Paid Leaf Review – WARNING! It’s Not As It Seems!

Paid Leaf review

Welcome to this honest Paid Lead review.

You may have received an invite to join this program either through social media or a link you received in an email. Well, for me, it was more somebody asking me to review it and asking me if it is a scam or whether they could really earn with it.

I always love to discover new ways to earn that I can show to help my readers too, so it’s a wonderful opportunity for me. Is it such a great opportunity for you to make money with though?

Congrats on taking the time to research and to do your homework. This is important beyond measure and I’m glad that you’re doing it for yourself.

If you’re looking for the answers, I’ve got them all in this review. So read until the end to make an informed decision. I can tell you, it’s not gonna be pretty to see!

Paid Leaf At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money referring others and completing small tasks

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE! It’s a mass data harvesting scam!

What Is Paid Leaf?

Paid Leaf is self-proclaimed to be the #1 Influencer Network that you can use to make a ton of money online, as much as even $500 per day. There are just 3 steps to get started; sign up, refer others for $10-$15 per sign up and cash out.

If you’re not the referring type of person, you can also complete small tasks inside the member’s area to earn so there’s something for everyone. There are even some testimonials that claim they’ve made thousands of dollars.

And who would be skeptical here? Paid Leaf claims to work with the big brands, like Wendy’s, Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts. So why am I skeptical, you ask? Why do I think that it’s gonna finish badly?

Well, the first fact is that this is a get-paid-to website, similar to SwagBucks and other survey websites like Survey Junkie. But they don’t pay so much for referrals and completed tasks.

For example, you have the $25 sign up bonus with Paid Leaf and I’ve really only actually seen a sign up bonuses of up to $5. So what is Paid Leaf playing at?

Another thing that I can’t help but notice is that the layout is exactly the same as some other programs I’ve reviewed before, like Referral Pay, Notion Cash and Clout Pay. They all turned out to be scams, by the way.

So I can’t ignore all the similarities between these programs because it might just mean that the person behind them is also behind Paid Leaf as well and if that’s the case, then Paid Leaf is nothing but bad news.

Let’s make sure, shall we?

How Paid Leaf Works

In order to really understand whether a website is legit or not, we need to first find out how money is being made and from where. And that’s just what I did when I dug into the Paid Leaf website.

And unfortunately, it works exactly the same way as Referral Pay and the others.

They say that the way money is made is through you bringing in visitors that view ads or click on ads inside the member’s area from those big companies they are affiliated with. The more referrals you bring, the more money they make.

They then pay you from the money they receive from those ads.

But what does not make sense, is that you get paid as soon as referrals are signed up, and that’s before the referral has taken action on the ads, the tasks and so on. But my question to you is, how is that a sustainable business model?

Let’s say you refer me. You immediately made $10 – $15, right? But what if I don’t take any action? I don’t view any ads and I don’t click on any ads and I don’t complete any offers or tasks.

Paid Leaf isn’t making any money, right? So how are they able to pay you without me making them any money? You understand now what I mean?

It’s not a sustainable business model because they are paying out before making the money, which leads me believe that they have no intention of paying anybody at all. Sure, you might see the numbers go up in the member’s area, but it’s a different story when it comes to paying.

And why do I think that they won’t pay you? Let’s look at the warning signs.

Red Flags and Warning Signs

Unfortunately, there are too many red flags and warning signs for me to ignore. I really don’t like writing negative reviews but I need to let you know when a program really isn’t as it seems.

I’ve been scammed and the mission of my website is to make sure others are able to avoid scams and get to know products that actually work. I can tell you, Paid Leaf is a scam because of the following reasons:

1) Unknown creator

When we look at the About Us page, there’s no information on who or which company, if any, actually founded Paid Leaf. If that information were given, then that would create more trust and credibility, don’t you think?

I would feel more comfortable actually knowing that a real, honest and sincere person is behind the program and I would be more at ease with actually trying the program. It make sit easier to research the person to know that they KNOW what they’re doing.

But the fact that we don’t know who is behind the program makes it look like all the other scams out there, where the scammer is hiding his identity in order not to be discovered, sued and jailed.

