My Residual Profit Review – Scam Or Legit?

My Residual Profit review

Welcome to an honest My Residual Profit review.

You must have either seen this program circulating on social media or been emailed about it such that now, you want to know a little more about it to make an informed decision. I know because I get skeptical of such programs as well, so that’s why I decided to write this review.

Is My Residual Profit a scam? Will you make money with it? Is it legal? How does it work? What do you get when you become a member? I will be answering all these questions for you right here!

Just an FYI that I do not promote this program so expect that this review is going to be unbiased and honest. I’m not going to be pitching this up to you or pushing you to join.

Let’s get started!

My Residual Profit At A Glance


Owner: ??

Purpose: Make money recruiting

Price: $25+

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE!

What Is My Residual Profit?

With My Residual Profit, you will be paid $25 for every email that you process. If you are able to process 10 emails a day, that’s $250 in your pockets. The sales page even guarantees that you’re going to make $750, which is actually something that no company should be doing.

You can’t guarantee that anybody is going to make a dime because you don’t know of their work ethics. If they join the opportunity and don’t use the training, then they won’t be making anything, right?

But anyways, I think that they make the work sound too easy. There’s always a catch and something that they’re not willing to tell you because if you knew, you would never sign up.

There’s also a sales video that shows a lady working from home and that is supposed to be from using the My Residual Profit platform. Don’t get me wrong, making double the income of your current job is definitely possible online but the video “claims” that she made that money from processing emails.

Wait a minute though! There was no mention of processing emails as the type of work and she had actually had a headset on. So that can’t possibly be from working with My Residual Profit, right? The thing is the guys at My Residual Profit is trying to make it seem as if she made that kind of money from My Residual Profit when that’s not the truth.

The most confusing thing again, is that when you go down the sales page, they tell you that you will be posting classified ads. Uhhh, wasn’t I supposed to be sending out emails? That’s when you learn you’ll need to post the ads around on the internet and send out emails to those that are interested, to get paid.

What’s strange is that they don’t tell you what the Ads are going to be about and that’s a red flag to me. Even not knowing who created this opportunity is a red flag because you won’t know whether to trust them or not.

But let’s take a look at some more details of the program, shall we?

What You Get By Paying $25

That’s my biggest concern because you’re paying for something, right? You want to get something in return that will be worth paying the $25 for. But unfortunately, I really don’t think that it is worth that.

By paying $25, you get 16 high-converting ads, step-by-step instructions on how to make money within 24 hours and a website like the sales page of My Residual Profit.

First of all, there is no information again of what these ads will be about. I mean, what if they’re promoting something illegal? It’s great to hear that there will be step-by-step instructions but the fact that they tell you that you’ll make money within 24 hours is really misleading you.

It is possible to make money within 24 hours but this is not the norm. If you’ve never made money online before, you need to go through the training, learn, and put everything into practice. There is a learning curve and only if you’re one of the lucky few will you make money within 24 hours.

Then, they talk about having a website like the My Residual Profit sales page. This is bad news because it tells me finally how the program is going to work.

How My Residual Profit Works

What you’ll mainly be doing is using the ads that you get to post around on the internet and each time somebody pays the $25 and signs up, you’ll have to email them the same ads and the training material that you received. This is basically a rehash of the old Email Processing System (EPS) that I have reviewed some time ago.

The fact that they tell you that you’re going to be getting a website just like the sales page is an indication that the program is just going to teach you to promote itself. The person that recruited you will pass on the ads and the other information to you and you’ll need to recruit and pass on the information to your recruits.

The only way to make money here is to recruit and not having any PRODUCT in this chain makes this program illegal. You can absolutely make money with it but what value are you really promoting here?

They tell you that the training and the ads are the product but no matter what the members tell you, these resources are still geared towards promoting itself.

Just imagine walking into a Walmart and instead of seeing products lined up, you see tons of coaches, or books, or guides about how to open your own Walmart. Once you open your Walmart, your location will also specialize in helping others to open their own Walmarts.

Does this business model make sense? At one point, there will be so many Walmarts open that nobody is going to make money from the opening of other Walmarts anymore and it will crash. The same thing will happen with My Residual Profit.

Once people have joined and have heard about it enough, there will be less and less people promoting the opportunity, thus, everybody will make less money. Business is gonna go down the poo drain.

Not to mention that this business model is illegal by the FTC guidelines. I’m paraphrasing here but basically, what they say is that if a company puts more emphasis on recruiting than the sale of its own products, then this is an indication of a pyramid scheme or illegal scheme and should be avoided.

Is My Residual Profit A Scam?

I definitely think that this is a scam and should be avoided. This may sound a little harsh but if it’s going against the law, then the program should at least be avoided.

And I’m not denying here that you can make some money with this but my point is that you’re not going to be building a sustainable online business and it’s not something that can be passed on. You could be making money with a program but it does not mean that it is legit or legal.

Stealing from people is also a great way to make money but is it alright? Is it legal? Absolutely NOT! With My Residual Profit, you’re not really providing any value to those that you are recruiting.

Talking about recruiting, that’s the only way to make money and thus, might actually be some kind of “pyramid” although there is no mention of getting paid on different levels. But the point here is that you can’t make money any other way and that’s a red flag by the FTC.

There are so many legal ways to make money online and My Residual Profit is not one of them. Why would you choose to join a program where you could potentially get in trouble with the law?

You can do what you like of course, but I highly recommend that you avoid My Residual Profits.

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Thanks for reading My Residual Profit review and remain safe!

Your Friend,



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