Paid 2 Post System Review – Make 6 Figures Copy-Pasting?

Paid 2 Post System review

Welcome to my HONEST Paid 2 Post System review. You’ve probably been sent an email about this system or even clicked a link on Facebook promoting this system, and are wondering whether it is a legitimate or not, right?

Well, I congratulate you on doing your research. If you don’t know how making money online works, then it is very easy to get sucked into a program that promises you the moon but that actually does not deliver.

And thanks for choosing my review because I will tell you things and facts EXACTLY as they are, unlike other reviews of this website. They make it sound so good and like you will make a ton of money, but I will reveal the truth for you.

Read until the end so that you can make an informed decision and AVOID getting scammed.

Paid 2 Post System At A Glance


Creator: “David Humphries”

Purpose: Posting links online to earn

Price: $17 + Upsells

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It looks like this program is low-quality and will NOT really teach you how to make money online properly “link-posting”. This is a get-rich-quick scheme that will get you NOWHERE!

What Is Paid 2 Post System?

David is the creator of the Paid 2 Post System and basically, he says that he needs you to post links for him. Apparently, there are so many links to be posted that his team can’t handle it.

That’s where you come in to help him; he wants to offer you a part-time link-posting “job”. Hmmm, don’t you find it strange how he says he wants to give you a “job” but then wants to charge you for it? Something does not seem right.

But anyways, he says that there are so many companies that he is affiliated with and that they are looking for people to simply post links online. Those companies are Amazon, Walmart, Clickbank and so on.

Sure, these are well-known companies, but have you ever actually gone onto their “Careers” page and saw a “link poster” position? I’ve never seen that before and I’ve been online for a few years to be honest. So again, something is fishy.

Moreover, David claims that with this “position”, you’ll be able to work part-time and still be able to generate upto $9K every single month. More red flags pop up in my head because if this is a “job” then I’ve never seen such a salary.

That’s why I don’t think that David is being completely honest with us here. If it was as easy as that to make money online, then everybody would have been doing it. It’s just so easy to copy and paste a link anywhere, right?

But this really does sound too good to be true and the page is so lacking in information that I don’t think David is giving us the full picture.

I’ve reviewed tons of these websites before and I know a scam or low-quality program when I see one. There are just too many red flags for comfort.

The Red Flags EXPOSED! – Don’t Trust What It Says

1) David Humphries – Who is he?

Do you know who he is? Yeah, he is the creator of Paid 2 Post System but WHO is he, really? You expect this guy to be somebody who is well-known online for providing such an important service to big companies, right?


I researched him and I couldn’t find any information about him, not even the name of his company. He WOULD have a company name if big names like Amazon and Walmart are affiliated with him, right? But NOTHING!

I also verified his photo and I found that it is a photo bought from a stock image gallery called AgeFotoStock. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon with these online programs.

Like some of the other programs that I’ve reviewed, like Mass Income Machines, Your Dream Websites, Perpetual Income 365 and so many more, creators of such programs choose to remain anonymous or use a fake photo and name for themselves.

The truth is that if the system was as good as they had promised, then there would be no need to hide their identities, right? Well, the fact that they are hiding means that their program or website will not work as advertised.

Scammers often remain hidden because they know you will eventually catch on. They want to avoid handing out refunds, being fined or even sued. Moreover, it gives them the freedom to keep creating scams without getting caught.

That’s why it’s important to verify the creators of these programs.

2) Lack of information 

Don’t you find it strange that since this is portrayed as a “job” that there isn’t a job posting? What’s in a job posting?

Well, for starters the NAME of the company that’s looking to hire you. There’s also a description of what the company does. There’s a breakdown of the responsibilities of the ideal candidate too.

But there is no such information and the page does not really give you details on how it works.

What are those links? From where do you get them? Where do you post them? What system is used? How much do you get paid per posted link?

And additionally, they expect you to PAY to help them. That’s the best, LOL! Have you ever PAID a company to employ you? Shouldn’t be the other way around, where YOU get paid to do the job?

3) Fake scarcity

We know that there is a limited number of spots for a “job” position, right? But does it feel like that to you, now? To me it doesn’t.

However, I’ve seen the “limited number of people can be accepted” claim just too many times on the internet. David even says that the website will get shut down within the next few hours.

Well, I think that this is simply BS. He just wants to make you think that you’re going to miss out on the BEST opportunity if you click away from the website.

But the truth is that if you come back tonight or even in a week, you’ll see the website will still be up, if it hasn’t been been up for a long-time already. Don’t spend money on these types of programs hastily because that’s what they WANT.

Take your time and weigh your pros and cons. Most of the time, with these websites, the CONS are way more than the PROS.

