NteVideon.xyz Review – Get Paid $10 Per Video View?

NteVideon.xyz review

It would be great to be able to make some serious cash simply watching videos and this is what NteVideon.xyz is claiming you can do. However, this NteVideon.xyz review is going to reveal to you what nobody else will tell you.

The truth is that there are some red flags that I found, making me suspect it is a scam and in this review, you’ll see that I even test it to confirm it!

That’s why you should always trust your gut when something sounds too good to be. And this is probably what you’re doing right now because you’re here trying to find a review to confirm it, right?

Or maybe is it that you tried it, never got paid and are now wondering whether you made a mistake?

Don’t worry, it happens! But the most important thing is to read this review to learn how to not fall for these kinds of website again, right?

NteVideon.XYZ At A Glance

Website: NteVideon.xyz

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Watch videos to earn money online

Price: Free to join (but will cost you later!)

Do I Recommend It?: NO! This is a scam that is luring you in with high pay. They are not transparent about requirements to cash out and they tempt you to PAY for referrals.

What Is NteVideon?

NteVideon claims to be a website that is superior to other GPT websites, because they pay WAY more than industry average. All you have to do is sit, relax and watch videos to get paid.

However, I can already see a red flag; and that’s the fact that they claim to pay even upto $10 for a video view! That’s pretty high when compared to legitimate GPT websites.

I’ve seen other websites before, like Referral Pay, Cash 4 Clickz and Rainmoney, that promised higher pay to complete surveys and those were complete scams. They never paid out and actually sold your personal information for profit.

That’s why I’m a little bit leery about NteVideon because it seems to be the same thing. Moreover, I already reviewed another website called VriVideon.Club, that looked exactly the same!

And when I tried it as well, it didn’t pay me out. I’m trying out NteVideon further than VriVideon in this review, to show you that this is really a scam.

Also think about it; if it was as easy as that to make $30 per hour (with the average video being 10 minutes long and the average pay being $5 per video, then nobody would be working the traditional 9-5.

$30 per hour is even more than what the average American makes, so don’t you think there’s something fishy about this? From your perspective, it might sound really nice to earn that kind of money, right?

But this kind of work is so easy to do and when that happens, the pay goes down. You don’t need special qualifications for that. Somebody working at a McDonald’s doesn’t need special qualifications either, right? That’s why they get paid way less than a doctor, who DOES need the proper qualifications for the job.

So you understand now, why it’s shady? Let’s shed some light, shall we?


How NteVideon Works – Cash Out Experience

Obviously, in order to try out NteVideon, I created an account. It was shady from the beginning so I decided to submit fake information upon sign up, like a fake name and email address.

When you get in, you just click on “Start Watching” and you’ll be given a bunch of videos that you can watch. The pay ranges from $1 – $23 per video, from what I was able to see. The longer the video, the more pay.

So obviously to test this out, I watched a video. The first promised to pay out $5.5 and it was about 10 minutes long. As if I’d watch it! I just let it play and when it stopped playing, I tried to cash out and this is the error message that I received.

They are basically telling me here that I would need to accumulate at least $100 and watch at least 200 minutes of video. This requirement was nowhere to be found on the FAQs so that’s weird!

Usually, GPT websites are pretty transparent about what the requirements are to cash out, especially the minimum you need to earn. They tell you that even BEFORE you try cashing out. So NteVideon is not very transparent!

So I decided to try and earn upto $100 and see what they tell me after that. I just let the videos play one after the other. Three hours later (yes, it took me that long! The things I do for the sake of you guys!) I tried cashing out again.

And there was another message. I still couldn’t cash out because I needed a minimum of 30 referrals in order to cash out now. And moreover, they are allowing me to BUY referrals.

I stopped there. We now know what they’re all about. They want to make you think you’re earning money with the videos here and try to lure you into giving them your credit card details to BUY referrals.

Because after earning $100, giving them $20 – $30 is nothing, since you’d still be in profit anyway. But because there are so many other red flags, I don’t actually thing they’ll pay you.

You see, you can buy LEADS to try and convince to sign up, but you cannot buy REFERRALS. The different between the two is that LEADS are those people that you could potentially contact to sign up and become referrals, but referrals are people who have ALREADY signed up.

So whose referrals are they, then? Other people’s? Makes no sense, right?

The Red Flags – The Reasons That Made Me Cautious

1) Unknown Creator

I know that this is something you might not think of, but you need to know who or what company could be behind NteVideo in order to figure whether they can be trusted or not. There’s none of that information here.