He could then create multiple scams and nobody would be the wiser as to who is behind it and nobody would be able to catch him.

2) Too similar to Referral Pay

Referral pay review

If you take a look at my review of Referral Pay, you’ll see that the layout of both websites are the same, the way to make money is the same and Referral Pay also claims to be the #1 Influencer network.

If you take a look at Referral Pay reviews on Youtube, you’ll see that people haven’t actually gotten paid and since we don’t know who the creator of either website is, we can safely conclude that it’s the same person for both.

If that person didn’t pay members on Referral Pay, then why would he ever start paying people on Paid Leaf now? It’s not gonna happen.

So what do the scammers gain, specially if signing up is free? It’s your information and that’s very dangerous for you!

They want your name, your address, your phone number, your email, your date of birth, anything they can get their hands on. They will then either sell your information for money, spam you with scams and offers or simply steal your identity.

You don’t want EITHER of those, do you?

3) Lies – Paid Leaf was not founded in 2015

Are you shocked that there’s actually a big lie to your face? The people behind Paid Leaf say that it was founded in 2015 but I’ve got some actual evidence to show you that this isn’t the case.

You see, I went to the website to check out when the website was actually created and it shows me a registration date of Aug 23, 2019. Take a look!

So no, they have NOT been in business for as long as they claim. They are lying because they want to build credibility and trust, conning you into thinking they’ve been online for a while and therefore, they couldn’t be a scam.

Don’t buy into that!

4) Made up Income Proof

Now that we know when Paid Leaf was actually created, we can now take a look at the income proof dates to see if they make sense and unfortunately, they don’t!

Take a look at dates of the below proof. NOTHING is after Aug 23, 2019. Everything is BEFORE that date.

But how can anybody have been making money with the website if it was only created on Aug 23? It does not make any sense.

So the only conclusion that we can draw here is that the proofs are all made up.

5) Fake Video Testimonials

Okay, let me start by saying that not all of them are fake but they’re not real testimonials either. Let me explain.

Some of the people doing the video testimonials are actually PAID actors hired from a website called! They’ve never actually tried Paid Leaf and have never made money from the website. They’re not real members.

They were just paid to read from a script the scammer gave them to con you. Want some proof?

And what about the other videos, the other positive testimonials on the website that are from real people and not paid actors? Well, they’re not real testimonials either.

That’s because when you become a member of Paid Leaf, one of the tasks is to create a video testimonial for Paid Leaf, for which you get paid $30. And that’s what those people did.

They took up the task in the hopes of getting paid for their efforts, which is obviously, never gonna happen.

All they do is actually just talk about the program, but nobody ever gives any proof of receiving payment; no Paypal account and no cheque to show that they’ve received the money. So, how can you even believe them?

Is Paid Lead A Scam?

Oh Paid Leaf is a complete scam, especially since I just proved to you that everything they tell you is fake.

They won’t pay as much as they say they will because they can’t afford it. If they did, then they would go bankrupt because their business model does not make any sense.

Then, there are the red flags. The first one is the fact that we don’t know who founded the company and this, we can’t really trust them to really know what they’re doing and for paying us. Having a good track records helps increase trust but they don’t use that.

You also have the fact that it is too similar to another program called Referral Pay that I reviewed earlier and that turned out to be complete scam that just never paid its members. If the same person is behind Paid Leaf, then you won’t either.

Afterwards, there’s the fact that they lie to you about the foundation of the company, saying they were founded in 2015, when the website is only 2 months old.

And what’s up with the fake payment proofs? Their dates are BEFORE the website even existed., which makes them completed fake.

Let’s also not forget the fake video testimonials that are half by paid actors and half by members who have themselves gotten conned and never received payment. Paid Leaf is just cruel!

Now we found out that the main reason for the website is to steal your identity, sell your information or even just to spam you with scammy offers so the creator can make money for himself.

There’s really no positive to the program that I can see, so my suggestion is to stay away from Paid Leaf. I wholeheartedly believe that it’s a scam!

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Thanks for reading this Paid Leaf review. If you’ve tried Paid Leaf or any of the other programs I mentioned and found that they haven’t paid you and are indeed scams, please share your experiences below as they can help others.

Lots of Love,


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