4) Easy money claims

That’s basically what David is claiming, right? Work part-time with them and make upto $9K every single month.

If people could simply work part-time online simply posting links God knows where, and make $9K every month, there would be MANY more millionaires on the planet, don’t you think so?

We are going through this hard time right now due to the COVID-19 crisis and so many people are struggling financially because they lost their jobs. Don’t you think THIS would solve their problem?

Why isn’t everybody boasting about working part-time online, posting links, and making $9K every month?

That’s because nobody is actually doing this work and even if somebody is doing it, they’re not making $9K every month. That’s why these programs are called “get-rich-quick” schemes, because they’re “schemes”. They don’t actually WORK.

The only person who’s making money here is David, by asking you to pay the $17 to get access to this so-called “job” you’re not supposed to pay for anyway.

5) Earnings proofs

Now, some people might come out and say, “Hey, no matter what the red flags are, people are still making money with this. There are earnings proofs on this page.”


Sorry to burst your bubble, but the proofs aren’t anything special. You should actually take those proofs with a grain of salt because it is SUPER easy to fake those proofs.

Look, I work with ClickBank and that’s one of the income proofs showed. If you go to Youtube and search for something like “how to fake ClickBank earnings”, there are a ton of videos that are going to pop up. Just watch one of them.

You’ll be convinced.

That’s why I wouldn’t believe any kind of earnings that these FAKE people post. It’s too easy to fake their income proofs too.

How The Paid 2 Post System Works

Admittedly, there’s a BIG lack of information on the Paid 2 Post System page, right? There’s just no information that David gives us, except that this will be a “job” where you will be required to post links.

There’s no information on how this works at all.

However, because of my experience with these online programs, I have an idea of what they could be referring to. And that’s Affiliate Marketing.

I have this feeling because ClickBank is an affiliate network and Walmart and Amazon have affiliate programs too.

Thankfully, Affiliate Marketing is a very legitimate way of making money online. I know this because I am an affiliate marketer myself. It’s true that you need to post links but it does NOT work the way that David promises it to work.

You see, you might be under the impression here that you’ll get paid a certain amount by simply posting a link where they tell you to, but the truth is that’s not how you’ll get paid.

You won’t get paid simply copying the link and pasting it in an email or on your Facebook profile, for example.

People need to click through the link and actually BUY the product behind the link in order for you to earn anything at all. And getting people to buy is pretty tricky.

click on link

Do you think people are stupid to just click on any link on the internet and buy what’s behind the link, without thinking whether they need it or not? You wouldn’t do that, right?

Well, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. What else do you need to do in order to get people to buy?

Now do you understand the amount of work that is required? You need to find a way to get TRAFFIC to those links and not only traffic, but HIGH-QUALITY traffic. People that are actually looking for the stuff you are offering through the link.

And in my experience, most times, these programs will not show you how to effectively get high-quality traffic. You can try posting links on social media all you want, but without knowing HOW to attract the RIGHT people, you won’t make anything.

Additionally, most of these programs will show you how to get PAID traffic (like banner ads, Facebook ads and even Solo Ads) and that’s not recommended for a beginner, unless you have money to experiment.

Usually, you’ll need a few hundreds of dollars to test the waters for different ad campaigns and then choose the one that works the best. You’ll then need thousands to scale it up and to make a decent profit, like that $9K per month income.

So, don’t you wanna think twice before buying Paid 2 Post System?

Is Paid 2 Post System A Scam?

To answer this question, it really depends on what you THINK is a scam. If a program that gives you nothing in return for your money is a scam to you, then Paid 2 Post System may not be a scam.

However, if a scam to you is a program that is shady and that does not work as advertised, then Paid 2 Post System is definitely a scam. Even I consider Paid 2 Post System a scam because they portray something but it’s different on the inside.

I would never actually recommend a program that is not upfront with you about how it all works, because chances are that they are trying to manipulate your thinking to just get you to buy. They don’t care about anything else but your money.

Moreover, there’s also the fact that the CEO completely lies to us about his identity. The photo he uses is fake. And now you know even income proofs or payment proofs can be faked as well.

What’s really TRUE about this website that you can verify? I don’t have anything.

Some others will argue with me that there is a money-back guarantee. But that too is cloudy. At first, he says that he will give you 60 days hassle-free refund through ClickBetter, an affiliate network, but then says you only have 5 days to try out the website.

I seriously would stay away from Paid 2 Post System because of the various red flags and the lies. To me, Paid 2 Post System is a scam. But the rest if up to you.

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Thanks for reading my Paid 2 Post System review. I know that you might have tried it and if you have, then please leave a comment below, telling us about your experiences. This would really help others make an informed decision.

Lots Of Love,


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