Nice Cash Review – Is A Rehashed Scam?

Nice Cash review

Welcome to my honest Nice Cash review.

Have you been seeing links to Nice Cash on social media, or maybe even in emails you’ve been receiving, asking you to join? Have you been wondering whether it’s legit or whether it’s a scam like so many other programs online?

Well, I want to congratulate you for doing your research before joining a program that looks good but might NOT be. There are more scams than actual, real programs online and by doing your due diligence, you’re saving yourself.

And I’m here to help you. I’ll tell you everything that I know and found out about Nice Cash. Is a scam? My hunch is YES. Here’s why!

Nice Cash At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money referring others and completing tasks

Price: Free

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s a scam

What Is Nice Cash?

Nice Cash is self-claimed as the #1 Influencer Network that can make you $500 on your very first day, like today. Make $10-$15 per person that you refer to the platform and make $30 completing tasks.

Isn’t it also great that you can make $25 easily by just signing up? Who else will give you $25 for free?

What you need to do is just share your affiliate link (a special link hard-coded to your account) on social media or anywhere else on the internet. You get paid for clicks and sign ups, as well as each time you complete a task.

However, don’t you find it odd how the payments they promise is so high? I mean, I know of other programs, such as Swagbucks or even Survey Junkie that pay a maximum of $5 as a sign up bonus.

I know that you do get paid for people you refer, which is about $1 – $2. And with these types of websites (called Get-Paid-To website), you can only make a few dollars a day. How is it possible that Nice Cash can pay you upto $500 per day?

I mean, that’s 2 – 3 times the normal daily income, isn’t it? If it was so easy to make that kind of money online, why aren’t more people quitting their jobs and doing this? There must be a catch.

And the sad truth is, that there is! The truth is that I have a hunch that the creator behind Cashog, Paid Leaf, Referral Pay and Notion Cash is also behind Nice Cash, which means that it will work like every one of those other programs.

And the way the business model works for every one of those program does not make sense.

How Nice Cash Works – Unsustainable Business Model

You see, the best way to understand how you make money from a program is knowing the business model of the program you’re trying to join. If you do not understand how they make money, you won’t know whether they’re legit or not.

What Nice Cash and the other programs say in terms of how they make money is through ad-spent revenue. They say that the more traffic you bring to their websites, the more their ads are gonna get exposure and the more money they make.

At the end of the day, they split that money with you.

That makes sense in a way. I own Typing To Freedom and I display ads on my site. If I wanted to share my ad-spent revenue, I could easily create a membership website where people could click on ads to make money. I would share that revenue with them.

However, the main way that making money is advertised here is through referring others, not commissions or clicking on ads INSIDE the program. That’s where it does not make sense.

You see, I could refer my sister who could just focus on recruiting others. She could choose not to click on ads or complete any offers. And each of her referrals could decide the same.

So what money is Nice Cash even making here if all the members are doing is recruiting? How can they say that they’ll pay you per referral immediately without knowing whether any of those referrals are gonna be interacting with their ads?

If this website really paid, it would go bankrupt. It does not make sense from a business perspective to be paying others before making the business itself any money, right?

Does Nice Cash Pay? – Nope! And Here’s The Proof

You’ve taken a look at the Nice Cash layout, right? Well, it’s complete the same as Paid Leaf, Cashog, Referral Pay and Notion Cash, programs that I have already exposed as scams.

Because of the obvious layout, the testimonials style as well as the year they say they were created, which is in year 2015, I have a strong feeling that the same creator is behind all of them. And the creator never paid anybody previously.

Why would he start now?

You see, the creator does not hesitate to lie to you in various ways. The first is the year the website was created. They say 2015, but a little digging proved that to be a complete lie. The website was registered on September 24, 2019.

Following that, you have the testimonials and the big problem here is the date of those payouts. take a look at them.

They’re all BEFORE the website was even created. How can these people have referred anybody there or gotten paid if the website didn’t even exist yet?

And moreover, because Nice Cash can be linked with the other scammy websites I mentioned, like paid Leaf and Referral pay, here’s some proof that Paid Leaf and Referral Pay have been scamming people and NOT paying them.

What’s gonna happen when you try to withdraw money is they will make you wait 30 days then shut down your account for fraud, even if you’ve everything correctly. Do you really want to waste your time with this?

The truth is that Nice Cash and the other websites aren’t looking to make money off of you right away. They want you to give up your information to them. It’s a mass data harvesting scam.

They want your name, your address, your age and your date of birth, your email address and your phone number, as much information as possible, in order to earn from it afterwards. They could either sell that information, or use it.

They could steal your identity, which is bad if you’re in one of the Tier 1 countries or they could use this information to try and hack into online accounts you have, like bank accounts, Paypal accounts and so on to steal your money.

Is Nice Cash A Scam? – Avoid!

Yes, Nice Cash is a scam from my perspective. And there are plenty of red flags and actual evidence that I’ve uncovered in this review that show why I think so.

The amount that Nice Cash is willing to pay out outrageous, especially when compared to other similar websites. There is no way that they can even make that kind of money from Ads, let alone actually paying out that amount.

Then, you have the actual business model, which does not make sense. When you’re running a business, you want to ensure that the business is making money first before paying out.

But that’s not what’s happening here. With this business model and the amount that Nice Cash is willing to pay per referral and per task, they would quickly go bankrupt and out of business.

That’s if they even planned to pay anybody, right? But that’s not even the case. They won’t pay you. Nice Cash is a total waste of time.

Nice Cash is being related to Paid Leaf, Cashog and some other programs that have a record of NOT paying people. How can you be sure that the creator behind these websites will have a change of heart and actually start paying people?

And what about all those lies? About when they were created? The fake payments proofs? If they were really legitimate, they would have no problem with disclosing REAL information.

All this goes to show that Nice Cash is a scam and that you should AVOID it at all costs, especially because it’s been linked to mass data harvesting that could harm you as an individual in Tier 1 countries.

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Thanks for reading my Nice Cash review. Is a scam to you? Did they actually pay you? Is my review accurate? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

Lots of Love,



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