OG Task Review – SCAM ALERT! There’s No Pay Here!

og task review

Are you looking for an honest OG Task review? Have you been invited by a friend or somebody else to join this website and are wondering whether it’s a scam or legit? Have you been wondering how it works and whether it pays or not?

Then this is the review for you! Congrats on doing your research unlike so many others who wouldn’t. Well, even if you’ve already signed up with OG Task and are now asking yourself some questions, you will find what you need here.

The truth is that there are too many scams online, more so than actual legitimate websites that work as advertised, so I’m happy that you decided to read my review today.

By the end, you’ll be able to understand what this website really is after and you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether it’s going to be worth your time or not.

OG Task At A Glance

Website: OGTask.com

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: To complete task and refers others

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend OG Task?: NO! It’s a scam, like all its sister websites and it will NOT pay out. Rather, they want to lure you in to sign up and get access to your personal information.

What Is OG Task?

OG Task claims to be a website where you can earn $100 every single day. And the work is not even complicated; all you gotta do is share your referral link on social media and you could make $10 – $15 per referral.

That’s pretty sweet, right? Considering that $100 per day means a full-time income for most people, even in the USA. That’s about $3000 per month!

What you gotta do is simply sign up, share your link or complete offers, and cash out once you’ve had enough to do so. Work from your phone, your tablet, or from your laptop or desktop computer. Pretty versatile, right?

But this just sounds too good to be true, right? Have you ever heard of anybody making $3000 sitting at home, simply by sharing this kind of link on social media? I haven’t!

If it was as easy as that to make money online simply sharing links, then people wouldn’t have been working the traditional job anymore. And in this CoronaVirus crisis, nobody would have been in need of financial assistance.

Moreover, I have to admit that I’ve seen this kind of website before, even offering the same kind of work. I have reviewed them and deemed them to be a scam.

1) BonusJunkies

2) SurveyJunkies

3) Cash Influence

Therefore, being related to those scams is not a good outlook on this website at all. Because of the layout, I already know it’s going to be scam.


How OG Task Works

OG Task says that it is the middleman between advertisers and yourself. They will put adverisers in touch with customers and they will put you in touch with advertisers to make extra money.

That’s all good, but the truth is that without knowing where their income source comes from, you cannot be sure that they are really going to pay you. We have to take a look and see if the business model makes sense.

And unfortunately, it does not make sense with OG Task.

The only way that any money is coming in for this website is through those advertisers. And what they mean by “advertisers” here is the list of tasks that you will need to complete once you sign up. They’ll each pay $30.

It might sound amazing to make $30 per task with this website when you would be lucky to even make $1 with other legitimate websites like Swagbucks, right? But think of the advertiser.

Would they pay $40 with OG Task if they had much cheaper alternatives, like Swagbucks? And Swagbucks has been around for way longer and has a way better reputation. I don’t think they would choose to do business with OG Task, right?

Moreover, it’s not only $30 that OG Task would be charging here, but MORE! That’s not the only thing you get paid for. You also get paid for referrals, for clicks on your referral link and even for simply signing up.

Where is all that money coming from? It has to come from the advertiser, because that’s the only source of income for the website. So how much are they really charging those advertisers? $100?

In my opinion, that’s way too much and OG Task wouldn’t have anybody working with them at this rate. So it must mean that they either will go bankrupt or they will NOT pay out.

The Red Flags That Say It’s A Scam

1) Unknown creator

Let me ask you something. Would you buy a vacuum without knowing the manufacturer? Of course nor! You want to buy something that meets your needs and that you know will be durable for the price, right?

You want something that won’t break after a few uses.

Well, that’s the same thing with this website. Why would you sign up, not knowing who is behind this website and whether or not they are genuine and have a good reputation? Do you know if they have a track record of keeping their promises?

You see, the truth is that, according to my experience, if the creator of a website remains hidden, it means that they have something to hide. Else, why wouldn’t they be proud of creating such a great website and show themselves?

