Paid Nova Review – Scam Exposed! They Won’t Pay You!

Paid Nova Review

If you’re looking for an honest Paid Nova review, this is it!

I’m not here to push you to sign up with Paid Nova, and neither am I here to mislead you. I’ve been exposing scams for a while and today, I will be exposing Paid Nova to you.

You see, there are too many scams on the internet and you can never know what those scammers are after, even if a program is free! So that’s why there is a big chance that Paid Nova is a scam too.

Well, let me tell you that this is where it’s heading, since I found some red flags and evidence that Paid Nova might be a scam. Read this review until the end to make an informed decision.

Paid Nova At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money referring others

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend it?: No! It’s a big data-harvesting scam!

What Is Paid Nova?

Paid Nova is self-claimed to be the only Influencer network that can make you “RICH”. Work for them and you can make $300 starting today. There’s even a $25 sign up bonus, which is practically unheard of.

Well, that’s why Paid Nova is so suspicious, because similar legitimate companies, like SwagBucks and even Survey Junkie, do not offer such high sign up bonuses, the maximum being $5 only!

Additionally, there’s also the fact that they claim you can make $300 today! I could laugh because they’re really taking people for a ride here. The truth is that making $300 per day is possible, but is not as easy as they make it seem.

And again, when compared to other websites, where you can make about $10 – $20 per day, $300 per day is really excessive. Don’t you find it too good to be true?

When something seems too good to be true, then it usually is, so tread with caution!

Another red flag is the fact that I’ve seen similar claims being made before on other websites that I’ve reviewed, namely Paid Leaf, Clout Pay, Tap 2 Earn and so many others. And what’s worse, is that they have been exposed as scams!

Even the layout and the way that the websites work are all the same.

So it’s a bad thing that Paid Nova is already being associated with these bad scams, because this suggests that the same person who were behind those scams, could possibly be behind Paid Nova as well.

And if those were scams, then Paid Nova possibly could be one too. If you’ve signed up for any of those websites, including Paid Nova, I suggest that you go back to all your accounts using the same email and to change the email there.

That’s because according to the BBB, these website are mass data-harvesting websites that are looking to grab a hold of your personal information and to sell it to other spammers and scammers.

They could even use that information, like your email and even your password to get INTO the Paid Nova/Paid Leaf accounts, in order to try and hack your other accounts. So go change your passwords immediately.

How Paid Nova Works

In order to understand whether a website is a scam, you need to understand the way it works, and how it makes money. That’s because if they make money legitimately, then you know that you won’t have a problem getting paid either.

And you’ll also know that they are operating a legitimate business model. You want to verify that just in case because you could yourself get caught promoting a scam and get fined!

So the way that Paid Nova is saying you’re gonna get paid here, is by referring others to the platform. When you do that, the more traffic you’re bringing to the platform and the more money that the website makes from ad revenue.

That’s the first way they say they make money, but let’s a closer look at that.

Do you see any ads on their home page, or any other page on the website? I certainly don’t! And there aren’t any ads on the inside of the members’ area either. So where are the ads and where is the money coming from?

As you can see, this does not make sense. The claims is false!

Another way they say they make money is through sponsorship products. Well, Paid Nova sponsoring products means that they’re getting paid to promote products to people. Are they planning to promote something to you then?

Is that how they make money?

But I thought that we were supposed to be MAKING money from this website and not SPENDING. Isn’t that so contradictory?

Additionally, they never say that completing tasks is mandatory, but they make it mandatory inside the members’ area. You need to get a certain number of clicks, of referrals AND complete a certain number of tasks.

This is WAY different than what is advertised, isn’t it? This really does not make me want to trust Paid Nova.

Proof That Paid Nova Won’t Pay You! – This Is Important!

Even if there was some contradiction, as long as Paid Nova actually paid you, it would all be fine, right? However, that’s not what’s gonna happen.

You see, I found some disturbing facts about Paid Nova that you should take into consideration. I personally thing that these proofs make Paid Nova a complete waste of your time.

They simply won’t pay!

