NextCash Review – Is A Scam Or Make $300 Today?

nextcash review - is a scamAre you looking for an honest NextCash Review? Then this is it!

I’m not an affiliate of the website and I won’t try to recruit you into this to make money myself. The truth is that most people that you speak with will want you to join with their link so that they can make money.

But I gotta say that this is not how it’s going to go down for them because unfortunately, there are some serious red flags that you are gonna wanna know about. Let’s just say that this review will make you think twice before joining.

Congrats on doing your research because there are just too many scams out there and you never really know what they’re after at first glance. But I know what NextCash is after and I will share that with you right here.

Next Cash At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Refer others and complete tasks to earn

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s a program masquerading as a survey or GPT website, when really, they want your personal information to either use themselves or to sell it other scammers.

What is NextCash?

NextCash is said to be the #1 Influencer Network where you could get paid $300 every single day. The first thing that comes to my mind is wow! That’s twice more than what people make in a day in the US.

And the work is not really complicated or anything. All you have to do is either refer others to the website to make $15 per person who signs up using your referral link, or you complete easy tasks.

Additionally, there’s also a very attractive $25 sign up bonus that you’ll receive. A free $25 for doing nothing! How sweet!

All of that combined really got me thinking: if it was THAT easy to make money online, then don’t you think that most people would have been working from home, completing tasks as their job description?

The truth is that I’ve reviewed GPT websites before, like SwagBucks, Points Prizes and Prize Rebel. Those are legit but they only give out like $5 as a sign up bonus and maybe $1 per referral.

So how legit is NextCash? Because you don’t hear about anybody making thousands of dollars every single month, just referring others to a website for free and completing tasks, that’s for sure.

It means that there is something that NextCash is hiding. According to the experiences that I’ve had, things won’t work exactly as described on this website.

How NextCash Works? – Business Model Does NOT Work

The first thing to do when faced with the question of legitimacy of a website, is to take a look at the business model. Does it make sense for the company? Are they making a profit, while still being able to pay members and employees?

Well, when I took a look at the business model for NextCash, it really shook me because it makes no sense. Let me explain.

The way to make money with NextCash is primarily advertised as referring others to the website, and you get paid $10 – $15 per person that you refer. But the main way that NextCash says they make money is through ads!

Now, I can understand that because I show ads on this website too and I do get paid for people that view them and those who click on them. So that’s a legit way of making money online and if they wish to share their revenue with you this way, then so be it.

But the weird thing is that I don’t see any ads on ANY of the pages of the website and neither are there ads on the inside. So there is NO WAY that they are making money through ads.

That’s a big lie right there! And as soon as I start seeing those lies, credibility starts going down the drain for me.

Now, the other way that they mention they also make money is through sponsorships. So do they mean that they sponsor products and they make commissions for each sale? That would seem like what they are saying, right?

And yet, I don’t see any products for purchase on the inside.

Another way they COULD be making money is through the tasks. Each time you complete a task, the requester of the task pays NextCash and NextCash pays you. But have you seen the amount you get paid per task?

That might seem attractive, but have you thought of how much the requester would have to pay NextCash for NextCash to be able to make a profit? It’s ridiculous, especially when compared to NextCash competitors.

If the requester has well-known websites like SwagBucks and other GPT websites that are asking for 10 – 15 times less money, then why would anybody want to partner up with NextCash?

What I really think is that NextCash is lying all the way through and that their intention is never to pay their members. Else, they lose money and go bankrupt!

The Red Flags That Indicate A Scam!

The business model is not the only red flag to consider. Here are the other red flags that I’ve found that suggest NextCash has no intention of paying you or anybody else.

1) Launch year

When you take at the “About Us” page that NextCash has up on their website, it looks like they’ve been in business since 2008. However, when I performed an independent search, it looks like NextCash has only been around for 3 weeks!

Why would they lie if they were really a legitimate company?

Additionally, they also mention a “parent company” but they do not give us the name of the company. If the company was really as reputable as they make it seem, then wouldn’t it make sense to tell us which company that is?

Wouldn’t that increase trust and credibility?

But no, they choose not to, which leads me to think that the parent company is just another lie. They can’t make up the name of the company because there wouldn’t be any info on that company online.

Either way, this does not make NextCash look very credible.

2) Fake proofs

The next red flag is the fact that the incoe proofs that they show us on the “Payment Proof” page are all fake! Have you not noticed how they mention “Litebucks” and not “NextCash” as the name of the company?

The truth is that I’ve written a review on Litebucks as well and it turned out to be a scam that did not pay people. So being related to Litebucks does not help NextCash at all.

Additionally, now that we know when the NextCash website was REALLY launched, we can take a look and see whether the proofs are fake or not by verifying the dates.

And as you can see, the dates are mostly in 2019, when the NextCash website didn’t even exist. And by the way, neither did the Litebucks website.

So that tells us right there that there was never anybody paid for the work that they did and that NextCash will probably not pay you either.

3) Similar to other programs I reviewed before

I mentioned before that NextCash is related to Litebucks through the payment proofs, but did you know that the layout of the website is identical? The work to so is the same, the members area look the same, the amount paid out is the same.

And the other pages are the same too!

And that’s not the only website that looks like NextCash. You also have others like Rainmoney, PaidNova, Clout Bucks, Influencer Cash and so on.

It just looks like the person who created those sites also created NextCash, but why? What does he gain?

4) BBB Message – What NextCash is really after

What is NextCash and all those other websites after? Well, the BBB has the answer.

You see, another website called Notion Cash is also related to all of these websites and what the BBB basically has to say about them is that they were created in order to get as many people’s information as possible.

In other words, they are all mass data-harvesting schemes.

Once they get your information, they could use the information to hack into your online emails and accounts, like bank accounts and even Paypal if you’ve given them the same email, or they could sell your information to other scammers.

Snippet From The Website

If you want to take a look at the whole message, you can click HERE.

So as you can see, you can never know what these scammers are after unless you research them. And moreover, something being free does not mean that it’s not a scam.

Is NextCash A Scam?

I think you probably already know the answer: yes, NextCash is a scam in my honest and humble opinion.

There are just too many red flags; there is no owner mentioned, the business model does not even make sense. You also have the fact that they have lied so many times.

Why would you trust them at this point?

They lied to us about their inception, they don’t want to disclose their parent company name which most likely does not exist and they have posted fake payment proofs.

Additionally, it’s like other scammy websites that I’ve already reviewed and that don’t pay out.

And NextCash is more likely collecting your information so as to use it to hack your accounts or to sell to others who will. What benefit is there really to sign up with those crooks?

I really think that NextCash is a scam and that you shouldn’t be signing up with the website.

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Thanks for reading my NextCash review. So, do you think that is a scam? Have you tried it? Have you gotten paid? Have you NOT gotten paid? Anything you want to share, the comments section below is yours!

Lots of Love,



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