Passive Income Formula Review – Not As Passive As You Think!

Welcome to my honest Passive Income Formula review.

Yes, there are too many scams and low-quality products on the internet so when it comes to make money online programs, you’re being smart to find find out more before investing in the program that only “seems” to be good. It’s really only when you find out what’s inside that you’ll be able to make an informed decision, right?

Well, within this review, I’ll compile everything that I found out about the program and I will be teling you, based on my experience, whether the strategies taught within are going to work or whether you’re likely to only be blowng your money on it.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Passive Income Formula At A Glance


Creators: Samuel Cheema/William Twiner/Edwin Mik

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing

Price: $11.12+

Do I Recommend It?: Nope!

What Is Passive Income Formula?

The sales page says that the formula is going to teach you how to build “passive income machines” that have the power to bring in $100+ each every single day. You won’t have to work over 45 minutes a day and the method is so easy that any newbie will be able to follow the steps and make money.

The points that seem really interesting are the fact that you’re going to be making money on 100% autopilot once an income machine is set up and the other fact is that you won’t have to pay for traffic! A free traffic mehod is included. Oh and they also make sure to say that this theory has been proven.

Are these all really true? Because all I see on the sales page is hype and promises so many other gurus and vendors like them make, only to disappoint you inside the members area. These vendors make the process look so easy when there is much more involved to make money online.

If all we needed really was 45 minutes a day and an investment of $11, then anybody would be able to do it. Why then are most people still struggling to make ends meet? Why are people still working for companies and bosses that they hate? Why would they need to grind away for 8 hours a day if only 45 minutes could replace their daily income?

I’ve reviewed a ton of make money online programs and I can tell you that programs with similar sales pages, like The Lost Code and SuperSonic, either didn’t work as advertised or asked me for more money. There’s usually more work that is involved as well, such that it will take you longer than 45 minutes a day to see results.

Another thing that I know for sure is that an online business NEVER works on 100% automation. Some tasks can be automated but there is a lot that you have to do on a daily basis to maintain the business or to get better performance. 

These sales pages only make things look easy to get their programs sold. They don’t really care whether you succeed or not and I’ll prove it to you in this review.

How Passive Income Formula Works

When I first got to the member’s area, it looked like you get a lot of information and that’s always a good thing. But unfortunately, the reality of things is that you only get what you pay for. You pay $11.12, you won’t get any more value than that.

The training is geared towards showing you a method of doing affiliate marketing. That’s a way of making money online where you promote other people’s products and each sale that you bring will make you a commission.

You’ll learn how to pick out affiliate offers and to get approved for them within different affiliate networks, like WarriorPlus and JVZoo. You’ll learn how to create offer pages for them, how to pick out keywords so you get ranked in the search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

You’ll even get a list of keywords from them which I think is a good idea and not so good at the same time. It’s only good for people who got started with the program early on because there isn’t a lot of competition with those keywords. As time goes and more people use them, you’ll have a hard time ranking for them.

There’s also training on how to add bonuses to make your offer more attractive. You’re also gonna get some tools that these guys use, which are going to be PAID tools that you’ll need to buy. They don’t mention anything about that on the sales page, but it’s your choice whether you want to get them or not.

Some don’t have a free trial so you might not have a choice.

You’ll also be taught a little bit about creating your own website and blogging in order to have more chances of being ranked but in my opinion, this training lacks a LOT of the information that you would need to make blogging successful for you.

You also have some short case studies, which to be honest, I wasn’t very impressed with. 

BEWARE! It Does NOT Work As Advertised!

Although this method could work in theory, this training will not actually work in real life. There are just way too many factors that will affect your results, especially if you’re a newbie. What you always have to remember is that these people are not beginners and they’ll know how to rectify anything.

The first thing that you have to absolutely know is that there is some training missing that will get you confused. They don’t give you a lot of specific traffic training. There’s some information on SEO but that won’t be enough for the kind of method that they want to teach you.

