My Home Success Plan Review – Will You Make $370+ Per Day?

It would really be too cool to make over $370 every single day, for only an hour’s worth of work daily, wouldn’t it? I know it would be life-changing to me.

Well, My Home Success Plan promises to make that possible. Is this program going to change your life for real, or is My Home Success Plan a scam that will rob you of your money?

In this My Home Success Plan Review, I’m going to reveal what the program really is about and how it works. There are some surprising facts that will be brought to light, so if you’re seriously considering joining this program, I advise that you read until the end to be able to make an informed decision.

My Home Success Plan At A Glace


Owner: “April Matthews”

Price: $97

Do I Recommend It?: No… smells like a scam…

What Is My Home Success Plan?

April introduces this program as an “easy” way to make extra money working from home. The best facets are that no training, experience or skill is needed and you can work part-time and still be able to make over $2000 a month. All you have to do is something called “link-posting”.

Well, I don’t buy anything that she says. For one, she does not even show herself or proves to you in any way that she is real at all. In these cases, what most likely happens is that the creator of the programs make up fictitious names and use stock photos for themselves because they could be serial scammers.

They create scam after scam with new names and pictures for themselves to protect themselves from being sued, because they know they’re conning people. Additionally, this also shows that April is not confident about her own system so how can we believe anything she says?

The next fact is that there is no EASY way to make money online, and certainly not over $370 per day, working for only an hour a day. If it was so easy to make money online, employees would go extinct.

And if you really didn’t need any training, experience or skills to start making money online, then why does she even mention a 21-step training? Oh, and I don’t know if you noticed, but the 21-step training also gets shortened to 3 steps. So which one is it, April?

And if you watched the video, let me tell you that it’s so very similar to the hundreds of others that I have watched, trying to sell me their “life-changing, never-seen-before system”.

And guess what? Most of them turned out to be scams. They all hide the reality of the program, to sell you the dream of living a life of freedom and no money worries. They’ll also tell you and show you what you want your life to be like and have bank accounts with multiple zeros in them, to entice you.

So be careful when dealing with programs that have these signs as they usually spell doom!

How Does My Home Success Plan Work?

“Link-posting”… To be honest with you, I’ve never heard of this term before. April explains that this kind of work is in huge demand right now and that huge companies are looking for people to do this from home so they can save on things like offices, rent, equipment and paying people a wage.

You will apparently get paid handsomely for each link that you post anywhere on the internet because as April puts it, companies will make so much more money when people are led from this link to purchasing their products.

It sounds so wonderful to just be able to make $15 within 4 or 5 minutes, posting one link. If only things worked that way, then life would have been perfect for everybody. April can’t fool me because I know that what she is trying to refer to, is called affiliate marketing.

I make money online with this method and it does not work the same way as she explains it. With this method of making money online, you don’t get paid for EACH link that you post, but rather, for each sale that is generated through those links.

So, hundreds of people could visit this link and may even click on it, but if they don’t purchase the product, you’re not making a dime. Don’t get me wrong; making $6000 every month with affiliate marketing is VERY possible. I even know people that are making $10,000 per month, but that takes a lot of hard work and time.

Any ethical and successful online marketer will tell you that.

Why It Won’t Work As Planned

The reason why it needs a lot of work and time to grow, is because you need to learn the skills, slowly become experienced and sharpen your skills. Just like you’re not expected to perform at 100% when you start a new job, you can’t expect to make money fast on the internet, without knowing what you’re doing.

So, you need time to LEARN the ropes of the business and put it into practice. The more you practice, the more efficient you become and the more refined your skills become. All this will enable you to work smarter over time and not harder.

If you choose to skip learning about how online business works, then you might actually end up working harder over time instead, because your online business will not perform as well as promised and you’ll end up having to start all over again, which is a waste of your time and of your money.

There are a few ways that you can do affiliate marketing and if April says that it’s only going to take you 4 minutes to post a link, then what she is going to show you, is almost undoubtedly how to post on social media. For one, the work on social media is constant and not passive at all. Additionally, it won’t convert well because people don’t trust you.

Social media can be used as a way to boost your sales, but would not be recommended as the core marketing for your online business, the reason being that MOST social media and forum platforms will ban you for spamming. So as you can see, this is the wrong strategy to use.

The best strategy is to use SEO (ranking within the search engines) as a way of getting traffic to your offers. This way, you can make passive and residual income, meaning that even if the work takes a little longer, you can rest assured that you will keep earning from it, from only doing the work just once.

Let’s Wrap Up This My Home Success Plan Review

I cannot say for sure if My Home Success Plan is a scam because I didn’t buy it (why would I need to if I can already tell it’s a scammy product) but it sure does smell like one and thus, I don’t feel comfortable to recommend it.

There are just so many things that don’t add up about this program that I think are just not acceptable, such as the owner of the program hiding behind the website, the couple of contradicting and confusing things said within the program and also lies about being paid for each link posted.

Programs like these just want your money and the owners don’t care whether you succeed or fail by using their strategies. If it was so easy to make money in the first place, then there wouldn’t be as many people complaining about being broke and about their bosses and their jobs, would there?

If something sounds too good to be true then it probably IS! Follow your gut instinct and ALWAYS do your research before handing over your money, specially shady programs like My Home Success Plan.

At the end of the day, you can do what you like, but I would recommend that you not waste your time and money with this program, because it has all the characteristics of a scam.

Read On If You Want To Make Passive Income From Home Like Me

Affiliate marketing is a real way of making money online and like I mentioned earlier, there are ordinary people changing their lives because they learn the ropes of how it works. This group of ordinary people also includes me.

Do you want to know where I learned it all? If you do, then I’m happy to bring you some good news; the exact program that taught me everything that I now know about making money online with affiliate marketing, has a free trial offer.

I am an affiliate of that program and I promote it, but I want you to know that I don’t make a dime when you try it for free, so rest assured that even if you want to be a free member forever, that I won’t pressure you with upgrading your account, unless you want to.

All I literally do, is write acticles about topics of products that interest me, I make sure to include high quality keywords that help me rank in the search engines and I also make sure to include my affiliate links so I can get recognized and compensated to sending a sale.

That’s REALLY all! With practice, it now takes me 2 – 3 hours to publish an article and I’m free the rest of the day.


And I have another piece of good news for you; if you sign up for free using the link above, I will also become your mentor and guide in the affiliate marketing world and will share absolutely everything that I have learned since joining this program. I will be holding your hand to make sure that you succeed.

Sign up! Do it! You’ll see that this program is completely different to any other programs. I’ll see you on the other side.

Til then, Stay Safe!


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