Oma Money Review – Is A Scam? No Payout Here!

oma money review - is a scam

Welcome to my HONEST Oma Money review. Are you wondering whether is a scam or legit? Are you wondering whether they pay out or not? Are you wondering how it works?

Then you’ve come to the right review because I will be exposing this program today. The truth is that it does not work as advertised and there are too many red flags for comfort.

I’ve been coming across a lot of similar websites that will have you do small tasks for big money and to be honest, they turned out to be scams. They were a waste of time and they didn’t pay out at all.

So is Oma Money another scam as well? Read this review until the end so that you can make an informed decision about this website.

Oma Money At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Watch ads to earn

Price: Free to join but will cost you later

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s a scam that will ask you for money and never let you withdraw. Moreover, each time you think you’ve completed the requirements for withdrawal, other requirements will pop up. There are also too many red flags.

What is Oma Money?

Oma Money claims to be a website where you will be able to earn really good money by simply watching ads. For each ad, you’ll get paid $0.10 or 10 cents. The earning potential is from $50 to $300 per day.

Now if you could make that kind of money simply watching ads on the internet, then it would be awesome, right? Just invest 3 – 5 hours everyday and you could make upto twice the income that the average American makes.

I can totally see, with this kind of payment, that this would be the most profitable get-paid-to or GPT site for watching ads. Because take a look at how much people are making.

but how much of what they say is true?

I mean, there are so many GPT sites on the internet and NONE of them actually pay as much as what Oma Money claims to pay you. That is a big red flag in my opinion, as I came across a list of other websites that claim to pay more than their competitors.

1) EZ Bucks

2) Influencers Earn

3) Reward Dollars

And what I found with those websites is that they were luring you in with high payments because they wanted something else from you. Is that how Oma Money is also going to work?

I don’t want to judge a book by its cover so let’s just dive in to see what’s really up with Oma Money.

How Oma Money REALLY Works

Of course, you have to start with creating an account and that’s what I did. However, I didn’t use any of my real information because I have doubts about this website. After that, I was invited to start working.

However, it does not work as Oma Money claims on their home page. What you’re really doing here is inputting captcha. Sure, there are some ads at the bottom of the page, but it seems that you need to input the captcha to confirm you’ve seen the ads.

Each time I completed a captcha, the amount in my dashboard went up by 10 cents.

I tried clicking on the ads and they brought me to websites like Amazon and other electronic stores. I’m thinking that those aren’t really ads but affiliate links because many of the products weren’t actually available.

Who would actually pay to lead you to an expired listing or to a product that they are no longer manufacturing, right?

Affiliate links are links placed there by the creator of the website undoubtedly, where if you make a purchase, the creator of the site makes commissions off of the sale. This is a legitimate way of making money online, however, they’re not really ads.

Ads would be where Oma Money would get paid from other companies so that they can showcase their products and/or services. Each time an ad is viewed, the other company would pay Oma Money and then, Oma Money would pay you your share.

It just seems that Oma Money is just promoting affiliate products for their own gain.

Additionally, I also found out that there isn’t a separate sign up form for advertisers wanting to advertise on Oma Money. If there’s nowhere to apply to advertise, then Oma Money doesn’t really have ads and nobody isn’t paying them.

It seems at this point that they have no revenue. How will they actually pay you then?

The Red Flags – Proof That Oma Money Will Not Pay Out!

1) Unknown creator

The first thing that I always like verifying is who is behind the website, or what company is behind this website. Most of the times, being sponsored by a reputable parent company will give you more reason to trust the website, right?

But unfortunately, there’s no information about who is behind this website and that is a red flag.

Most of the time, what happens is that a scammer will remain anonymous because they know people will realize they are getting scammed and they would want to sue the creator, report them or even get him fined.

By remaining anonymous, the creator is protecting himself from this backlash.

Moreover, he also has the advantage of creating several different scams as well and never be caught. That’s why it’s important to see who is behind a website and verify that they are reputable. You just never know.

