My Funnel Empire Review – Build An Email List To Make $ On Autopilot?

Welcome to my genuine and honest My Funnel Empire Review.

Are you wondering whether this program is a scam? Are you banking on this program working so as to build you the online business of your dreams? Are you wondering whether this program is really going give you the financial freedom that you’ve been dreaming off? Does it work?

Well, you’ve landed on the right review, because I will be telling you everything that I know about this program and by the end, you’ll know enough to make an informed decision.

I just wanna say, before we start, that I do NOT promote My Funnel Empire, nor am I affiliated with Brian Winters. So you can count on this review to be unbiased and brutally honest. I’m not one of those affiliates that will promote just about any junk so I can make money when you buy.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get on with the review.

My Funnel Empire At A Glance


Owner: Bryan Winters

Purpose: Build your list and make money through email/affiliate marketing

Price: Free (But have to purchase tools)

Do I Recommend It?: No.. I believe there’s a better alternative…

What Is My Funnel Empire?

My Funnel Empire is a system that was created by Bryan Winters about 2 years ago. It still has a quite a lot of interest today so I decided to look into it.

Bryan Winters is a real person who makes money online via affiliate marketing, so he is a well-known marketer and you would think that learning from him would be the best way to make money online seeing as he is successful. Well, let’s take a look to see if that’s the case.

If you’ve ever heard of the saying. “The money is in the list”, then know that this is exactly what Bryan wants to teach you how to do here, with the help of My Funnel Empire. He says that he wants to help you build a list of thousands of people in a short amount of time, that will put dollars into your bank account.

So basically, he says that he will give you high-converting, ready-made landing pages and funnels that you will be able to use for free in order to build your list, just like he was able to do. He’ll even show you a way to get autopilot subscribers, instead of having one by one added to your list.

The more people you have to your email list, the more money you can potentially make when you send out an email blast to them, promoting products. Each sale made through your affiliate link will make you commissions of upto 75%.

In my opinion, Bryan just makes it sound so easy when it really isn’t. There’s much more work involved in this than he is willing to disclose at this point and probably just wants you to sign up for the funnel so he can have you as part of his email list and make money off of you.

How My Funnel Empire Works

In the member’s area, you have just one single video of 1 Hour and 15 minutes, that explains to you how to set up the system. I personally would have loved to see it being broken down in step-by-step fashion so that newbies are less cluttered.

The training video is broken down into 10 steps;

1) Introducing your “Autonomous Income Funnel”

2) How to set up your new funnel in 2 quick and easy steps

3) Activating your income

4) Activating autopilot leads

5) Autoresponder set-up

6) Your ready-made email follow-up messages 

7) How your Autonomous Funnel system works

8) How you get paid straight to your account

9) How to get easy traffic

10) Taking action

What would basically have happened throughout following the steps in the video, is that you have a ready-made “website” that is ready to make you money when you send visitors through it.

There are a series of steps that your visitor will go through, called a funnel. Through this funnel, your visitor will subscribe to your email list and sign up for My Funnel Empire, or whatever it is that you are promoting to them. By the end of the funnel, your subscriber would have become your referral and you would have hopefully made money.

Even if your visitor does not complete the funnel, you still have their email address and thus, you will be using your autoresponder in order to send them those pre-written emails, promoting My Funnel Empire, or create your own emails that promote the other products you activated.

You will be using an autoresponder where you will be able to send regular emails to keep in contact with them. This just makes it easier to manage who signed up from where and why, if you have different campaigns.

It helps keep people who signed up for difference reasons separate so you can make the most of those leads.

In the training, you will be directed to sign up with one of the three autoresponder services that are compatible with My Funnel Empire. You get to sign up for free trials for Aweber and GetResponse and a $1 trial for GoGVO. It’s great that these are free/cheap to try and get started with but keep in mind that they will require payment after the end of the trial period.

Aweber will cost $19 per month. GetResponder will cost at least $15 per month and GoGVO will cost $5.56 at the minimum in order to get access to their autoresponder service. In my opinion, these are affiliate links and will make Bryan money each time somebody purchases these services through his link.

This isn’t a bad thing because you’re not paying extra for getting it through his link, but in my opinion, all he wants is to make more money.

Big Problems With My Funnel Empire

Even though Bryan is offering you this program for free and goes through the entire process of setting this up in detail, there are still some problems that you will face when trying to make this work.

1) No proper training on getting traffic

That’s where he walks you through how to get visitors to go through the funnel that you set up. Most of this is paid traffic through Solo Ads and Banner Ads, which I actually do not recommend for newbies.

Solo Ads is basically paying somebody else with an email list, to send your affiliate link to their list, guaranteeing a certain number of clicks on your affiliate link. You could pay something like $50 for 100 clicks. Though this may seem good, not all of these clicks will result in you getting them as a subscriber and not all of them are going to buy.

