Nichmoney Review – I’ve Seen This Before And It’s NOT Good!

Welcome to my honest Nichmoney review. You’ve probably seen a link to this website somewhere, maybe on social media or maybe in an email, asking you to sign up to be able to make some great money online.

And now, you’re probably wondering whether it will really work as advertised, whether it will pay out or not and whether or not it is a scam.

Well, that’s why I’ve written this review. I wanted to let you know everything that I know and found out about Nichmoney so that you can make an informed decision. If you have never made money online, you probably don’t know how to tell if it’s a scam, right?

Don’t worry because I will be exposing all the details of Nichmoney here. You’ll be surprised that I have seen this website before and that means that it’s NOT a good thing.

Nichmoney At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Make money by referring others and viewing ads

Price: Free to join but will ask you for money later

Do I Recommend It?: No, I think that Nichmoney is a scam that you should avoid. There is no payment here. It’s a complete waste of time. They ask you for money to withdraw, which is how the scammers behind the website are making money.

What Is Nichmoney?

Nichmoney is a website that claims to be able to help you make hundreds of dollars online and all you have to do is pretty simple, really; just view ads and get paid $0.10 for every ad you view.

That’s pretty easy work that pays quite well, right? And that’s exactly the reason why I think that Nichmomey is not gonna work as advertised. These types of websites don’t pay as much as Nichmoney is willing to pay you.

I can’t hide though that this is not the first time that I’ve seen this website. The truth is that I have seen some other websites that I recently reviewed that had the same layout, the same color scheme, the same kind of work.

The only thing that changes is the name. You can take a look at those reviews here:

1) Omamoney

2) Aexmoney

3) Aonmoney

4) Aobmoney

5) Yasmoney

6) Oucmoney

7) Gtemoney

As you can see, they all look exactly the same and the truth is that they all turned out to be scams. Therefore, at this point, I have no doubt that Nichmoney is also going to be a scam.

What’s Inside Nichmoney?

Obviously, if you’re trying out a website, you would need to sign up, right? Well, that’s exactly what I did but I didn’t use my own personal information. I’ll tell you why in a sec.

When I signed up, I got to the dashboard and I have to say that it looked exactly like the other websites that I mentioned earlier. Moreover, Nichmoney works the same too, which I was expecting to be honest.

So basically, you’re supposed to view the ads, type in the captcha you see in order for the system to generate a new batch of ads. However, what I found weird was that you could keep typing in captcha without viewing the ads.

The money gets added to your account and you don’t even have to see the ads!

That defeats the whole purpose of paying advertisers, right? They will eventually stop paying because it means their ads wouldn’t be converting well with Nichmoney. That’s not a good sign for the website.

Moreover, I tried clicking on some of the ads and they brought me to expired listings. What company would PAY to advertise a product that is no longer available? It’s a waste of money, right?

So there are a ton of things that don’t make sense with Nichmoney and to tell you the truth, those are the exact same concerns that I had with the other websites.

It looks like Nichmoney is trying to get you to sign up, luring you with high payouts, when they might actually NOT be getting paid by advertisers. On the contrary, they might not even pay out!

Nichmoney’s Red Flags – Trust Me, They Are Serious!

1) Unknown creator

The first thing that I always look for is who created the website. Learning about the creator will often tell you whether you can trust what they say or not, whether they are genuine or not and whether or not they’ll pay!

It means that you’ll need to see their track record and history. If they’ve paid people in the past, then nothing to worry about. But if others have had a bad experience, then it would be better to stay away, right?

However, let me tell you it’s impossible to do any kind of research on the creator of Nichmoney because he is completely anonymous! There is no information about him on the website at all! And that’s not a good sign.

The truth is that I’ve reviewed close to 500 websites on here and when the creator was anonymous, it was most likely a scammer than didn’t want to be discovered, followed and sued. And that’s what’s happening here!

That’s because even if this person is anonymous, he DOES have a track record with the other websites he created, like the Oma Money website and all the others. He never paid anyone then. Why would he start now?

2) No privacy policy

This is the exact reason why I didn’t give out my personal information when I signed up; it’s the fact that the privacy policy on Nichmoney is missing! And yes, it’s important!

