Passive Profit Pages Review – [WARNING] No Money To Be Made

Passive Profit Pages review

I have to say that when I was watching the sales video to write this Passive Profit Pages review, I was rolling my eyes at every single sentence. And that’s because I find it hard to believe that anything Bill said is true.

I bet you probably know by now that there are more scams and low-quality products on the make-money-online market right now than there are legitimate ones that actually work. That’s why you’re reading this review, right?

Well, I can already tell that there are more than just a few things that are wrong with Passive Profit Pages, from my 3 years’ experience. It’s not a lot of experience, but if I couldn’t tell by now if a product would work or not, then it means that I didn’t learn anything, right?

Is Passive Profit Pages a scam that is going to rob you of your hard-earned money or is it one that will really fill up your bank account? The truith shall be revealed!

Passive Profit Pages At A Glance


Creator: “Bill”

Purpose: Create ready-made website to earn from affiliate marketing

Price: $9+

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s a low-quality program with low-quality websites, shallow training and just outdated methods that don’t work! There are a lot of dead links and I don’t believe anybody can use any info here to earn money online.

What Is Passive Profit Pages?

Haven’t we all been fed a pipe dream that we’ll be able to make a boatload of money online, without doing any work or working a 4-hour work week? Well, Passive Profit Pages is trying to do EXACTLY that.

Bill, the supposed “creator” of Passive Profit Pages tells us that he will hand you his Passive Profit Pages system that has been making him 5 figures in income every single month. Just what the bank ordered, right?

He says, there’s minimal work to do; you only need to work between 20 minutes and 1 hour per day. No need to have any experience or skills. This is beginner-friendly. Not to mention that they’ll set everything up for you.

Ha! I’ve heard all this before and I’m sure you have too. And how many times did it actually work that way? Try “never”!

I’ve had my fair share of desk-banging my head too, for falling for these claims. But when we feel it in our guts that it is too good to be true, it’s best to go with those feelings.

Because if everything that Bill said were true, then there wouldn’t only be 3% of the population being millionaires. It would be 3% of the population being average and the REST of the 97% being millionaires. But we are so far from that, aren’t we?

That’s why there needs to be a catch somewhere. What Bill says can’t really be true because what do you expect, spending $9? Well, only $9 worth of information, which is one of the CHEAPEST products on the market today.

And what do you get? CHEAP information that won’t yield the results you want!

It reminds me of some of the programs that I recently reviewed;

1) Click Wealth System

2) My income Club

Red Flags – Things That Don’t Add Up

1) Who Is Bill?

That’s the first question you want to be asking because you want to know who you are doing business with. In the physical world, you would sit down with somebody representing another company and come up with an agreement.

And that too, only after knowing and confirming that what they say about themselves is true.

How much of what Bill said is true? It can be anyone’s guess, honestly. We don’t know who he is. He never provided a last name. And that’s a tactic that a lot of scammers use because they don’t want to be sued.

Moreover, they could use a fake name because that gives them the chance to change their name again with each new product they release. And since you can’t catch them, what makes you think they’ll tell you the truth?

2) Fairly new website

How do I know that Passive Profit Pages is a new website? That’s because I made it a habit of checking the WHOIS website, that tells me when the website was registered and created.

And what I found was that the website was created earlier this year. Take a look below.

So this website is not even a year old yet and probably hasn’t established a positive track record or history. Those types of website, especially since they are hyped up, usually disappear within a year or so, after people realize they don’t work.

I have a hunch that the same thing will be happenig with Passive Profit Pages.

3) Fake testimonials 

The people whose names Bill brings up at the start of the video, those people who have supposedly made money from using the program, we don’t even know who they are and we can’t even confirm their claims.

So you shouldn’t even take those claims into considerations. The videos of the people who said they made money with Passive Profit Pages, they’re all fake! They’re all paid people from a freelance website called fiverr.

They are being paid to read a script and to act it out so that you end up buying a program that does not really have any success stories.

After you realize how serious these red flags are, how can you believe anything that Bill tells you anymore?

4) Get-rick-quick claims 

Little work for big pay claims? That’s exactly what we want, right? But that’s exactly what makes this opportunity a get-rich-quick scheme.

Although there is an earnings disclaimer, the video still portrays this opportunity as being a get-rich-quick scheme because they say you can make a ton of money without having to spend much time and without doing any hard work.

The only ones who benefit from such a scheme are the creator of the program and his affiliates, those who promote the program to make commissions. They prey on your desires and tell you whatever you want to hear so that you buy the program.

This ends up in you losing money and time – God knows how many times over (because you never learn!) – and it ends up with the making the bulk of the money.

Inside Passive Profit Pages – What You Get

After you purchase Passive Profit Pages and before you get to the dashboard, you are bombarded with upsells. But I wouldn’t recommend you get them because the money you pay will be gone forever.

That’s because these upsells are not covered under the money back guarantee. Moreover, you don’t even know the quality of the $9 product, so why would you give them more money?

But anyways, once you get inside, the first thing you’ll need to do is to add your Clickbank ID. This is allow you to fetch affiliate links and post them on the website where if people purchase through it, you make commissions.

You will be able to choose from 5 different niches, 5 different layouts and themes. You’ll need to have a domain ready to link up to Passive Profit Pages though. So much for their promise of having done everything for you, right?

That’s the first lie!

Basically, what these whole system is gonna allow you to do is create a website in one of those niches, have traffic come through Google because of the ready-made articles and visitors that click on those links to purchase, will make you commissions.

Sounds pretty easy enough, even if you gotta do the work yourself, but it’s gonna be so far from what you’re promised.

The websites are low-quality, the training is not enough for you to get traffic to your website. There are dead links everywhere, links that don’t lead anywhere at all.

And moreover, your websites won’t get ranked because they are full of duplicate content. Just think about it; everybody who purchases Passive Profit Pages will have the same articles as you and Google HATES duplicate content.

Your websites won’t get ranked on Google, there will be NADA – zero – visitors and that will end up in you not making a penny. I would be surprised if you even made your money back.

Is Passive Profit Pages A Scam?

In order to answer this question, it really depends on your perspective and your definition of what a scam is. People each have their own notion of what they would call a scam.

Some people will say that you can get your money back through ClickBank, so you’re not losing your money. And so, Passive Profit Pages is not a scam. Some others will say that you are getting something for your money, so it’s no scam.

But the majority of people will call this a scam because there are so many lies and such deception in the sales video. What Bill sets as the expectations, you get none of that.

He is basically just telling you what you want to hear in order to compel you to buy the program and so that he can make money. He is not really interested to help you earn money online.

You end up with a bunch of short and useless videos, a software that won’t work unless you spend money on a domain and hosting and non-existent traffic methods to get eyeballs on your offer.

This ends up with you failing! Well, isn’t it time for you to wake up and understand that you buying these types of products never will have a happy ending?

I would definitely say that Passive Profit Pages is a low-quality product that is not worth your money, your time or your attention.

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Thanks for reading my Passive Profit Pages review and I hope that you will share with us if you’ve bought it and have experienced this program. Tell us whether I was on point or not and whether you made any money with it.

Lots of Love,


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