Nexus Profits Review – Sorry But It Won’t Work As Advertised!

Nexus Profits review

Welcome to my honest Nexus Profits review. You’re wondering by I’m emphasizing this is going to be an HONEST review, right?

Well, I see a lot of affiliates of Nexus Profits promoting it like it’s the best thing since sliced bread, when I do KNOW that it’s not as great as they make it seem. The truth is that each time they make a sale, they make commissions.

So they have a big financial gain for convincing you to purchase the program. But I, on the other hand, am not an affiliates of the program and thus, you can trust that I will not try to convince you to purchase.

My goal is to actually expose Nexus Profits for what it really is, so that you can make an informed buying decision. After reading this review, you’ll think twice about getting Nexus Profits, believe me!

Let’s get rockin’!

Nexus Profits At A Glance


Creators: Bill Hugall, Simple Spencer and Ryan Mac

Purpose: Make money flipping domains

Price: $8.95+

Do I Recommend It?: Not really because there’s much better training somewhere else!

What Is Nexus Profits?

The three creators of Nexus Profits make the program look really good, don’t they? I mean, if I were a newbie in the online marketing realm, I would definitely have signed up right away.

Who else wouldn’t want to make $100 – $200 per day with only 20 – 30 minutes of work daily, right? They say that it is a unique method and system that Ryan came up with, that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

But don’t they all say that? The truth is that these creators publish programs like these for a living. They don’t care whether the system works for the long-term or not.

Actually, I’ve reviewed some of Bill and Spencer’s programs on this website and they weren’t rated very highly because they were either low-quality or just did not work as advertised;

1) Atomic Profits

2) 2019 Blast-Off

3) Profit Vortex

If each of those programs really worked as described, then wouldn’t there be many more sales still coming in today? The truth is that programs like this only do really well when they are launched but afterwards, sales start to die down.

The reality of the products get known and less and less people buy them. That’s why you find that Bill and Spencer need to come up with ideas and products once in a while to keep the money coming in.

They say the same things for every single one of their products, like how you won’t need a lot of time to make it work, no experience or skills needed and that it won’t cost you a lot to make a big return on your investment.

But my experience is that if it was that easy to make $100 per day online, then more people would have been quitting their jobs. Less people would have been struggling financially and more people would be better off in life, not having to work the traditional job.

Yet, that’s not what’s happening, is it? There has to be a catch and I will be revealing it in this review.

How Nexus Profits Works

The truth is that I already saw a few red flags before even knowing what’s inside the program. If their program worked so well, then why don’t they ever tell us about what’s inside?

I’m not talking about the specifics of the method, but what about more information on what the method actually is and how much it actually costs to run such a business? None of that is actually mentioned on the sales page.

How can anybody make an informed decision without all this information? What if you only have $20 per month to spend on business but the requirement of this business is to spend $100 per month? You wouldn’t know until you actually purchase Nexus Profits, right?

Sure you can get a refund but I’ve had bad experiences with similar internet marketers who actually do NOT respond to refund emails. So yes, you COULD end up losing your money.

But anyways, what you get by paying $8.95 is a puny little PDF guide. There are no video training so don’t expect this to be step-by-step instructions because it’s not. That’s one promise broken.

What you actually kind of learn within this PDF is how to flip domains; you just buy them at really low prices and sell them at a higher price.

I must say that the information within the PDF guide does get you started in the right direction and there really is potential for you to make a few hundreds of dollars per day doing this, but it’s not gonna happen for newbies.

You see, it’s like real-estate; you need to apply the concept of flipping a house here. With a house, you buy it at a lower price and invest in the house (like doing renovations so the market value increases) then you sell it for profit.

With a domain, you buy the domain at a lower price and you will need to invest in that website. It could be investing money to pay somebody else to do the work and make the website better or it could be yourself investing the time to make it better.

But there is a difference; no matter what, houses in real estate will increase in value with time, but not the domain.

With a domain name, purchasers take into consideration how much money it makes on a monthly basis, how many email subscribers it has, how many followers it has on social media and so on. To increase all of that, you need to learn and work hard.

In the beginning, while you learn all the skills that needs to be learned, you might lose a lot of money. It’s not going to be as easy as they claim. You might need at least a year to perfect your skills before you can really start profiting big.