So, this is basically the same as some shady person on Facebook, sending  you a message to tell you that he will give you $100 in return for $30. Would you believe a stranger you’ve never known?

This is just a way for the stranger/scammer to make $30 off of you. Then they block you after getting their money. Poor you! You’ll never get your money back, much less the $100 you’re promised.

The scammer is just doing it through a website here. So if you can’t confirm who is behind the website, then I suggest staying away from it. This is something common that scammers do.

They remain hidden so as to be able to create multiple scams and never be caught for them.

2) Creation date; 2006?

Scrolling all the way to the bottom of the website, you can see that the website claims to have been around since 2006. But performing a WHOIS search like I usually do to confirm the longevity these websites claim, I see this.

So the website has only been around for a few months this year and not from 2006. This is a big lie that the website is telling us here, something that I really hate!

They lie to you because they want you to think that they’ve been around for longer, because the longer a website has been around, the less it tends to be a scam. But uncovering this really disgusts me!

If they lie to me even before I sign up, then what are they gonna do when I do sign up? It’s better to be upfront to get somebody to trust you.

3) Get Rich Quick Scheme

Yes, although this is a GPT website and not an actual opportunity, they are still claiming that you can get rich really quickly. Well, they don’t say that in those words, but if I was able to make $100 in 3 hours, then that’s definitely what it is!

They are paying way more than the average pay per video. You would maybe usually only make $0.50 for 30-45 minutes of watching videos online, so that’s only about $2-$3 for 3 hours of watching videos.

Nobody pays that much for 1 view and especially not Youtubers (which is where the videos are extracted from). So there’s definitely no customer paying for this service and there’s no money to be made. It’s simply a lure to get you to pay for referrals.

That, by the way, you’re never gonna get either!

4) No Transparency

Like I mentioned earlier, GPT websites are usually very transparent about the thresholds to cash out or the requirements to cash out even before you get to work. But with NteVideo and its sister-site, VriVideon, they’re NOT!

And that’s the big problem! The requirements to cash out are very specific and I think that they want you to do the work FIRST, and remain unaware of the requirements when you first start working.

That’s because then, if you try to cash out, they can slowly bring up new requirements as you meet them. And that’s very shady because then, you’re not aware of what EXACTLY is the requirement to cash out and what you’ll need to do.

For example, when I tried to cash out at $5.5, they only told me that I needed $100 in my account and 200 watch minutes. But they never told me about the 30 referrals I needed to have.

While working on the $100, I could have worked on getting referrals as well, right?

But the reason they don’t want to give you all the details is because they will roll you on and on, and you’ll never get to cash out. They’ll keep adding requirements. That’s for sure!


5) Pay for referrals

The next thing is that they ask you to pay for referrals, which like I already explained earlier, is very, VERY fishy. It’s impossible to BUY referrals, which is different than leads, because referrals are people who have already been referred by somebody else to the platform.

But when I clicked further, NteVideon makes it seem as if other people are selling their referrals, which makes a little better sense, but not much.

You see, keeping your referrals makes you more money than if you were to sell them. Take a look at the below, where somebody is selling 144 referrals for $21.

What if one referral watches a video a day, getting paid an average of $5 per day? That’s $2 per referral that you could make everyday.

144 referrals means that you could be earning $288 every single day, without doing any work, right?

So why sell these referrals for only $21? I have no idea! That’s why it makes absolutely not sense to me!

Is NteVideon A Scam?

Oh, what have I been telling you since the beginning? Yes, I really do think that NteVideon is a big scam, based on all the red flags and the lies that they’ve told us on the website.

They’re not transparent about anything! We don’t know who’s behind this website, we are lied to about when they were created, the requirements to cash out just keep on adding up, and moreover, they ask for money!

The truth is that if there were fees for anything, they should have been able to deduct it from your earnings, not charge you separately for them. That’s what a LEGIT GPT website would do.

Trust me, I’ve had a lost of experience the 3 years that I’ve been doing reviews and I have reviewed almost 500 products and websites on here. I can tell when it’s gonna end badly and this is one of those times.

When you have a gut feeling, go with it because it will never try and get you in trouble. Always do your research before giving out any information too, because chances are that if you don’t pay, they will sell your personal information.

Bottom line is that NteVideon and any other website that is in any way similar to it, is a scam!

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Thanks for reading my NteVideo.xyz review and don’t forget to share your experiences with this website down in the comments. It will help a lot of people avoid the scam, just by reading.

Lots of Love,



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