My Mobile Money Pages Review – Will You Really Make $500 A Day?

Welcome to My Mobile Money Pages Review.

It’s always important to look up any new opportunity you hear or read about, because who knows? They could actually be a scam! You don’t want to lose money to every single guru that promises you money.

So I want you to pat yourself on the back for thinking of reading a review first before investing into this program (or any other program). I will be going over what My Mobile Money Pages is and if it is going to work for you.

At A Glance

Name: My Mobile Money Pages


Owner: Andrew Davidson

Purpose: Help you make money through affiliate marketing

Price: $39.95

Recommended?: Let’s see.. 😉

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Short Introduction – What is My Mobile Money Pages?

Andrew has a video up for us, where he starts off saying that you could make $540 per day with his system, that would translate to about $17K per month, which will in turn, come to a total of about $200K per year, with this revolutionary software that he was able to develop.

Not only do you not need any skills, any experience or any website or hosting, but you don’t even need to spend hours and hours writing articles. All you need is a few minutes every day and you could start cashing in big.

He explains that all the work is done for you; all you need to do is choose a main keyword, choose a domain name that gets generated, input an email address and a password, and voila! Your very own website is created.

Your next step is to choose a keyword within their keyword search tool and it will bring up all the “hot money-making” keywords for you, that you just need to copy and paste into the coding of your website and that’s all you’ll ever need to do. Google will send you FREE, organic traffic and you won’t have to pay a DIME in Ads.

What’s more, is that My Mobile Money Pages will automatically create quality backlinks for you, that will result in you always maintaining your rank within the search engines.

Every time a visitor clicks on your products and buys the item, you receive a commission. This all sounds like an easy-peasy way to making money online, doesn’t it? It’s sounds like a no-brainer.

But… There Are THREE Harmful Flaws!!!

1) No website or hosting needed – Most of the time, whenever you hear that you don’t need any website or hosting, then alarm bells should be going off in your head.

Sure, a website can be hard to maintain and hosting needs to be paid for on a monthly basis. But did you know that you would be causing more harm to your online business, if you didn’t have your own website and didn’t pay for your own hosting from a trusted provider?

See, when you buy a domain, you become the owner of this domain for one whole year. After that year, you can either choose to renew it or to let it go, but you obviously HAVE to renew it in order to maintain it online. Now, the domain that Andrew is going to let you use, is going to be HIS in reality, because he paid for it.

So just imagine, assuming you could make money with this program (which you won’t) if one day you woke up and found out that Andrew no longer wanted to renew this domain for you. What will happen to all your income? It would all go down the drain.

2) The Keywords – I know that Andrew knows what he is talking about, but he really wants to con you when it comes to the keywords that he shows you within the video. He explains correctly that keywords are going to rank you within the search engines and that it is important that you “connect” them to your website.

But let me explain how keywords work. When you are writing an article, you need to insert your keyword within, to alert the search engines and tell them what keyword you are targeting. Based on the number of searches per month and overall competition, the search engines will rank you accordingly.

The more searches  a keyword gets and the less the number of competition trying to rank for your keyword, the higher the chances of you  ranking on the first page of that search engine.

However, Andrew does not talk about that at all. His keyword tool does not even show you if people are even looking for those search terms. His keyword tool does not even tell you how many other websites are trying to compete for this keyword. How would he know that they are GOOD keywords to use and that the search engines will rank you well?

Sorry, but his keyword research tool is absolutely useless and will NOT help your website rank and you will NOT be getting free, organic traffic to your website. The only way to get your website in front of people, would be to invest in Ads, which can get out of hand pretty quickly and you could lose a lot of money!

If you were wondering what Keyword Research Tool that I use to give me detailed information about the number of searches per month and the number of competition, it’s Jaaxy. And it is one of the BEST keyword research tools on the planet, that does even more!

3) Backlinks – Andrew says that backlinks are absolutely essential to your website and tells you that anybody who tells you otherwise, is just a plain liar and wants to scam you.

