OPM Wealth Review – Another MLM That Does Not Work?

OPM Wealth review

Were you looking for an honest OPM Wealth review? Well, you’ve just found it!

I say “honest” because I have tried out the program to see what it is about and will give you all the good, the bad and the ugly truth about the program. This is something that you might not get from other reviews because they’re promoting it!

That’s because they make a commission each time you join and might be so heavily biased in their reviews: they will only focus on manipulating words to try and convince you to sign up and pay for the program.

But not me! Yes, I tried the program to as far as I could go and I’m still not promoting it. It’s not worth promoting in my honest opinion, because of the various traps that they set for you.

That should be enough to raise some red flags, right? Let’s find out the truth!

OPM Wealth At A Glance

Website: OPMWealth.com

Creator: Stefan Dessalines

Purpose: Recruit others into OPM Wealth

Price: $2,000+

Do I Recommend It?: NO! Although not a scam, it is overpriced and could do more damage that you think!

What Is OPM Wealth?

OPM Wealth looks like it was created by Stefan Dessalines, although he may be working in partnership with his friend and mentor that got him into the business. That’s a good sign because programs with anonymous creators tend to be scams or so low-quality that you won’t find success.

But Stefan is the one who does most of the presentations and this is what he says; OPM means “Other People’s Money” and it stands for making money not using or risking your own money.

He says that the method taught within the program is the most effective way to make a 6 figure income within the first few weeks of getting started. OPM Wealth will show you the exact steps that he took to become successful online

While I agree that the income potential online is huge, there still are a few red flags to me.

1) He does not explain WHAT the business is about or HOW it works before asking you for your information.

2) There’s nothing wrong with using his income as an example but to say that you could be making 6 figures within the first few weeks of starting the OPM Wealth business is not realistic.

3) While I agree to some extent that not risking your own money might have advantages, there could also be disadvantages depending on WHOSE money you’re using. Like, would be getting yourself in debt?

From what I see, there are some hyped-up claims and some unanswered questions. To me, this already does not start out good.


How OPM Wealth Works

It’s a bummer how Stefan does not explain anything to you clearly before you actually give away your information, right? Well, you don’t need to because I gave away mine so that I can write an accurate review on OPM Wealth.

But basically, you’re asked for your name and your email address, and you also need to create a username and a password. This makes it look like you’re getting to start making money online for free, right?

Haha, don’t be fooled! Out of the 20 videos that is in the member’s area, you only get access to the first 3 and they’re all just INTRODUCTORY and INFORMATIONAL videos about the program and the system.

In other words, that’s where he tells you what the business is about and how it works. At least that’s free, right?

But in short, what you’ll have to do is promote the OPM Wealth business opportunity to others, the same way it was promoted to you. Stefan says that it is a digital franchise but I completely disagree; it’s an online crytocurrency MLM!

That’s because you get paid on different levels, which I will be discussing in another section below.

So basically, what has worked in Stefan’s book is high-ticket sales, meaning, selling items that are worth thousands of dollars. That’s because the commission is usually high on them, upto 100%. He even says that with OPM Wealth, that you could earn upto $27,500 per sale!

So OPM Wealth is obviously also a high-ticket program. They charge so much to be able to pay their members. But wait for it!!!!

What is so valuable as to cost this much, you might ask? Well, the highest OPM Wealth membership. And just like a franchise, you would be required to buy EACH of the membership available to gain the rights of reselling them.

And it has nothing to do with getting more privileges or products, or training. It’s all for the sake of being able to MAKE more per sale.

If you don’t have the money required to pay for any of the memberships, they even have financial solutions in the form of loans. Of course, you’ll need to have a good credit score to get them to lend you money.

And if not, they will help you rebuild your credit score to be able to qualify you later for a loan to be able to start business with them. And these things, my dear friend, will be your downfall!

Actual Business Cost and Compensation Plan

Like I mentioned earlier, there are a few different membership levels. Those are the same membership levels that you’ll need to choose from to initiate your intent to do business with them. And here are your options:

1) Hermes – $2,000

2) Apollo – $5,000

3) Athena – $8,500

4) Poseidon – $14,500

5) Zeus – $27,500

While at any level of the membership, it includes the level below it; meaning that if you choose to buy the Athena package, you will have access to the Hermes and the Apollo packages and will be able to earn from all three.