2) 10c per ad

This is how much they pay for each “ad” that you’re viewing, right? But when I compare that to other websites, they only really pay $0.001 and sometimes, even less for watching a 15-sec long video.

For example, Clicks Genie pays $0.000336 per 15-sec long ad viewing.

So I don’t think that it’s true that you’re going to be able to make that much per ad with Oma Money, especially since we’ve already discussed they don’t have any real advertising clients.

3) Different requirements popping up

Now, I tried a few captchas after viewing the ads and I was able to get my account up to $10. When I tried withdrawing, it DIDN’T let me know the minimum required until AFTER I put in a – fake – Paypal email address.

So it looks like they are trying to get your personal details here. They might try to hack into whatever account you give.

They then said that the minimum withdrawal limit is $150 to withdraw the money for the first time, after which, the limit will be lowered to $5.

But to tell you the truth, there’s a video by somebody on Youtube who said that even after reaching that threshold, another requirement was revealed; and it was to refer at least 40 people to Oma Money.

With these types of websites, the ones that are legitimate, there’s never an emphasis for you to refer others. So it’s strange that Oma Money would ask for a minimum of referrals.

4) Pay for referrals

Another red flag is that if you don’t want to refer 40 people, that you can pay to get referrals added to your account. NOBODY would ask you to pay for referrals, unless you do it on your own, in the form of ads or something.

I don’t know how that works for them, but the truth is that they will ask you for payment information. They will NOT deduct the amount owed from your earnings, which is what most legitimate website asking for payment will do.

And when you give them your information to pay, you can rest assured that you’re never gonna see that money again, nor will you be able to withdraw your earnings.

5) Wait for 60 days to withdraw money

I’ve NEVER heard of a company that takes 60 days to verify you.Verification can be done whenever a payout is sent. If it is returned or undeliverable, then obviously something is wrong on the receiving end.

How long can that take, a week? Definitely NOT 60 days, I can tell you that much.

Moreover, they say that if you can’t wait the 60 days that you can go ahead and pay them $10, which again cannot be paid from your dashboard balance. They are trying to extract as much money from you as possible and in my opinion, this is how the scammers behind the website are making money.

6) Comments and proofs are fake

With other websites, I have tried leaving comments for help to verify whether the other comments left on the thread were real or not. That’s what I did with Oma Money as well from within my account.

However, when I went to the Oma Money website on a different computer, my comment wasn’t there!

So this can only mean that the comments there weren’t left by real people and that it is all the doing of the person behind Oma Money. All of the testimonials there are made up. Nobody has received their payments.

7) Privacy Policy is missing

Good and legitimate websites will have a Privacy Policy because they want to be transparent about how they will use your personal information. But there’s no such disclosure on Oma Money.

This is actually one of the reasons that I decided not to give out my personal information until I was sure it wasn’t another scam.

However, a website that has a missing legal document such as a Privacy Policy is very dangerous! It means that they can do what they want with your information.

They could use it to hack into your online accounts, like I mentioned earlier. They could sell to third parties, including scammers, hackers and spammers. Or they could use your information to steal your identity and you DON’T want that headache.

Is Oma Money A Scam?

Yes, with the number of red flags, I do firmly believe that Oma Money is a scam. Who would waste their time with such a website, knowing now that it’s total garbage?

On one hand, the website doesn’t have much in terms of revenue, so how are they even able to pay people? You also have the payouts that are much higher than their competitors.

Moreover, we don’t know who is behind the website so we can’t determine whether they keep their promises or not. And then, there’s the fact that different requirements and payments keep popping up.

They are never disclosed. There’s no transparency.

And I also found out that the comments on the Support page are completely fake! My comment was not there when I checked on it.

Oh and what about the fact that the Privacy Policy is missing? Do you want to risk giving them your information and falling into their trap?

I say stay away from Oma Money. I am 100% sure that it is a scam.

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Thanks for reading my Oma Money review. Is a scam in your opinion? Please share your experiences below in the comments section because it will help others avoid this scam.

Lots of Love,


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