Without the privacy policy, you have no way of knowing how your information will be used. That’s a big red flag because they could use it for absolutely anything and everything without an ounce of care for your privacy.

They could use your information to spam you, or even to sell it other scammers, hackers and spammers who will do the same.

And you can’t deny that some of those scammy emails look real, right? They will do anything they can to get a hold of your personal details.

I received an email not too long ago that looked like it was coming from Netflix, saying that my payment was declined and to be honest, I do have a Netflix account, as many people do. It looked real and it was telling me give them my new credit card information.

It had the Netflix Logo, it even had the same headline and name as the real Netflix emails, same outline, same color scheme. The only thing that was different was the EMAIL ADDRESS it was sent from.

That was the ONLY way to tell that this was not really from Netflix and that it should be ignored. But you see how easy it is to fool others? That’s how they get your information and steal it.

So beware of missing privacy policies!

3) Support thread is completely fake

Yes, it is fake! Those comments and replies that you see when you click on the “Support” tab are all created by the scammer himself. Those aren’t from real users or workers on the Nichmoney website.

How do I know that?

Well, like I said, I reviewed quite a few other similar websites that had the same tab and the comments are EXACTLY the same. They are even from the same usernames. Take a look below.

Now, it is possible for the same person to have used the same username on each of the different platforms, but why would they copy and paste the exact same message everywhere?

And how likely are they to be in the exact same order as the other websites?

No, that’s too much for a coincidence. I’m 100% sure that those comments were copied and pasted by the scammer/creator of all of those websites. There’s no way that those are real, not for the amount of websites that are identical.

4) Requirements are not clear to withdraw

Okay, so similar websites, like SwagBucks, will advise you of exactly what you need in order to withdraw your money, but I couldn’t find anything like that with Nichmoney.

When I reached $10, I tried to cash out but that’s when the first requirement popped up, telling me that I needed to make at least $150 before cashing out the first time. That’s important information so why not be clear about it?

I knew that there had to be more because there were too many things that didn’t add up with Nichmoney. So, I didn’t want to waste my time and instead, I went to look for what other people were saying.

And my doubts turned out to be true; there are more requirements afterwards. They tell you that you’ll need to have at least 40 referrals in order to cash out. And the requirement after that is to wait 60 days in order to cash out.

But to me, it just looks like they keep adding requirements so as to avoid paying you. You’ll eventually get tired and give up or move on to the the 5th red flag. That one’s important too!

5) They ask for money!

The truth is that these kinds of websites don’t have you for money, period! You’re supposed to work and get paid for your work. You don’t EVER have to pay for anything!

And even if there are fees, then they should remove it from your pay and give you the rest.

But that’s not what’s happening with Nichmoney. They actually ASK you to pay to speed up the process of getting your earnings, which is UNHEARD of in the industry.

There are fees related to payment processors and such, but those are only deducted when the pay goes through. So why are they even asking for money in the first place?

The answer is that this is how they make their money. Like I mentioned before, if there were any fees, they should deduct it from your earnings and give you the rest, NOT ask you to PAY out first.

These scammers created Nichmoney and other similar websites to make money from those who resort to PAYING that fee. Unfortunately, if you do that, you won’t ever see your money or your earnings.

Is Nichmoney A Scam?

I don’t really have to elaborate more because you already know what I’m going to say. Yes, Nichmoney is a scam that you should avoid. Who would sign up with them after knowing about their various red flags?

The pay is above industry average which is suspicious. You also have the fact that there are expired listings in the ad directory. Then you also have the fact that we don’t know anything about who created the website.

What about the missing privacy policy? It’s like signing a blank cheque to somebody. You’re giving them the authorization to do just about anything with your information.

There are also too many lies on the main page about the pay, the payments they supposedly sent, and they’re not clear when it comes to the requirements.

They keep adding more and more on until you either get tired and give up on your earnings, or PAY them in the hopes of getting your earnings deposited. But don’t count on it. It won’t happen because these guys simply don’t pay out.

You will LOSE your money.

From my perspective and experience, Nichmoney is a scam!

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Thanks for reading my Nichmoney review. I would love it if you could share your experiences with this website or any other similar website. Share with us whether they did  end up paying you after you gave them the money they asked for.

It would help a lot of people avoid this scam for sure!

Lots of Love,


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