They know that sooner or later, you’ll come to realize that this is a scam and they don’t want to get sued or fined. That’s why they stay hidden. And being anonymous, they can keep creating more scams and not get in trouble for it.


2) Business model makes no sense

I’ve already mentioned this but the business model makes no sense at all. A business should be able to sustain itself. There should be enough money coming in to pay for the expenses, including paying members.

But that’s not what we see happening here.

Though it COULD be possible that all this money is coming from the advertisers, there’s a VERY, VERY slim chance that anybody would pay the amount that OG Task would be asking for, to be able to cover all expenses.

That’s why I do believe that there are actually NO affiliated advertisers and that’s the reason that they will not pay you in the end. The high pay outs are just a lure for you to sign up with them.

3) Lies about creation date

Unfortunately, not only the other sister websites, but Og Task also lies about when they were initially created. When you go to the About Us page, they say that they’ve been in business since 2015.

But this was very easy for me to verify. I went to consult a website called WHOIS and when I inquired, it said the website was only created in January 2020. Take a look below.

So as you can see, they are even lying to you about when they started this business and for how long they’ve been in business. And it’s pretty clera why they would do that.

You see, the truth is that the longer a website has been around, the less likely it would be a scam. That’s because standing the test of time is one of the signs of a legitimate company.

However, you can see here that their attempt at making it look like a 5-year business has completely collapsed around them. What this does is only eliminates the trust that I have towards the website.

It’s turning out to be like the others.

4) Fake testimonials and payment proofs

Now that we know when the website was actually created, we can take a look at when people claim they have gotten paid. Luckily, there were some dates on the payment proofs.

However, take a look below. You’ll find that they were PRIOR to the existence or creation of the OG Task website.

How could anybody have made any money with this website before it even existed?

Moreover, there’s also a testimonial that says they’ve been with the website for over a year. Well again, that’s impossible since a year ago, this website didn’t even exist!

5) They don’t even know where they are located

When you go to the About Us page, the people behind OG Task say that they got started in 2015 in Amsterdam. However, then you look at the complete bottom of the home page, they say that they are located in Houston, TX.

Unfortunately, this is the same thing with other similar websites I’ve reviewed and exposed as scams. It’s like the creator simply copied and pasted one website onto another. They have the same descriptions and mistakes!

A website that has been around for as long as 5 years would know where they are located, right?

6) BBB Warning Message

I did say that there were other similar websites, right? Well, one of them is called Notion Cash and even the BBB got involved with trying to figure out whether they are legit or not.

And unfortunately, they were deemed NOT legit.

As per the BBB, they are only looking to LURE you with high pay outs just to get a hand on your information. And they could do a LOT with that information.

They could either themselves use it to hack into your accounts, like paypal and banking, or they could sell the info to other scammers and hackers. Or, if you complete the offers and surveys, they could use that information to steal your identity.

If you want to read the whole article, you can CLICK HERE. But the bottom line, is that even if OG Task is free to sign up with, it’s not worth the risk.

Is OG Task A Scam?

You already know what I’m going to say about Og Task. Yes, it is a big scam that you should avoid. Nobody in their right mind is going to sign up with a website that has so many serious red flags.

Not only are we, as reviewers, telling you this, but the BBB is also saying the same thing.

The truth is that we don’t know who is behind it but we already know that the same person has been behind other scams that didn’t pay people. Why take the risk and still try to sign up?

The hope to make money fast online really gets people. It makes people just hope that it’ll be true, but a scammer will remain a scammer, no matter how much you HOPE.

They are always here to get as much from you as possible and they will use any means to get it. Just like OG Task that lies so much in order to get you to trust them.

But I hope that my review of OG Task is making you think twice about joining. Because not only will you be wasting your time, but you could also be providing them with personal information that they could use against you.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you what you do, but I think it’s clear that OG Task is a scam.

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Lots of Love,


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