However, it can be a good way to build your email list, if nothing else, because you can remarket to these subscribers using the pre-written emails with your affiliate link in them, in order to get them on board, signed up and buying from you. But remember, these need to be quality leads. Business is about a good return on your investment.

Banner Ads is just that, banners. You will either have to go through Google Ads in order to get those ads up or you can also pay websites to post your banner up and only pay for the number of clicks that you receive on these banners. In my experience, this has not converted well.

You also get some free traffic options, through Youtube videos, forum marketing and Facebook marketing, but the training for it is not very effective. It is not step-by-step. Bryan here basically tells you that you need to create videos, do reviews and divert them to your affiliate link.

He also tells you to divert people to your funnel when answering questions within forums. And the same with Facebook marketing, within Facebook groups.

2) Duplicate emails to your subscribers

Now, you remember that he said your referrals’ subscribers will also become your subscribers, also known as autopilot leads, right? Which means that you will be marketing to these subscribers, as well as your referrals.

That’s a big problem because you and your referrals will basically be promoting the same programs to the same people. And what’s worse, is that you’ll both be copying the same emails and pasting them in your autoresponder.

What this will do is prevent a trustful relationship from developing between you and that subscribers, seeing as they’ll just think the emails being sent are generic and spammy. This will result in this subscriber either unsubscribing from your email list and/or even reporting your emails as spam.

Too many such complaints or reports can actually ban you from using your autoresponder service and there goes all your subscribers and your hard work to getting these people onto your list.

3) Have to PAY to promote the built-in offers

Bryan says that the step to activate your offers within the system is MANDATORY to make any money. You have to activate at least one income offer in order to make money from these offers, else you can only make money from promoting My Funnel Empire.

You can activate and promote upto 5 offers, which offers a good diversification because most people WON’T opt to promote them. These are paid offers and most people will want to stick with the free offer, which is promoting My Funnel Empire.

But note that most of these will require that you pay a monthly fee, the minimum being $20 per month, on top of your autoresponder fees and your advertising fees. The first one is a program to CashBlurbs, one that I had already reviewed on this website before and that I had not recommended.

Is My Funnel Empire A Scam?

No, I do not think that My Funnel Empire is a scam. However, I do not find myself liking anything that I see being taught within the program.

All the offers within have been pre-selected for you, such that you don’t have any choice but to promote them to make money. The problem is also that you and your referrals will pretty much have the same subscribers and both of you will be promoting the same things, which will create a clash.

There is no way to stand out with the pre-written emails being sent by both yourself and your referrals. This could cause a lot of complaints and unsubscribes happening, which is especially bad because Bryan suggests that you PAY for Solo Ads and Banner Ads to get these subscribers.

What’s the use of paying to get them on your list, to then give them a reason to unsubscribe?

I also don’t like that he is not transparent on the sales page about the costs associated with running such a business. This is something that is very relevant to any business owner, be it online or offline. You need to know exactly how deep the rabbit hole goes before you even start investing.

That being said, I do think that there is some money to be made using this method, but I really don’t think that you would be able to make thousands of dollars with it. With too many people promoting the same thing to the same people, there will be clash and at some point, sales and sign ups will stop coming in.

I do not recommend My Funnel Empire because I think that there is a better alternative to making money online than is depicted within Bryan’s system.

Want A Better, More Newbie-Friendly Alternative To Make Passive Online Income?

It’s the way that I am currently making a passive online income from home, by simply typing up articles on my computer. Each article takes about 2 – 3 hours for me to type up and all I really have to do, is make sure that I’m offering information to my readers and pointing them to a place where they can buy the solution to their problems.

I publish these articles on my own website and that means that Google, Bing and Yahoo are able to send me visitors to these articles for FREE. So I don’t need to waste time on social media LOOKING and CHASING these people when people can come straight to me.

And I don’t even need to pay to get these people to my article. Another thing is that this makes sure that I’m getting targeted traffic, meaning that these people are LOOKING for what I am offering on my website. It’s a date made in heaven!

If you want to learn how to start such a business for free, then I can introduce you to the exact same platform that taught me how to do all this. It is free to start and though there is a paid membership, you don’t have to upgrade if you don’t want to, unless you want advanced training.


And guess what? You’ll also get access to me directly if you have any questions or if you’re stuck anywhere. What better way to get to success than to be able to get support from somebody who’s already walked the path?

Sign up for free NOW and I’ll see you on the inside.

Also feel free to share your experiences with us should you have gone through My Funnel Empire. How did you like it? Did you make money with it? Was it easy to get people to sign up? And if you have any other questions about making money online in general, feel free to leave them below… 🙂

Your Friend,



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