One Minute Free Traffic Review – LIES On the Sales Page?

One Minute Free Traffic reviewYou’re looking for an honest One Minute Free Traffic review, right? Well, you’ve found it!

I say this is honest because I do not promote the program, and I am not associated with them nor am I affiliated. So that’s why I will be able to give you an unbiased review of the program to help you make an informed buying decision.

There are too many claims being made here, but are they true? Are you gonna, yet again, fall into a trap or is One Minute Free Traffic really the answer to increase your leads count?

Well, let me tell you that the program does not work as advertised. How, you ask? Here’s all the juicy detail!

One Minute Free Traffic At A Glance


Owner: Matt and John Rhodes

Purpose: Free traffic method to increase leads

Price: $12+

Do I Recommend It?: Although it’s not a scam, I do not recommend it. There are much better alternatives.

What Is One Minute Free Traffic?

The Rhodes brothers, like the creators of the program like to call themselves, claim that the One Minute Free Traffic program is going to show you how to get FREE traffic to your offers on autopilot. There’s not a lot you need to do!

In fact, it will only take 1 – 2 minutes of your time each day for you to become successful with this. You just “set and forget” it. You don’t need a website, you don’t need an email list nor do you need any technical skills to make this work.

In other words, if you’re a newbie, you’re perfect to get started with One Minute Free Traffic.

It works “lightning-fast” as they put it and what they’re also probably implying here, is that your sales will come fast too. Most of the time, you’re looking for traffic, you’re also looking to increase your online income, right?

When I was a newbie, I would have ben delighted to hear that such a strategy existed, however, now that I’m more experienced in making money online and know how it works, I KNOW it just won’t work out like that.

I dabbled in both FREE and PAID traffic and what I know about these ways of getting traffic and sales, is that FREE traffic takes TIME and effort and PAID traffic takes MONEY and effort.

So when they say it’s “lighting-fast” here, I really don’t believe it’s gonna work like that. Additionally, I’ve seen the same claims being made before with other products that I’ve reviewed, and they almost never work as advertised.

They remind me of some other guys like Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong, who created products like El Bandito and The Banger method. They were products that made a lot of monetary claims, but that didn’t really deliver.

It’s not as easy as that to make money online. Notice that I said you need “effort” for both free and paid traffic?

Anyhow, getting traffic to an offer is the hardest part of online business, which is why so many people struggle with making even their first dollar online.

If it was as easy as the Rhodes brothers claim to get traffic, nobody would be doing the rat-race anymore, because they would work 1 minute a day and let their “machines” work on autopilot, right?

No, there is a catch and I am determined to find out what that is.

How One Minute Free Traffic Works

When you sign up for the program, you’ll need to get past the upsells that will each cost around $70. I wouldn’t sign up for these just yet, even if the Rhodes brothers say that they don’t come around again. You’ll understand why soon.

Well, on the sales page, they don’t really tell you what you’re going to be learning, right? There’s a lot of information without actually giving away even a sneak peak of what you’ll be learning.

And that to me, if just unfair! You’re really buying something that you know nothing about. It’s like buying a car, but not being given the details of how it runs. Would you buy a car without knowing this?

What you get in terms of training here is is 22 videos, where the ACTUAL training starts in video #8! So in my honest opinion, he is just beating around the bush in the first 7 videos, to make it seem as if he is giving you value.

The big platform where you can get free traffic, is none other than Quora. If you haven’t heard of Quora, it is a platform where a ton of questions get asked and where the general public (with each their own accounts, of course) is able to answer.

Now, some of these answers are NOT short and many answers require research. Well, that’s why they ask you to only stick to the stuff you know because you don’t want to waste time researching something you don’t know.

And to make things “fast”, you’ll be using a speech-to-text software. So instead of typing your answer straight into Quora, you’ll be talking out loud while the software puts it in text format for you. Once done, you copy and paste that into Quora.

Next, he’ll show you Clickbank and how to link from Quora to Clickbank to make affiliate sales. Clickbank is an online marketplace much like Amazon, that sells digital products. When you link to a product there with your affiliate link and somebody buys the product, you make commissions.

Then, he goes on to tell you how you should really be having a Facebook group and growing it, to then be able to sell them products.

To be honest, this is not really a bad training, but if you asked me whether it was worth the $12, I would say not. That’s why it’s not advisable for you to really get the more expensive products because they might actually not be worth it and you won’t get refunds on them!

The LIES of One Minute Free Traffic

Now that you know what you’re actually getting with your money, let me tell you what I personally think of the training.

Sure, it’s got some good information for those just starting out with affiliate marketing, but don’t expect to get as many views as sales as claimed on the sales page.

If you compare what’s on the sales page and what’s on the inside of the program, you will find that they don’t match. See, you’re supposed to be getting traffic on autopilot from this traffic source and that’s not what will happen with this method.

Sure, with time, as you write more and more answers to questions, more people will click on your links and so on, but you’re not gonna get traffic in one minute.

Additionally, it does not take you one minute to formulate or write down your answers. It might take you upto 20 minutes for one written answer, because you have to formulate it properly so people understand and so that people can trust you.

And they’re not gonna do that with only one-sentence answers followed by a link to buy something, right?

So if you have to take your time with this as well as answer numerous questions every single day with your links, it will take you months and months of hard work in order to start seeing traffic onto your website/landing page/offer.

Additionally, you were also told that you don’t need a website to make this work, but apparently, you do! Especially when it comes to selling Clickbank products.

The thing is that people know a sales page when they see one and if they get there without you warming them up to the product, they will click off and you’re not gonna make any sales.

That’s why so many affiliate marketers fail and that’s why you need a website as a bridge to get them warmed up. You might talk to them about the product, about your personal results with the product, even make a video of the product in action.

THEN you can make an offer to them.

That’s when they’re more likely to BUY from you. But as it stands right now, the training and what’s promised on the sales page is WAY off. It’s not gonna happen as they claim.

Sure, it’s a long-term traffic strategy, but it’s not gonna take you one minute.

Is One Minute Free Traffic A Scam?

I do not think that One Minute Free Traffic is a scam. There might be some people who will disagree with me and call it a scam, since they’re not receiving what they THINK they’re buying, and the sales page is misleading.

But the reason that I do not think that One Minute Free traffic is a scam is because you’re getting SOMETHING for your money, although it’s not worth the price. The training can still be useful to some beginners and to others looking for an additional way to gather leads.

If you take the time to implement what is taught in the training, then you will surely grow your lead numbers over time.

However, just don’t expect it to happen within a day or two, because it will take you HARD WORK over a long period of time to really start getting a significant number of leads only from Quora.

Additionally, also take into consideration that you WILL need to have a website to lead people to, especially if you’re planning to sell something to them. Sending them straight to a sales page is not going to work.

In my honest opinion, this product is really only created to make the creators some money, as well as their affiliates, seeing as I see a lot of people promoting this program, without going through the cons.

I doubt that beginners starting with this method will stick with it very long, which lowers the success rate for me. There are much better platforms to learn how to make money online, with great success rates!

And One Minute Free Traffic is NOT one of them.

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Thanks for reading this One Minute Free Traffic review. What are your experiences with Quora? How soon did you actually start seeing significant traffic from your answers on Quora?

Lots of Love,



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