Naturally, if you get the Zeus package, you would be able to earn from every single level.

This business model reminds me of a few programs that I already reviewed like Easy 1 Up, Desktop Commission System, 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle and The Fearless Momma.

If you sell a membership yourself, you make 100% commission. But you only make 70% commission if you get somebody from the sales team to make the sale for you. That’s still a healthy commission if you ask me!

But remember also how I mentioned earlier that OPM Wealth is not a franchise but an MLM? Yes, they do pay on different levels/tiers.

The first level, meaning people you personally recruit, will buy and sell their “crypto stocks” and you’ll make 60%. On the second level, meaning the second generation recruits, you’ll make 10%.

Switching back to the cost of the program, let me tell you that the money you pay to get the training or the memberships is not the only cost of running the business. You will obviously need to market and advertise it.

And Stefan says that you’ll need a minimum of $5,000 every single month to be able to make the 6 figures in 12 weeks, as promised and if you’re not able to pay that, he says something along the lines of: “If the idea of spending $5k in ad costs every month scares you, then this isn’t for you and you should stop watching and continue being miserable somewhere else.”

Although it’s good to be honest, I get the impression that what he is saying here is that unless you have $5K to invest in ads every single month, you won’t ever become successful.


Pros Of OPM Wealth

1) The creator of the program is NOT anonymous. He is a real person and not a made-up personality or character, unlike so many other programs that I’ve reviewed on this website.

2) There’s detailed information (about 40 minutes of video) explaining how the business works.

3) You can make big commissions.

4) Coaches coach your referrals. You don’t need to even keep in touch with your referrals if you don’t want to.

5) You can improve your credit score.

Cons Of OPM Wealth

1) You don’t get any information about what the business is about or how it works unless you sign up, giving them your personal details and creating an account.

2) It is marketed as a franchise, when it really is an MLM. I think Stefan changes the term here because he knows the negativity around MLMs.

3) There’s no earnings disclaimer. That could also be because of the nature of MLMs; the success rate is EXTREMELY low, at 1 – 2% and he does not want you to know that.

4) This is a “pay-to-play” system, where you HAVE to spend big to make big.

5) It is high-risk because you’re either paying a lot out-of-pocket without any guarantee that you’re gonna make the money back or you’re borrowing a lot of money, money that you DON’T have or CANNOT realistically spend.

6) Although you could improve your credit score, getting a loan (for the OPM Wealth business) that you might not be able to repay due to either the failure of the business or other reasons, will get you back in the credit dumps again.

Is OPM Wealth A Scam?

In my honest opinion, OPM Wealth is not a scam. It is a business model that could work. But I still don’t recommend it.

Not saying that you cannot make money with the program, there is potential, but there are lots of other considerations before you jump in.

The way that OPM Wealth is promoted is something that I do not agree with; you’re told that it is a “franchise” when in reality, you’re signing up for an MLM. I believe that Stefan purposefully changes the term to mislead you.

That’s because MLM’s have a very low rate of success, like I’ve already mentioned. Couple that with the fact that it costs you thousands of dollars to join and given that it is in the crypto-biz, you have an even more heightened rate of risk.

Most people that will find success with OPM Wealth are those that are already in online business and who can spare the money to join the program. They are people who already know how to effectively do online marketing.

These people might also already have a large following too promote to, unlike those that are still newbies who does not understand at all how the online world works.

Stefan also makes you feel like you’re cornered; it’s either you use his business model and spend $5K in ad cost every month to become successful (of which there is no guarantee), or just leave the website to wallow in your misery.

As if there aren’t other methods to making money online!!! That gets my blood boiling!

You can do what you like, but to me, the cons outweigh the pros and so, I don’t recommend OPM Wealth.

Starting An Online Biz Does Not Cost $1000s… Here’s How You Can Start For FREE!

Yes, it’s FREE to get started. And it’s not like the information or introductory crap that Stefan gives you for free.

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The foundation is the most important part and I will ensure that you do that correctly.

Get my free guide now and let’s help you make dollars online. I promise to personally be there every step of the way!

Thanks for reading my OPM Wealth review. Don’t hesitate to share your experiences with the program and how you’ve been treated there, as well as how the credit score improvement and such worked for you. Love hearing from you guys!

Lots of Love,



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