The problem is that the offers will be on single one-page websites that you’ll be hoping will rank on the firsr page of Google, that is going to bring you free traffic from searched performed.

But Google, Bing and Yahoo are not going to rank you. These search engines want unique and helpful information, which your offer is not going to be. Other bigger websites with more authority and helpful content are going to take priority.

It’s not enough to pick up a keyword and expect it to rank on the first page overnight. There’s a lot of work and maintenance that comes with SEO and maintaining a website, even if you just want to blog. Your website is not going to appear on the first page of these search engines simply by choosing a keyword.

Therefore, you won’t get any traffic to your mini-sites. You’re gonna have to find other ways to get traffic and as there isn’t any other traffic training, you’re gonna be stuck with mini-websites that nobody is gonna know about.

Getting traffic and visitors to your mini-websites is integral to your success. Nobody visiting means that there isn’t anybody seeing your offer and nobody buying anything from your affiliate link. Thus, making you NO MONEY! What will you do then? 

There may be some training in the upsells but do you really want to take the risk? The 30 day money back guarantee only covers your initial investment of $11.12. The upsells are not included. 

I would personally not trust them and buy their upsells because they have already broken their promises. They told you that the training would be newbie-friendly and it really isn’t because you’ll get confused. They told you that they will show you how to get free traffic but the method will not work.

They told you that you’ll make 100% passive income after the initial set up and if you’re not going to rank and not getting visitors, you won’t make anything.

So don’t count on them because most of what they claimed on the sales page is not going to work!

Is Passive Income Formula A Scam? 

After carefully looking at what’s inside Passive Income Formula, I have to say that I do not think the program to be a scam. You do get something in return for your money and some parts of the training isn’t all that bad. You even have the money back guarantee that you can exercise if you’re not satisfied.

But a program not being a scam does not mean that I will be recommending it. On the other hand, I do not think that Passive Income Formula will help you accomplish much. You’ll learn a little bit about SEO, picking your offers and creating offer pages and bonuses, but nothing that you can’t find for free on the internet already.

If you’re paying for a course, you expect it to have exclusive information that is not found elsewhere and you expect for the method to work. 

But unfortunately, there is no way that this method is going to work in this day and age. Sure, this method used to work long ago but the search engines are getting better and better at knowing when you’re trying to game the algorithms and they’ll keep putting out updates that are going to put you down.

In that sense, it’s always better to do things the RIGHT way and working WITH the search engines, rather than trying to find a loophole. It’s going to make you some quick money but it won’t be a good way for you to base your business off of. The training will not work, at least not for the long term.

For this reason, I do not recommend that you get Passive Income Formula.

Looking For A Formula That WORKS? Check This Out!

I know you must get a lot of people pitching their programs to you and many of them seem really good and you want to try them out. But let me ask you, how many of them are actually FREE to start? How many of them actually have a trial for you to try the system out before you commit?

I have not seen many with free trials and the best one that I’ve seen, is the one that I’ve personally used to get my online business going. I won’t ask you for money or for any payment information. What I want to do is just to share with you how I make money online doing affiliate marketing and leveraging SEO the RIGHT way!

That’s why I created a FREE guide to making money online for beginners, along with a FREE 6-Day Course that you can sign up for below, that will explain everything that you need to know to make an informed decision about the way that I do affiliate marketing.

I’m not going to promise that it will be easy because it isn’t. There is a learning curve and you have to take it seriously, but what I’m going to say is that it’s going to be completely worth it and will change your life as it has changed mine. 

Can you believe that I was on vacation last month that was fully paid for by my online business? And you believe that though I didn’t work much while I was away, I still made passive income? That’s the reality of the business method that I will be teaching you.


And let’s get you started making money online. I’ll see you on the inside!

Thanks for reading my Passive Income Formula review and if you’ve had any experience with the program, we would love to hear from you! Was it good? Was it bad? Is my review accurate? Is anything missing? Let me know.

Your Friend,


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