Oucmoney Review – Could OucMoney.xyz Be Real? ALL LIES!

Oucmoney review

You want easy work online that will pay you to at least help you pay the bills, right? And you came across Oucmoney and now want to know whether it’s real or not.

Well, you have landed on the most honest Oucmoney review that you’ll ever find. Because unlike others, I’m not looking to recruit you and convince you to join Oucmoney.

What I want to do is tell you everything that I’ve found out; like what the website is about, how it works, whether it is likely to pay or not, so that you can make an informed decision.

Will Oucmoney waste your time and scam you out of your hard-earned money that you need so much during these difficult times? Find out below.

Oucmoney At A Glance

Website: OucMoney.xyz

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Refer others and view ads to earn

Price: Free to join but they WILL charge you later

Do I Recommend Oucmoney?: Absolutely NOT! It’s a scam that will not pay out. The truth is that they keep adding requirements until you’ve had enough. Then, they ask you for money to withdraw.

What Is OucMoney?

Viewing ads is something that’s pretty easy to do, right? And Oucmoney promises to pay you pretty good money to do it. They’ll pay $0.10 for each ad you view and if you work 3 – 5 hours everyday, you could be making upto $300.

That’s amazing, considering that other competitors pay you a fraction of what Oucmoney is willing to pay right? Like they say, it’s probably the most profitable offer on the market at the moment, especially with the lockdowns.

There are also some payout proofs that show you some people are making it big with this website. They’re making over $400 every single day!

If I didn’t know anything about making money online, I would have fallen for these claims. And yes, they are NOT real. Because think about it; $300 to $400 is actually 3 to 4 times the income that the mass american makes!

If you could make that kind of money simply viewing ads, then everybody would have been rich right now. $400 a day works out to be $12,000 a month and I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty life-changing.

I’ve never heard of anybody making that kind of money simply viewing ads, have you? That’s why I think that those claims on the website are absolutely bogus!

Moreover, I have seen identical websites before and it’s just the name of the websites that change. Those websites are Oma Money and AexMoney. Take a look below and tell me it’s not suspicious.

So as you can see, the person behind Oucmoney has created other sites and they were scams. It’s not a good thing to be associated with them and I’m sure that this one is going to be a stinker.


How OucMoney Works

Obviously, you have to try out a website in order to see whether it works, right? Well, that’s exactly what I tried to do. I have a fake email address that I use for these purposes and a specific username so as not to forget it.

But when I tried signing up for a new account, it looks like they already had my information! It’s really weird because I’ve never signed up with Oucmoney before, right?

However, this has happened to me before when I was trying to review Aex Money and Aon Money, which are identical websites to Oucmoney. My suspicions is that the same person is behind all those websites and they’re using the same server.

That’s why they have the information already.

But anyways, I do think that Oucmoney is going to work pretty much the same as the other ones. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to start work. There will be ads at the bottom and you will need to complete captchas after viewing them.

However, there are some strange things happening. When I tried clicking on some ads, the products show as expired or unavailable. My question is; why would any advertiser pay to advertise an expired or unavailable product?

Makes no sense, right?

That’s when I realized that there actually aren’t ANY advertisers. Nobody would pay for these kinds of ads. And if that’s the case, then there’s no money being paid to Oucmoney. So how are they going to pay you?

Serious Glaring Red Flags To Consider

1) No info about the creator

The first thing that I always look for is the creator of the program. I always want to know whether they can be trusted, whether they are genuine and they are reputable.

And unfortunately, there’s no such information about who created Oucmoney. So how can you trust them? How can you give them your information? How can you say for sure that they will pay you or that they’ve paid people before?

The truth is that there are too many scams and low-quality products on the internet and most of the time, the creators are anonymous. That’s because they know you’ll find out sooner or later that the products don’t work.

They hide themselves so as not to get sued or fined.

Moreover, like we’ve already seen, this gives them the leeway to create scam after scam without ever getting caught for them. So as you can see, it’s a risk and a big red flag!

2) They don’t disclose how they will use your info

Did you want to know how I knew NOT to use my real information to get signed up with Oucmoney? Well, that’s because they don’t have a Privacy Policy.

A lot of people will say that’s not important. It’s just boring legal stuff. But what you have to keep in mind is that a Privacy Policy page will tell you exactly how they are going to use your information.

Since that’s missing here, I didn’t want to sign up with my real information since they could misuse it. They could send me spammy emails to try and scam me, or buy scammy products to make them money.

Or they could sell my information to others who would do the same. So lesson here is that you should never sign up to a website that has no privacy policy.

3) Support Thread is FAKE!

How did I know that? Well, I’ve seen the other identical websites before, right? And what I noticed was that all the comments are the same for all of those websites. Not only the comments but the usernames that commented them as well!

So as you can see, those aren’t real comments or testimonials. They were copied and pasted by the creator of the websites on each and every website. Those comments are there to try and convince you that they do pay out.

However, we’ve already concluded that since no money is coming in, there won’t be money coming out. So don’t believe them!


4) Requirements to withdraw are not transparent

Most GPT websites, like Oucmoney is, will tell you exactly what you need in order to cash out. Most of the time, there’s a minimum that you’ll have to earn in order to do that.

But there’s no such information that is disclosed anywhere on the website, unless you TRY to cash out. This is what happened when I tried to cash out with Oma Money.

I tried the website and earned $10. I put in a fake Paypal email address and lo and behold! A requirement popped up! They were telling me that I needed to have earned at least $150 in order to cash out.

Well, I found this strange because $150 is pretty high threshold for this kind of website. I then decided to dig deeper to see if there are any other requirements and sure enough, there are more!

Once you get to the $150, you’ll need at least 40 referrals. And after you get those, you’ll need to wait 60 days to get paid. Well, unless you choose to give them some money.

5) They end up asking you for money

That’s the big scam sign; asking you for money in order for you to receive your earnings. I mean, if there are any fees to be paid and they have access to your earnings, why not just deduct the fees from that?

Why ask you for a separate payment method?

The truth is that I’ve seen this happen before with Easy Typing Job and with Captcha Club. They ask you for money because that’s how they MAKE their money.

Guess what? You’ll never see that money again and you won’t see your earnings either. They won’t pay.

Is OucMoney A Scam?

Oh yes, it absolutely is a scam! After so many red flags and strange things happening on the website and inside the dashboard, how could anybody trust Oucmoney?

There’s the fact that they are overpaying for such simple work. There’s also the fact that the ads are not even ads and there aren’t any advertisers. Who would pay to advertise a product that’s not even available?

Moreover, there’s the fact that we don’t even know who is behind the website so we can’t confirm how genuine or trustworthy they are. And what about the requirements that are unclear and keep adding up?

The icing on the cake is that they actually ask you for money to get your earnings. They don’t even deduct it from your earnings and need you to pay them using a separate method. That’s seriously the biggest thing to consider.

Believe me, I’ve been online for 2.5 years. These websites don’t work that way. There are more than just a few things that are wrong about Oucmoney that you should seriously consider.

I do strongly affirm that Oucmoney is a scam and that you should avoid it!

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Thanks for reading my OucMoney review. If you’ve signed up with this website and have tried it, let me know what you think below in the comments section. Share your experiences as well as that will help others avoid this scam.

Lots of Love,


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