Well, sorry MISTER, but YOU are trying to scam innocent people! Backlinks USED to be important but they aren’t anymore. They WILL do more harm than good and here is why.

Backlinks are links from other websites that link to yours, thus the more you have of them, the more they’ll make your website SEEM like a very good source of unique and helpful information. Google specially, was relying on the number of backlinks to a particular website to rank them.

Needless to say that there were a lot of people abusing the system and were BUYING backlinks from others to fake their importance and thus were getting unfair advantage over websites that were truly providing helpful information.

In 2014, there came an update within Google and BAM! It shot ALL of those fake websites off the radar. Google had finally come to understand that they had a loophole and they closed it.

Now, backlinks only hold a very small fraction of importance when you try to get your website ranked, and too much of it within a short period of time will tell Google that you are buying them and will ban your website from its search results.

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Other Reasons Why It Won’t Work

Not only does this sytem have major flaws, but it also shows signs of a scam that I have seen over and over again, through out my 8 months of investigating make-money-online programs.

1) Make Money Fast – This is one of the signs, that when you see it, you show already start suspecting that you are dealing with a scammer. I have been making money online for over 2 years now and I can tell you that it is not as easy as Andrew makes it out to be, especially being an affiliate.

Money takes time to be made, whether it is an online or offline business. It is not your fault for thinking that making money online is easier, because there are so many scams nowadays that will just show you fake proof and tell you they made it within 24 hours.

The truth is that they don’t want you to know how much time it took, or how much money it took them to get these results, because if they did tell you, it would be harder for you to give up your money. They just want to make quick money off of you, by lying to you, so they tell you that you will be able to make that money back fast wth their system.

2) Little to No Work Required – That’s the other lie of the century; that you don’t need to sit hunched at your computer, writing a lot of long content. All you need to do is click here and there and you’re done!

That’s another sign of a scam, because if it were that easy to make money online, then everybody would have been doing it. People would have been quitting their full-time jobs and would have been sitting on their couches, clicking a few buttons and would have been making $500 a day and living the good life.

The reality is that it takes as much work, sometimes even MORE work to get an online business going rather than a physical one. With a physical business, you need a lot more MONEY to get it off the ground but with an online business, you need much more WORK to get it off. Remember that!

If you have a lot of money, maybe a physical business will work for you. But if you are like me when I first started, with only just enough to feed my family, then you need to invest more WORK to get your business to where you want it to be.

Is My Mobile Money Pages a Scam?

The simple answer is YES, I do believe that My Mobile Money Pages is a scam. There is no guarantee that you will be able to make money using this system and neither is there any guarantee that the website you created using the system will still be up tomorrow.

It is very important for you to understand the concept of keywords and backlinks if you want to make money online and the way that Andrew has explained them to you is all WRONG! At that rate, you will NOT make a single dime, unless you actually invest into paid Ads, which will be MORE money and TIME on your part.

I also please urge you to NOT believe that you can make $500 every single day with this system. All get-rich-quick schemes are designed to part you with your hard-earned money, while making the scammer richer. There is NO simple way of making money online. An online business requires effort and plenty of time to grow.

Here’s How You Can Make Money Using Keywords and Rankings

Yes, there is a way that you CAN leverage the power of Keywords to rank your website within the first page of the search engines. There is a proper process to doing it, and following this process is what will bring you the success that you want and that you deserve.

I am NOT going to promise you that you can make $500 a day with this, I’m not a scammer. But what I can tell you, is that people are making full-time passive income from this method of making money online and I’ve compiled all this information within a guide, that you can get FOR FREE, by signing up below.

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I will also throw in a FREE 6-Day Course, where you will get tips and tricks from me personally, to help kick-start your online journey. This will help you avoid the pitfalls that newbies usually fall into and to also help you focus on what’s important in the beginning of your journey, to maximize your chances of success.

There you go, folks! That was one more of my reviews. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions that you may have about making money online, My Mobile Money Pages or about My #1 Training Platform. I always answer…:)

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