Paid2Share Review – You Won’t Make Money With This!

paid2share review

Are you looking to make money online with Paid2Share but are wondering whether it’s a scam or legit, how it works and whether you’re even gonna get paid with it?

Well, this HONEST Paid2Share review is going to give you all the details that you’re looking for and maybe even more. The truth is that there are so many scams online, even if they are free to sign up with.

I’ve seen a lot of websites actually have you sign up for free because they are looking for something else. Is Paid2Share also such a website or is it going to be a legit one, that will actually work for you?

Read this review until the end if you want to know the UGLY truth about Paid2Share. I won’t hold off on any of the information. You’ll know by the end whether this is a good website or not.

Paid2Share At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Simply refer others using a referral link and complete tasks

Price: Free to join but it’s a big headache, believe me!

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s a scam and you shouldn’t sign up for it. They won’t pay you and will actually be gathering your personal data in order to use it themselves to scam you or hack your online accounts or they might even sell it.

What Is Paid2Share?

Paid2Share claims to be the #1 “Earning” Network and it says that you can earn money from anywhere; from work, from home and even from school. What are they trying to say here? That this is also for students?

But anyway, you receive $50 as a sign up bonus and $25 for each person that your refer to the platform. Even if some people don’t sign up, you still get $2 if they click on your referral link.

This sounds like an easy way to make hundreds of dollars per day, right?

And from some of the testimonials, I was able to find out that there are surveys that you can complete and others tasks as well within the members area. So this pushes me to believe that this is a get-paid-to or GPT website, just like Swagbucks.

To be honest with you though, this is not the first time that I’m seeing this kind of website. I’ve reviewed probably around 20 websites that look and work the same as Paid2Share and a few of them are:

1) EarnBucks

2) ZoanCash

3) MoreCash

4) UltraCash

5) Notion Cash

And unfortunately, they all turned out to be scams that didn’t pay their members. I have a feeling that it’s going to be the same for Paid2Share because I recognize a lot of the same red flags as the others.

Moreover, if it was as easy as that to make so much money, then everybody would have been doing this kind of work from home, right? Especially during this CoronaVirus crisis.

But you’re not hearing of anybody becoming rich completing surveys, right?

So that’s why I do think thjat Paid2Share is just a sister-website to the others, probably even created by the same person. If they never paid out before, why would they start now?

How Paid2Share Works

Well, I looked around on the Paid2Share website and it looks like the work is again, similar to the scammy websites that I have reviewed before. You will need to sign up and grab your referral link from the inside of the dashboard.

You will then need to paste it on any social media account that you have. When people click on it, you make $2. When people sign up using the link, you make $25 per person.

But not only that, but you also get paid to complete tasks, offers and surveys on the inside of the dashboard and it looks like you’re gonna get paid $50 each upon completion.

That’s a lot more than similar GPT websites and that’s one of the red flag. Where are they getting the money to pay out so much? Sure they want to be competitive but THIS competitive? I don’t think so.

There’s something that’s not right here. What we need to do is to take a look at HOW Paid2Share makes their money in the first place to see whether realistically, they can cover all of these expenses for themselves.

So I dug around again and I found out that the only way the website makes any money is through having you complete the tasks. When you complete them, Paid2Share gets paid from their partners and they pay you your share.

But your share seems to be really high at $50, right? It sounds amazing to be able to get paid that much for 5-10 minutes of work, but can you imagine how much the PARTNERS are actually paying to keep Paid2Share afloat?

Let’s add it all up; $2 per click, $25 per referral, $50 sign up bonus and $50 per task. And not to forget that Paid2Share, if they are a legit company, needs to pay its employees and their maintenance fees.

Is Paid2Share charging over $100 per task, then? That’s the only way comes in for the business, so that’s gotta be it, right? But that’s too much compared to the couple of dollars that Swagbucks asks for.

Why would anybody want to do business with Paid2Share if they have Swagbucks as an option? Moreover, Swagbucks is more reputable and has been around for longer.

