Notion Cash Review – You Ain’t Getting Paid With This!

Notion Cash Review

If you’re looking for an honest Notion Cash review, from somebody who is NOT going to try and recruit you, then you’ve come to the right review. I’m not affiliated with Notion Cash and I don’t promote it.

I just want to welcome you and congratulate you on doing your research here because for all we know, Notion Cash could be a nasty scam. There are way more scams online than actual, good programs to make money online, right?

So stick to the end of this review because I will be revealing some pretty gruelling information that will make you cringe. I’ll tell you all I’ve found out about Notion Cash, without the fluff! Just facts!

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Notion Cash At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money online referring others and completing small tasks

Price; Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: It’s a SCAM! So NO!

What Is Notion Cash?

Notion Cash is a website that promises to pay you for completing small tasks and for sharing your link around. It’s sounds pretty amazing to get paid upto $50 per task and $15 per referral, right?

Well, that’s what actually got the alarm bells ringing in my head because I’ve been in the online arena doing reviews now for 19 months and I’ve never seen any LEGIT company paying $50 per task and $15 per referral. If anything, it would be just a few bucks at the MOST!

Like $1-$3!

Even the $25 welcome or sign up bonus seems unusually high. Other websites will usually give you a bonus of around $5 or less, especially GPT (get-paid-to) sites. That’s the second red flag.

And unfortunately, there was another red flag: and that’s the fact that you need $250 to cash out. That’s a heck of a HIGH threshold. The highest threshold that I’ve seen was $20 so $250 is very suspicious.

Additionally, the website layout for Notion Cash is something that I’ve seen before, like Referral Pay, Clout Bucks and Cash For Kids Club, which actually all turned out to be related to Viral Dollars, obviously a SCAM that did not pay anybody.

So can Notion Cash really be legit after all those red flags have been uncovered or is it legit? Is it paying its workers? Are there any proofs of anybody getting paid?

I’ve got to say, I’ve got a very bad feeling about Notion Cash.

How Notion Cash Works?

Once you sign up to notion cash, you’ll need to choose a task to complete from your dashboard. These tasks will include answering questions, rating an app or website, completing surveys and so on, for other companies that request them.

Once the task is completed, the information and answers you give are forwarded to respective companies and for each task that was properly completed, they pay Notion Cash. Notion Cash then pays you 90% of those earnings.

So looking at it from another perspective, companies will partner up with Notion Cash and give out assignments based on what they are looking for. Notion Cash will have these assignments visible on your dashboard. You complete the assignments and submit them. Get paid!

It seems really easy to work with them, right?

These are the tasks that they claim will get you paid upto $50 per task! Actually, the task that will get you paid $50 is doing a short video testimonial on Youtube and sharing your affiliate/referral link there so you get the money.

If you don’t like completing these tasks, then they say you can earn $15 per person that you refer. So they tell you to share your affiliate/referral link all over social media, like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on. The more you share, the more people will click on it and the more referrals you’ll have.

But there are some things that still seem off to me. That’s when I came across the really UGLY truth about Notion Cash.

Proof That You Won’t Get Paid!

The UGLY truth is that there is actual PROOF that they won’t pay you, AT ALL! Other’s have tried it and have come to know that it is a complete waste of your time OR could be WAY worse! Check out the truth I’ve exposed!

1) Youtube reviews

Remember how I told you that you get paid $50 for putting out a Notion Cash review on Youtube? Well, guess what’s happening. A lot of people are doing it, in the hopes that they’ll get the $50. Those are what they placed on their TESTIMONIALS page.

That’s why if you go to Youtube and search for NOTION CASH REVIEW, these are the videos that are gonna come up.

But let me tell you that with some more digging, I found the Youtube Channel of the FIRST guy that did the testimonial video on Notion Cash’s testimonials page. His name on Youtube is Righteous Sinner and guess what I found as part of the comments?

He hadn’t gotten paid! He waited for well over 5 weeks. It said in the Notion Cash dashboard that payment was sent but he never received the payment. Among the other comments, you’ll find other people that haven’t got paid.

So yeah, can you see it now? If not, then keep reading! There’s more to prove Notion Cash won’t pay you.

2) BBB Complaints

Even if the BBB was caught in a controversial video a few years ago, about forcing companies to pay THEM to get a rating of A+, we can still trust them with some information that they put out there about the bad companies.

When I tried to find if there were any complaints, I came across Notion Cash as being related to another scam called Kids Earn Money on the BBB website. Both of these companies have the same addresses on their websites: 420 Lexington Ave, NY.

Take a look!

And guess what happened when the BBB tried to send mail to their address? IT WAS UNDELIVERABLE!

This is proof that the address on the website is completely fake and that it does have a relationship to Kids Earn Money. Looking further into Kids Earn Cash, I find the following complaints:

So as you can see, this is part of a series of websites that the scammer is creating to collect as much information as possible for every person that signs up. By using you as a tool to get referrals, they are growing their list,

As per the BBB alert, the scammer might collecting information to spam you and to sell to other companies that are going to spam you as well, promoting products to you that they hope you’ll buy so they can make money.

Also be careful of theft in your Paypal account because if you created your account with them using your Paypal email address and your password matches that of your Paypal account, you could get robbed because they’ll try logging into your account.

Go change your Paypal password quick!

3) Lies! Years in Business = 3? Oh, Really?

I got some pretty conflicting information about how long Notion Cash has been in business. On the home page it says 3 years and on the WHY AND HOW page, it says they’ve been up since 2006. So what’s the real date they’ve been founded?

I found out by copying the URL of the website and pasting it in and the truth is that this website has only been up for a few months. So can you see how much proof there is that you just won’t get paid with Notion Cash?

Do you believe me now?

Is Notion Cash A Scam?

Oh yes! Notion Cash is 100% a scam that you should avoid.

Not only is the high payout and thresholds suspicious, but there are tons of other red flags and undeniable proofs that I’ve uncovered in this review, that prove Notion Cash won’t pay you. It does not matter how legit their website seems.

The Youtube reviews and comments speak volumes themselves. There are too many people that have tried it, wasted their time and that have not gotten paid. The BBB also has people reporting the exact same thing.

The worst part is that the address on their website is fake and that Notion Cash is being associated with Kids Earn money, which is another similar scam. The way that these two are related is in the SAME address being used for both, that is completely fake.

There are tons of complaints about customer service being unreachable. Even the BBB tried contacting them to no avail.

Additionally, there are other lies on the sales page about how long they’ve been in business and that really matches the way that the other scams I’ve reviewed, like Referral Pay, operate. It’s a real risk too because when you have accounts with them, they could use that to try and break into your Paypal account and steal money.

Or they could sell your information to other scammers and spammers that will try to enhance you to pay for products and scams, all the while making money off of your lack of knowledge.

Listen, there are way too many red flags and actual proof that Notion Cash will NOT work and will NOT pay you. Notion Cash is a complete scam!

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Thanks for reading my Notion Cash review. If you’ve had any experiences with Notion Cash, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below because it will really help others from falling for this scam!

Lots of Love,


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