility costs. They would rather reduce the price to at least help them cover those costs.

That’s how you’re able to benefit from great pricing.

Costs And Compensation Plans

There’s definitely potential to make great money with My 20 Dollar Travel Business. But the amount of money that you make depends on the membership option that you choose. There are three of them that you can choose;

1) $1 trial for 30 days

2) Gold – $20/month

3) Platinum – $100/month

Like I mentioned earlier, there is really no difference between the Gold and the Platinum memberships, except for the potential to earn more. You’re not getting more benefits so if you want to just be a customer, the Gold might the best for you.

Looking at things from a business perspective though, you will earn more if you choose the Platinum option. Also note that you’ll need to maintain those payments every month to remain active and to keep making commissions on sales you bring.

My 20 Dollar Travel Business uses a 2×10 MLM matrix system, meaning that you recruit two and help them recruit two others and so on upto 10 levels down. You’ll have the ability to earn from every single sale made down those 10 levels.

And that works both for the Gold and the Platinum levels.

If you’re a Gold member and everyone down the 10 levels are also at the same level, then you have the potential to earn over $2,000 every month. If you’re a platinum member and everybody else is also at the same level, then the income potential jumps to just over $10K!

You’ll earn 50% commission for the first month for each referral you bring into the system, and subsequent months will earn you 25% of their membership. If your recruits refer others all the way down 10 levels, you make 5%.

Is My 20 Dollar Travel Business A Scam?

No, I really don’t think that My 20 Dollar Travel Business is a scam. There is a product and there is a fair compensation plan. So this is definitely legit and considered an MLM.

I believe that for people who travel a few times a year, that this savings program is perfect. I’m not a fan of the recurring payments but there is value there.

Moreover, the business really does have potential if you do things right in promoting the program and the savings. I also do agree that most people would join as customers and not really as entrepreneurs.

But, once the program proves itself to them, then I’m sure that they would promote it for life.

What I like about this program is that you could only be looking for customers but that they would already become part of your downline. As you recruit more people, you can add them to your downline.

I do not think that this is a pyramid, although it may look like one. There is a REAL product here.

However, although this is not a pyramid and is a legit MLM business, I would not recommend it. Whether it is a pyramid or not, the people at the top who joined when the program initially launched are the ones who are making the most from their downlines.

Over 90% of those who join MLMs fail to make a profit and although it looks like it will be easier with My 20 Dollar Travel Business, there are other costs involved that might make it harder, like advertisement costs.

That’s why I would not recommend My 20 Dollar Travel Business. There are better alternatives on the internet.

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Lots of Love,


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