Nobody would want to do business with Paid2Share and if that’s the case, then there’s no way that Paid2Share is making any money. So how can they even pay you?

Red Flags – It’s A Scam And Won’t Pay Out!

1) We don’t know who is behind Paid2Share

That’s right. They never tell us anything about who created this website or what company is backing up Paid2Share. How can you trust somebody you don’t know?

Most of the time, from experience, I have come across websites that don’t disclose their creator and they have been scams or so low-quality that it was impossible to use those websites and profit from them.

The truth is that they know sooner or later, you’ll find out that they are scamming you, so you would want to complain about them, to get them fined or sued. So why would they disclose who they are if that’s gonna get them in trouble?

Of course they want to remain hidden so they can get away with it. Additionally, scammers often remain anonymous or create fake personalities for themselves in order to be able to create more scams and not be caught.

That’s why you need to be careful of a program that has a hidden creator.

2) They lie to you about the launch date

They tell you that Paid2Share was launched in 2015 but that’s pretty easy to confirm. You see, there is a website called WHOIS that tracks when a website was registered.

When I went to consult it for Paid2Share, I found that it was actually created at the start of March 2020!

So this is a pretty big lie to tell, right? But why would they lie? That’s because the longer a website has been around, the more we tend to trust them, right? That’s because the longer a website has been around, the less likely that it is a scam.

Well, this is not happening here. The trust factor goes way under the ground now, doesn’t it? How can you trust them with 1) not disclosing who they are and 2) not being upfront with you about when they were launched?

3) The payment proofs and testimonials are fake and made up

Now that we know when Paid2Share was launched, we can take a look to see whether the proofs and the testimonials are real or not. That’s the most important thing indicating whether Paid2Share actually pays out or not, right?

Well, what I found out was that one of the proofs actually has a January 2020 date on it.

But how can anybody have gotten paid prior to March 2020? Paid2Share didn’t even exist yet. There are other payment proofs that have no dates on them. They just say “today” but is there any guarantee that they were AFTER the creation date?

Moreover, one of the testimonials says that they have been with Paid2Share for over a year or something, but again, how could anybody have worked for this website since 1 year ago when it didn’t exist?

That’s why I do believe that the proofs and the testimonials are completely fake and made up. I mean if there’s photoshop, then you can make any changes you want.

They’ve never paid anybody and they won’t pay you either.

4) Weird Contact Us page

They do say that you can contact them on Instagram, but there is also a Contact Us page. However, it’s REALLY weird! The whole sentence does NOT make sense!

What has this website got to do with a “patient”? I have no idea!

This line might have been copied and pasted from somewhere, maybe another scammy website and somehow ended up here in error. As you can see, scammers will never be truthful and they lie so much that they’re bound to make a mistake one day or another.

That’s exactly what happened here with Paid2Share.

Is Paid2Share A Scam?

What do you think, with all these red flags? I really do think that Paid2Share is a scam because of them. How can you trust them with all these lies? Have you ever had a reputable company lie to you so much?

I mean, they hide who is behind the website. We don’t even know who the CEO is. The next thing is that they lie to you about the launch date of the website. They claim to have been in business for 5 years, but it’s only been a month.

Then, they try to con you with fake payment proofs and testimonials. They’ve never actually paid anybody from Paid2Share and neither from ALL the others similar scammy websites they created before.

And what’s the deal with the Contact Us page? Again, this website has NOTHING to do with “patients”. The scammer has lied so much that they don’t even know which website is for what, I guess.

Anyways, the most important thing is that we have identified that Paid2Share is a scam. I would suggest avoiding the website! Like many of the other similar websites, they want your personal information to sell to others scammers.

Or they could also use the information themselves to hack into your online accounts, like Paypal and your online banking or even attempt to steal your identity.

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Thanks for reading my Paid2Share review. If you’ve had experience with this website, comment below to let us know how it all went. Share with us because this will help a lot of others avoid this scam.

Lots of Love,


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