1) Fake Payment Proofs

The first fact that you need to consider, is all the payment proof that is posted on the website. What I’ve seen in the past, with other similar websites, is that the payment dates were BEFORE the website was even created.

How can anybody get paid from a website that didn’t even exist yet, right?

Is that the case with Paid Nova? Unfortunately, yes! Take a look at the below. You will find that the creation date of the Paid Nova website is October 30, 2019.

And now, take a look at the dates on the payment proofs: they’re all PRIOR to October 30th!

So as you can see, the payment proofs are all fake and made up. This is a proof that nobody has actually gotten paid from Paid Nova and that you won’t get paid either.

2) Association with other Scams – Paid Leaf and LiteBucks for example

You’ll find all over the website, that Paid Nova makes reference to Paid Leaf and LiteBucks, both of which have been exposed on my website and on my Youtube Channel. This is proof that the same person behind those programs, is also behind Paid Nova.

In that case, let’s take a look at the payment history of Paid Leaf for example. Here’s a screenshot from the comments section of my Youtube review of Paid Leaf.

As you can see, a lot of people are saying that it is a scam. Some people have tried it out and their payment is pending. Other people’s accounts are being shut down.

So what happens is that when you try to cash out, they will give you a date when the money will be delivered to your account. When that date comes, the money is not released and your account is shut down for fraud.

Yes, even if you did everything correctly!

Again, nobody was able to prove that they got paid at all with Paid Leaf or with LiteBucks. What makes you think that Paid Nova will pay you?

Is Paid Nova A Scam?

In my honest opinion, I do think that Paid Nova is a big scam. You already knew that, since I’ve already mentioned my alarm bells going off due to various reasons.

The big amount that they claim to be paying people is the first red flag. Similar websites don’t pay as much as Paid Nova claims to pay people. Making $300 per day is not easy to make, and is VERY HARD to achieve with similar get-paid-to websites, like SwagBucks.

That was the first one.

Then, you have the fact that the Paid Nova creator LIES to you about the creation date of the website. It’s not been in business since 2015. The website was only created less than a month ago, at the end of October.

And when we take that into consideration and compare the date to the those payment proofs, the more things don’t make sense; those payments were issued even before the creation of the website. Paid Nova didn’t even exist!

The third fact that drew me to conclude early that Paid Nova is a scam, is that it is similar to other websites that I have reviewed and exposes as scams in the past. The layout and the kind of work is the same as Paid Leaf and LiteBucks.

And what a coincidence that these two websites are actually mentioned on the Paid Nova Website, which proved even further that the same person behind those programs is the same with Paid Nova.

That really drew the last line for me! Nobody actually got paid with Paid Leaf or LiteBucks so why should anybody trust Paid Nova? There are just too many red flags and actual evidence that are pushing me further away.

So now you know, Paid Nova is a BIG scam and you should really avoid it!

Here’s Why You’re Not Making Money Online and I AM!

You see, I could give you a bunch of websites that are similar to Paid Nova and sure, you’ll make a few dollars every single week working full-time, but would that really be worth your time?

I don’t want to waste your time or mine, so that’s why I don’t even promote similar programs even though they are legitimate. I believe that you could be spending your time way more wisely and building a business that will give you hundreds of dollars every week.

Isn’t that better?

Well, how you can do that is following in my footsteps. I make money online doing affiliate marketing and it’s really an easy concept to understand; just find solutions to people’s problems and when they buy it, you make commissions.

It’s a win-win situation, right? And it actually works!

And what you’re doing that way is also, building trust with people. When that happens, they buy even more from you! Wanna learn how you can also start an affiliate marketing business for FREE?


You’ll receive a detailed guide immediately after requesting it and you’ll also receive a FREE 6-Day course. You’ll also even get FREE access to the platform that taught me how to do this business. Isn’t that great?

There’s also a whole lot of value because I also share tips and tricks on how to make money online in general. So don’t miss out and get my free guide now! Let me help you make your first legitimate dollar online!

Thanks for reading this Paid Nova review. What have been your experiences with this website? I would love to hear from you. Just leave your comments, thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

Lots of Love,



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