OG Dollars Review – Will You Make $500 Today?

OG Dollars review

Welcome to my honest OG Dollars review. Why do I say HONEST? That’s because I won’t try to recruit you into something that doesn’t work and unfortunately, from where I stand, OG Dollars does not look good.

Others are promoting it like it is the best thing since sliced bread but the truth is that I’ve seen similar programs before that just didn’t work. That’s why I think that it is important for you to know the things that I will reveal in this review.

It is important to me that you make an informed decision and I will tell you everything that I know about OG Dollars. These things won’t be covered in any other reviews since they are busy with recruiting you.

So relax and read this review until the end because you WANT to know this!

OG Dollars At A Glance

Website: OGDollars.com

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Recruit others and complete offers/tasks

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: No! It does not pay out!

What is OGDollars?

From what I could gather on the main page of the website, OG Dollars claims to be the #1 Influencer Network in the whole world. They say that you can make $500, starting today.

They’ll pay you $25 just for joining, $10 – $15 per referral that signs up using your referral link, as well as upto $50 per task that you complete on the inside of the program. The way to earn here is to refer others and to complete the tasks available.

Unfortunately for OG Dollars, I’ve seen the EXACT same claims made before by some other websites that I’ve reviewed on this website, like Tap 2 Earn, Tap 2 Cash, Influencers Earn, Cash 4 Clickz and Paid Leaf.

Those other websites promised the same thing OG Dollars is promising and even the pay is the same. But let me tell you that NOTHING good came out of them. Too many people were complaining about not receiving their pay.

But even if I hadn’t seen this before, I have to say that there are a lot of red flags that would make me suspicious ; we don’t know who the owner or the parent company is and the pay seems to be on the higher side.

Why those are red flags to me is because one; you want to know owns the website to confirm credibility and two; if the pay is too high, it might just be a way of enticing people to sign up without really having the intention to pay them for their work.

Additionally, we have to be realistic. Just imagine; if it was possible to make $500 per day so easily, then don’t you think that you would have been hearing of more people quitting their jobs and working from home, simply completing tasks?

The truth is that OG Dollars just sounds too good to be true and I will prove that it really is in this review.


How OG Dollars Works

Before even going into the nitty-gritty of getting paid, we have to figure out whether the website is fake or not and one way of doing that is by analyzing their methods of bringing in revenue.

The question is; is the company bringing in enough money to remain afloat AND be able to pay its members? What I found was absolutely shocking, you just keep reading!

The way the is advertised for you to make money with OG Dollars is through referring others. That’s fair, since a lot of business are referral-based. However what does not match up is how OG Dollars discloses they make money.

They say their primary way of making money is through ads. The more people you bring to the website, the more money they make from ads.

This is a legitimate business model. As you can see on my website, even I make money by showing ads, so I know how i works. The more people that visit my website, the more impressions that I get and the more people click on the ads.

And the bottom line is, the more money that I make.

But notice how I said people need to CLICK on the ads!

However, when I take a look at the main page there aren’t ANY ads at all. So, I tried signing up and logged in to see if there are ads on the inside, but there were nothing!

The only conclusion to draw here is that OG Dollars is lying to us! There’s no money that’s made from ads.

Other people might say that OG Dollars gets paid when we complete the tasks. But my argument is that the companies offering those tasks pay less elsewhere, like with Swagbucks, so why would they do business with OG Dollars?

The more OG Dollars promises to pay, the more they have to charge other companies. If they’re paying you $30 – $50 per task, how much would they need to charge those companies to make a profit themselves?

And we’re not even counting the fact that OG Dollars needs to pay you for your referrals you get in!

The business model just does not make any sense and is beginning to look more like some of the other programs that I already reviewed. It looks like OG Dollars is all words but won’t pay in the end.

The Truth Behind OG Dollars – They Won’t Pay!

If you still don’t believe me, I compiled a few more red flags that I’ve found on the website as proof that OG Dollars just won’t pay. Sure, if they did, there would be great earning potential, but why waste your time with something that has such red flags?

1) Launched in 2015?

At least, that’s what OG Dollars says, so at the writing of this review, they should have been in business for almost 5 years. Fair enough, but when I verified when the website was registered, it only shows July 2019.

So at this point, nobody from before that day could have made any money with OG Dollars, since the website never even existed.

Additionally, OG Dollars also mentions a parent company that has allegedly been around since 2008. Well, what’s the name of the company? If it was so reputable, then why not tell us the name of that company?

The only thing that we can deduce from this is that there isn’t a parent company. Otherwise, they would have told us about it to increase credibility and trust. That’s a sure sign that they are lying and that they shouldn’t be trusted.

2) Fake payment proofs?

Who would have thought, right? They make such big claims and their payment proofs are not even real!

Taking a look a some of those payments, you will see that we can’t even see when those payment proofs were dated on some of them. So how can we be sure they aren’t all made up?

Additionally, didn’t you notice that MOST of the payment proofs on the OG Dollars website are for Tap 2 Earn? Who would trust a company that had the name of another company on their payments?

Definitely not real and that’s a big indication that they won’t pay.

3) Video testimonials – fake?

Unfortunately, even the video testimonials are fake? How do I know? Well, when you sign into the dashboard for OG Dollars, there is a task that pays $50 and it’s to create a video testimonial on Youtube.

So as you can imagine, the people in those testimonials are after the money so they will try their best to create a convincing testimonial. Additionally, that video could also be used to get themselves more referrals and thus, more money.

But nobody actually shows you they get paid, right? Nobody shows you their bank accounts, their Paypals or their Cash Apps. So why would you believe them without proof?

This is an indication that these people are trying their luck out but can’t confirm whether OG Dollars really pays or not. They’re going to be disappointed!


4) Similar to programs like Tap 2 Earn and Paid Leaf

I already mentioned this before, but I would like to add one thing; they are all also similar to another program that exposed called Notion Cash. And it was so bad that the BBB had something to say about it:

Snippet From The BBB.org Website

You can view the whole document HERE.

But basically, what’s happening here is that the person behind all these websites is the same! So they are creating different websites that basically look the same and work the same way.

The main goal of this person or group of people is to get a hold of your personal information, and for what reason? There could be different ones.

The first could be to simply resell to other spammers or scammers.

The second reason could be that they want to spam and scam you themselves.

The third reason could be to hack into your other accounts, like banking or Paypal, especially if you used the same email and password to sign up for your OG Dollars account.

So as you can see, it’s not always about upfront money that scammers can get from you. It could be that scammers are using some other non-obvious or more obscure way of scamming.

Is OG Dollars A Scam?

I definitely think that OG Dollars is a scam. Not only are there a lot of lies about the company, but there are a lot of red flags that indicate it is going to be a big waste of time.

We don’t have any information on the parent company or who owns OG Dollars. It looks similar to other websites that I’ve exposed as scams already and the pay is way higher as compared to other similar legitimate websites.

Moreover, we have the fact that the business model does not make sense. Are they paying people out of their own pockets? That’s not possible because they would be losing money that way and go bankrupt.

And then, you also have the fake payment proofs and fake testimonials. We can’t discard what the BBB has also put out on their own website about another similar website; Notion Cash.

The bottom line is that OG Dollars is a big scam and that it should be avoided.

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Thanks for reading my OG Dollars review. Whatever your experience with the website, I would love to hear about it, as usual. And don’t be shy if you also have questions for me. I’m always open to them!

Lots of Love,



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