My Home Cash Club Review – I REALLY Didn’t Expect THAT!

My Home Cash Club review

Welcome to my Home Cash Club review.

You were probably promoted this program in your email and maybe even on social media. It peaked your curiosity and now, you’re looking for information on whether or not this program is going to help you make money, right?

Well, I was curious too, although I already figured out how to make money online. That’s why I decided to take a look into it to see for myself whether it could be a good program. And of course, I wanted to write this review for you.

I’ve got some bad news about My home Cash Club so buckle up and let’s drive right into this review. You’ll get all the info you need to make an informed decision about the program.

My Home Cash Club At A Glance


Owner: Brian?

Purpose: Make money dropshipping/affiliate marketing???

Price: $47+

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE!

What Is My Home Cash Club?

The sales page is pretty simple with very little information given away about what the ebook and the course is about. When a course is towards the price range of $47, you expect more so you want to have a breakdown.

But here, it isn’t included, which gives me a bad vibe.

Anyhow, what the ebook will supposedly be teaching you is making money doing dropshipping online with various platforms, though the main method looks like it will be including Shopify. It’s a legit website to create online stores, so no worries there.

I’m happy to see that there aren’t big claims made about how much you’ll earn in 24 hours so that’s a plus. Making money online does not happen that way for 99% of people and there’s much work needed to make a good income online.

Although I feel good about this program, I don’t really think that they’ll live up to the money-back guarantee promise; they basically say that should you not be satisfied with the program, that you can get a refund within 90 days.

I don’t see it being sold through a network, like Clickbank or Clickbetter, so chances are that once you pay, you won’t get your money back. My experience with programs bought outside of a network is that the owners just never reply.

So if you do buy My Home Cash Club, you can consider your money gone for good and hopefully, what you invested into the program here will be well worth the money. Or will it?

It’s like a lot of the other programs that I reviewed, like Profit Point Autonomy and Website ATM.

Let’s take a look at what you get when you sign up.

What Do You Get When You Sign Up?

Well, I have to say that the member’s area is pretty neat. And I was really dreading only getting an ebook, which would have probably NOT been worth the $47. But although what you get is good, you’ll see why I was surprised.

What the training was supposed to teach you was dropshipping, right? Lo and behold! It’s actually about affiliate marketing.

I literally choked as I was sipping my coffee. These are two different ways of making money online. It’s so strange that the sales page was trying to sell you training on dropshipping when it’s really about affiliate marketing.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it’s where you promote other people’s products (not selling) for a commission paid to you for each sale you bring in for the vendor. Whereas with dropshipping, you’re profiting from the wholesale and resale price.

But nonetheless, it’s still a legit way of making money online

What I didn’t like about the My Home Cash Club training was that it was unorganized. There’s a ton of videos that look like a lot but that are very short. Unfortunately, a lot of the training is also outdated, because they teach you about article marketing and e-zine.

They will also be teaching you about how to set up a website, how to find products on Clickbank, Clickbetter and JVZoo, and how to get traffic to your offers. But the bad news is that there are more costs involved.

You see, you need to pay for your website hosting with them, which is $3.95 per month. There are also upsells within the program, that promise to teach you more and take your business to the next level.

But what I don’t like is the part where they tell you to BUY traffic to your offers. Usually, you would pay per click but the place where they send you, you’re paying for impressions, meaning for people to VIEW your offer.

That seem to be the preferred way of getting traffic for “Brian”. But another way that he supposedly shows you is doing content marketing, so you have to set up a website, write blogs and posts to rank on Google, to use that to drive traffic to your offers.

This works! I know that because that’s exactly how I make money online, but there are big flaws that you must consider before getting My Home Cash Club.

Does It Work As Advertised?

What I hated was the fact that calling your personal success coach was being advertised over and over again. You must beware of that because that’s possibly because they want to sell you their upsells or other products.

In my experience, if they had nothing to sell to you to extract more money from you, they wouldn’t have a number so readily available for you to call for help. How would they be able to pay somebody for providing you with ongoing help, if you only paid a one-time fee, right?

But the real flaws lie in the system itself.

You see, this is not called a course because a course is properly organized with step by step instructions given at strategic point in time, when you’re ready to receive the information. But the training within My Home Cash Club is all over the place!

As a newbie, you’ll feel overwhelmed because things aren’t given to you in a step-by-step fashion.

To make things worse, much of the training is outdated. And guess what happens when you apply outdated training? You FAIL!

The sales page also makes it look like all you’ll need to pay is the $47 to get the ebook and the course, but they don’t hesitate to hide the other costs from you, like PAID traffic, the web hosting and even a domain name eventually.

Also don’t forget the upsells! There was no mention of that on the sales page, right?

The training on content marketing is also shallow. That’s because the amount of information that you’re given is just not enough for you to become successful doing content marketing. There’s not a lot of training on how to write, what to write about.

There’s also no training on how to get your posts ranked, how to optimize your website for better rankings and for optimal load speeds. Without those, you won’t become successful because people won’t be able to find your posts and offers in the first place.

So from everything that I gather about My Home Cash Club, it does NOT work as advertised at all. Oh and need I also mention that it was supposed to be about dropshipping and you received training for affiliate marketing?

Is My Home Cash Club A Scam?

Well, it’s really up to you how you answer this questions because it depends on what you define as a scam.

A scam to me is a program that will take your money and offer you nothing in return. So it’s obvious that I do not think My Home Cash Club to be a scam.

However, the lack of information on the sales page can really lead you to buying a program that you might just not need. For example, the sales page was about dropshipping and you got training on affiliate marketing.

It’s just very misleading, don’t you think?

Additionally, I have a feeling that you won’t get a refund if you buy this program to try it out because it’s not part of a network where rules are enforced. Basically, Brian can do what he likes and turn a blind eye to your emails requesting a refund.

And what did you think of the training? Half of it is either outdated and shallow, and the instructions you really need to succeed about driving traffic to your blog/website is missing.

Need I say more? I was going to, especially about the front they put up about coaches and their hiding extra costs from you. Do you really want to buy this course and support somebody who looks like he’s given up on the program?

You may already know this but I do not recommend My Home Cash Club. The rest is up to you!

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