Pay It Forward System Review – UGLY TRUTH EXPOSED!

Pay It Forward System review

A very warm welcome to you, Ladies and Gentlemen!

This is going to be a very honest Pay It Forward System review, that will expose the truth of the system. I found some pretty shocking information about the program that I think you should know about before handing them your money.

Why should you believe me and read my review? Well, I’ve been reviewing make-money-online programs for almost 2 years (as of the writing of this review) and I make recurring income online.

So you bet I know what makes a good product (or not) and how the online world works.

Without further ado, let’s get crackin’!

Pay It Forward System At A Glance


Owner: Danielle Rose

Purpose: To teach you affiliate marketing

Price: $1+

Do I Recommend It?: Heck NO!

What Is Pay It Forward System

The first thing that I noticed was that the creator of the program made $226,500 in 3 months of starting this online business. Pretty incredible, right?

But it’s too bad that I have seen those types of claims before because this is not really realistic, is it?

Having reviewed so many programs, I already have had experience with programs that claim to help you make that much money and just never deliver.

So that’s why I don’t have my hopes up for the Pay It Forward System. But, I’m not going to judge a book by its cover. Let’s see what more Danielle has to say.

So she is paying it forward and giving you her money making website if you grab it now because only the first 35 people will get the $1 discount for the FREE system. Does that even make sense?

She says you’re going to be working less than 20 minutes a day and it’s possible for you to make $50K this year alone. Just get the system, click a few buttons and hit GO. The money will start coming in. Everything else is done for you.

There’s apparently a coach’s phone number inside the system that she advises you call as soon as you get the system. That’s the person that will help you out when you’re stuck or have questions.

All that sounds good, except that I’ve heard all of these before. To me, it just looks like the Pay It Forward System is a get-rich-quick scheme because if you talk to any honest internet marketer, they will tell you there’s hard work involved.

If it was that easy, why aren’t more people quitting their jobs? People are working full-time and most of the USA population isn’t even making $50K. Why aren’t you hearing of more people doing online business in your surroundings?

That’s because it’s not as easy as Danielle makes it seem! It’s because of sales videos like THIS that people are misled into thinking that they can make tons of money online without hard work. There’s no such system that makes you money at the click of a button.

Additionally, I’ve found some red flags that you really need to consider before signing up. I know it’s still $1, which isn’t much you’ll understand soon why you don’t want to sign up for even that!

Red Flags – These People Have Got NO Shame!

Oh yes! The red flags are really, REALLY bad. These people do things that we would never think of doing, just to get to your money. They use sales tactics that are misleading and tell us lies that they think we won’t discover.

Well, I actually DID discover them!

1) Danielle Rose – Who is she?

She tells us that she is a self-made millionaire and that she has 3 kids. She is the creator of the Pay It Forward System. But to be honest with you, I’ve never heard of her. I should have being in the online arena for 19 months, right?

But anyways, that’s what prompted me to try and see if I could find her online; on a social media platform, on Youtube, being interviewed somewhere. But I couldn’t find anybody other than Danielle Rose Russell, the actress.

But it was my luck that I came across the news websites and decided to start rummaging through and guess what I found?

I found the EXACT same video with the same news presenter, but interviewing somebody else whose name was Lili. And when I listened to the audio, I recognized a snippet of when the news person was asking about how they made online blogging.

And you know what?

I replayed the sales video and the video was worded EXACTLY the same, except that there was a different person on the other side and no names were mentioned in the sales video.

That’s how I knew that the video with “Danielle”, if that’s even her real name, was a fake person. I mean, come on! Surely if that was a real news report, we would have found it on the CNN website, just like I accidentally found the other one.

But this is what scammers do and this is why it’s such a big red flag; scammers create scam after scam and change their names with each new one. This is done so they’re never caught or pursued by the law.

2) Fake Testimonials

Not only does Danielle fake her own news report, but she also hires paid actors to have video chats with her and to send her fake testimonials about her Pay It Forward System. That’s pretty low and absolutely disgusting, right?

One of the girls she talked to, is hired from Here’s her profile.

And you will also recognize her from other sales videos, like Ecom Cash Crusher and Greedy Mentor.

Another example of a paid actor within the same sales video for Pay It Forward System is the bald guy. Don’t know his name obviously, but he is also from Here’s his profile.

Unfortunately, as shocked as you might be, this is something that has been implemented for a long time. When you see these, run the other way because if the system really worked, then they wouldn’t need to hire actors.

3) Spend $1 to make a full-time income?

Honestly, even a 7 year old would be able to tell that there’s a catch here. Who would give you their WHOLE system for $1, so that you could benefit and make hundreds of thousands of dollars with it?

You wouldn’t do that, right? Unless your motive was different…

Well, I’ve seen this being done many times before. Chances are that there are going to be upsells within the program that will suck more and more money out of you, sometimes costing thousands of dollars.