Upsells And Actual Business Costs

Well, as with most of these “gurus” programs, there are actually more costs involved than they let on in the beginning. Here you are, thinking that it will only cost you $8.95 to secure all of their secrets, but poor you! You’ll be taken for a ride.

1) Up-sell 1 – $17

You’ll supposedly be able to hit 3 figures per day with this up-sell, by using their Done-For-You email creator.

I especially HATE done-for-you stuff because you’re never the actual owner of the material. Let’s take for example, that Bill and Spencer decide to cancel the domain renewal for Nexus Profits. Well, all your materials would be gone forever, and so will your access to the tool.

2) Up-sell 2 – $27

Buy this up-sell and they’ll teach you how to bank 5-figure days – like are they actually talking about making $10K per DAY? I don’t really believe this will work as advertised because if anything had this kind of potential, they wouldn’t sell it for just $27, right?

3) Up-sell 3 – $12

This up-sell will supposedly show you how to create a responsive buyers’ list without creating or launching a product. Can’t say how effective this is going to be for only $12.

4) Up-sell 4 – $37

If you get this up-sell and promote Nexus Profits, you receive full resale rights on the entire funnel and will make 100% commissions on the whole product, no matter what people buy. This is only worth it if you decide to promote Nexus Profits.

In my experience, you’ll probably need ALL of the up-sells (except up-sell 4) to make the $100 per day that Bill and Spencer talk about. I don’t think that you’ll actually make that much money with just the front-end seeing as it’s just a simple PDF to get started.

You need actual strategies and a nudge in the right direction to hone your skills, and you can only succeed by getting all the up-sells.

But hey, that wasn’t mentioned on the sales page, right? There were never mentions of any up-sells or other costs.

Talking about other costs, not only do you need the up-sells, but you probably need another $100 every single month to pay for the tools required to make this method work. You’ll need an autoresponder, pages builders, web hosting, etc. in order to become successful.

Moreover, if you can’t get traffic through SEO, then you would need to start paying for traffic and their big traffic method is usually SOLO ADS, which will cost you another $500 – $1000 per month.


1) Created by real people, unlike other scams and low-quality programs that have anonymous/hidden creators

2) Legit way of making money online – domain flipping

3) Relatively low cost to get started

4) Possible 30-Day money back guarantee


1) Hyped-up sales page with unrealistic claims

2) More work and skills required than advertised

3) More investment required that are not disclosed – Up-sells are a must

4) Method is not very newbie-friendly

5) You are NOT likely to see profits within 24-48 hours as advertised

6) Email support is SLOW – there is no support phone number nor any form of chat

7) Even if you ask for a refund, they might not respond to your email in time to give you the money back

Is Nexus Profits A Scam?

In my honest opinion, though I don’t have a lot of good things to say about Nexus Profits, I do not think that it is a scam. You are absolutely getting something for your money. There is a guide that can get you started in the right direction.

However, what I really don’t like is the lack of transparency on the sales page and the number of unrealistic claims made that sound too good to be true. All of that lures in the newbie and pushes him/her to believe that this kind of work is easy when it’s not.

What I especially hate is the fact that they don’t give you all the information you need to make an informed buying decision, They don’t tell us ANYTHING about what method is used and what the costs of running the business are.

They mislead you by telling you that it is a newbie-friendly method when it isn’t. And you also have the fact they completely “forget” to tell you that it won’t cost you only the $8.95 to get their whole training.

Everybody learning something new needs a strong support system and unfortunately, Nexus Profits does not have that. Can you imagine your teacher not being there for you when you were in school, every time you couldn’t get past an obstacle or something that you didn’t understand?

It’s that kind of atmosphere here because in my experience, most of these “gurus” are so busy supporting other programs, enjoying their money and thinking of new programs, that they don’t bother to reply to help or refund emails.

I could definitely only talk about how great Nexus Profits is to make money off of you, but that would totally be against my ethics because it isn’t that great at all. It does not make sense to promote this program when there isn’t a positive long-term outlook.

Besides, why should we support these gurus that lie, con and deceive people? Definitely not my style!

I do not recommend Nexus Profits because there are way better training programs on the internet that will give you more value for your money.

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Thanks for reading my Nexus Profits review. If you’ve had any experience with this program, feel free to let us know in the comments below. I always love to hear from you!

Lots of Love,


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