Do you really want to get entangled in that?

4) Shady sales tactics

As a newbie, I wasn’t able to tell if they were lying to me or that the way they were telling me things would be shady sales practices. But once I came to know how to REALLY make money online and how it worked, I started noticing things.

MANY scams and low-quality products will tell you that there are only a few that will be accepted on board. Many will tell you that there’s only a limited time to grab the offer. Many will say that today is your only chance.

But I bet you, that if you were to come back tomorrow, the same video will play and it will say the exact same thing!

These tactics are being used here to manipulate your mind and to make you think that you’ll miss out if you don’t take the offer now, when really, there aren’t any time constraints or limit to the number of people that get inside the system.

The more money you make, the more money Danielle makes. So why would she limit her income by limiting the number of people that can get accepted into the program? You wouldn’t do that, right? She wouldn’t either!

So everything she tells you, are just lies! At least, this is what I’m going to prove to you!

How The Pay It Forward System Works

Being an internet marketer, I can put the pieces of the puzzle together watching the sales video, something that I was not able to do as a newbie. So don’t feel bad for not recognizing the signs. We all learn everyday, right?

The news reporter asked about how “she” made money online blogging and seeing as I recognized the income proof from Clickbank, which is an affiliate network, I realized that the program was going to be about showing you how to do that.

Affiliate marketing is a legit way of making money online where you promote other people’s products and get paid a commission when you facilitate a sale. But you need to drive traffic and customers to them to do that, and the way that this can be done is through blogging.

Putting these two together, you think that it’s going to be a solid program, when it reality, it isn’t!

You see, what you’re given is a generic website that looks like the Pay It Forward System SALES VIDEO and you’ll be asked to basically share your link, get people watching it and each time somebody joins, you make commissions.

Sure that’s a way of doing affiliate marketing, but the training is VERY shallow. You need WAY more training on affiliate marketing to make the kind of money that she claims you’ll make in the sales video.

And talking about traffic; it seems so easy when you just say; Step 3 – Drive traffic, but it’s really harder than it sounds. People are way more educated about scams and these types of get-rich-quick programs to fall for it. Even if they do, you’ll make almost NOTHING.

Even if you make 100% commission, you’ll only make $1 per sale, which is SO LOW!

Not only is there no good training on affiliate marketing, they add more streams of making money online that you could Google and find FOR FREE online. These may already be platforms that you’ve heard of before, like MTurk by Amazon, Fiverr and Upwork.

You don’t need to pay $1 to get this information.

Is Pay It Forward System A Scam?

Well, it really depends on how you define a scam.

A scam is usually a product where you’re paying for something and getting nothing in return. However BAD the product or training might be here, you’re still getting something in return. It could still be an introduction to affiliate marketing to some people.

However, it is sort of a scam in a way that it is misleading because the training is NOT going to get you the results that are claimed in the video. People will call it a scam for being misleading. They’ll all it a scam for being deceptive and lying.

I also absolutely do not agree that using PAID testimonials is okay and I HATE it when they use shady sales tactics that do nothing but manipulate your mind. Why can’t they just be honest?

The biggest shocker for me was when I found out that the video with the news reporter was EDITED! This is how desperate they are to get to your hard-earned money. It’s so tricky! No wonder so many people are getting scammed. It’s really sad.

But I congratulate you on doing your research. You now know what the Pay It Forward System is or isn’t. You can do what you like, but I sure don’t recommend you getting it.

STOP Falling For Scam! Let Me Help You Make Recurring Income Online!

If I were one of those scammers, I would have been promoting each and every product under the sun, especially after reviewing hundreds of them. It would be too easy, especially with the sales videos like Pay It Forward System.

But that’s not how I roll.

I struggled so much to make money online and I know how much you are probably struggling too. I would always scream: “I’m just looking for a legit way to make money online to support my family. Why isn’t anybody showing me something legit?”

That’s because they are very few and far in between. But I finally found it and used it myself. I’m now making recurring income every single month thanks to it. Check out my proof.

So what I want to do, is to share it with you in a FREE guide that I created. This FREE guide is packed with information on how you can get started for FREE, where to get FREE resources that I use everyday and where you can find the SAME training I started out with.


I promise, this FREE guide will show you the RIGHT way to do affiliate marketing. It’s free to get started but there is a paid membership should you choose to go forward with this and making it your full time job. It’s NOT going to break the bank. That’s a promise too!

So GET MY FREE GUIDE NOW to learn everything about this method and how it can help you. You’ll get me as your personal mentor and as long as you work it, I will be there helping you, until you make your first dollar!

Thanks for reading my Pay It Forward System review. Did you have any experience with the program? What aspect of the shady sales practices shocked you? Would you support such a system, even if it had good training? Let me know!

Lots of Love,


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