Pillowbux Review – Does It Work Or Is It A Waste of Time?

Pillowbux review

Welcome to my honest Pillowbux review.

You’ve probably seen people trying to refer you and others to the program and are wondering whether it is worth your time to work for Pillowbux and whether they pay. Is it a scam or not? Well, this review will answer these important questions and more.

By the end of this review, you’ll know what Pillowbux is about and you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether to join this program or not. You’ll know whether it will be worth your time.

Let’s get started!

Pillowbux At A Glance

Website: Pillowbux.com

Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money solving captchas

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend it?: It’s legit but it’s a slow earner

What Is Pillowbux?

Pillowbux is a website where you solve captchas to get paid. Have you ever signed up for an account with a website where you were asked to type in letters and numbers you saw in an image? Well, that’s captcha.

Working with Pillowbux will allow you to solve captcha for other companies to use. Once a captcha is solved, it gets sold to companies online, where if the person signing up to the website enters captcha that matches the one you solved, they are able to get identified as humans.

So basically, it’s a way to prevent bots and software from signing up. Pillowbux is similar to another captcha-solving website that I reviewed some time ago, called 2Captcha.

I actually had a good feeling when I scoured the home page of Pillowbux though. They don’t make any get-rich-quick claims. They actually pay below industry-average, which is $1 per 10,000 captchas solved and the minimum earnings in your account to be able to cash out is $2 – $5.

The norm is $1 per 1000 captcha solved, which is what 2captcha offers. If you find other companies offering higher pay outs and unnatural payment thresholds, just beware! Because they could just be luring you in with higher pay just to end up not paying you in the end. They cash in on your hard work.

The good news with Pillowbux is that there are tons of proof from real people that they’ve gotten paid, on their Facebook page and on their very own website. At this time, there is no reason to think that Pillowbux is a scam or that they do not pay.

How Does Pillowbux Work?

It’s pretty straightforward: you sign up with your name, email address and create a password and you’re good to start earning. However, they do say that there are several ways to earn within the program.

The main ways to earn are as follows:

1) Daily Captchas

This is where you are given 1 minute to solve as many captchas as you can within that time period. You get this opportunity only once per day. They pay twice as much for a solved captcha than a regular captcha.

The pay here is $0.002 per solved captcha. If you are able to solve 10 captchas within 1 minute, you make $0.02. And that’s only 2 cents per day because you don’t get more than 1 minute per day to solve captcha in this category.

2) Unli Captchas

With unli captchas, you get to solve unlimited captchas, even 24 hours of the day if you want to. However, the pay is extremely low, even lower than industry average. You only make $0.0001 per captcha solved, meaning that you will have to solve 10,000 captchas in order to make $1.

On the upside, you can solve captcha 24 hours of the day and without any restrictions. Just make sure you are solving the captcha accurately. Make sure you are inputting upper case or lower case where they are asked else it will be marked as a mistake.

You MIGHT be blocked from solving captchas with Pillowbux if you make too many mistakes. At least, that was my experience with most other captcha-solving websites. I have a feeling that Pillowbux works the same way.

Additionally, they will also pay you $5 bonus for every 30K captchas that you solve, meaning that instead of only getting paid $3, you get paid $8, which means getting paid $0.000267 per captcha solved.

3) Referrals

As you can imagine, it will take a heck of a long time to make $1 if you decide to do this on your own. Pillowbux knows this and in order to help you earn faster, they have provided you with an affiliate link to share on the internet so that you can get referrals.

The first 5 referrals you get into Pillowbux will earn you $1 per referral.

If you are able to get a big number of referrals that actually do the work though, then you will be able to make more money in a shorter period of time. You’ll make 25% commission off of the work of your referrals.

To be honest with you, I’m still a little confused. You see, with other captcha-solving websites I’ve been with, you earn 25% off the earnings of your referrals for a lifetime. But it does not seem to work this way within Pillowbux.

My understanding with Pillowbux is that you will only earn commissions when your referrals solve their Daily Captchas, and not when they solve their Unli Captchas. That’s very disappointing.

Moreover, you don’t get paid for referring your first 5 people until you solve 30K captchas in the Unli Captchas category. This makes sense so as to prevent people from abusing the system and only making money from referrals. It encourages everybody to work just as hard.

My Experience: Is Pillowbux Worth It?

Considering the low payouts and the experience that I already have with solving captcha, I can already tell that Pillowbux is just not going to be worth it. But just to show you of how much it is possible to earn, I signed up for an account and tried working for 2 days.

I was able to solve an average of 7 captchas per minute and working for 10 minutes, I solved 70 captchas. That’s in the Unli Captchas category, so I earned $0.007 in 10 minutes. I also did the Daily Captchas, where I was able to earn $0.014 seeing as I solved 7 captchas in 1 minute.

For 11 minutes of work, I was able to make $0.021, which is 2.1 cents. As you can see this is incredibly low.

My second day, I did my Daily Captchas and was able to solve 8 captchas within 1 minute, which resulted in $0.016. I worked on my Unli Captchas and was able to solve an additional 95 captchas in 10 minutes, which was a bit better than the previous day, bringing me to $0.0095 for Unli Captchas.

My earnings on Day 2 was $0.0255, putting my total to $0.0465. I type an average speed of 60 wpm and was able to make 4.5 cents in 20 minutes.

However, we should take into consideration that you won’t get the Daily Captchas every hour but every DAY. Taking only the Unli Captchas into consideration which is what you’re going to be using your time mostly for and assuming you type fast, you would be able to complete 100 captchas in 10 minutes.

That’s 600 captchas in 1 hour. To get to 10,000 captchas in order to be able to earn your first $1, you’ll need to invest about 16.5 hours, which is an INCREDIBLE amount of time.

That also means that considering you work 8 hours on this every single day like a regular job, you’ll need to work 8 hours for 6 days in order to earn $3 + $5 bonus + $5 for your first 5 referrals = $13.

This is an INCREDIBLE amount of hours and hard work to earn just $13 at the end of the week. From my perspective, it’s a time waster. There are way better ways to spend your time where you could make $13 each day, instead of every week.

Is Pillowbux A Scam?

After having looked thoroughly at Pillowbux, I conclude that it is NOT a scam. There are no bold claims made, no mention of it being a get-rich-quick schemes, no luring with high payouts and weird payment thresholds.

However, Pillowbux being legit does not make it a program that I recommend. I tried it myself for 2 days and even though I did better on the second day, solving close to 100 captchas within 10 minutes, I’m afraid that the amount of time that you’ll need to spend on it to make $1 is not worth it.

The payout is WAY under industry standard, paying you $1 for every 10,000 captchas solved instead of the $1 per 1000 captchas solved. Even working full-time at it for 6 days will only earn you $13 per week. This is not even worth it for pocket change, let alone trying to earn a side income.

If you are willing to spend so much time for so little pay, that’s your choice but also remember that the time you spend working on solving captchas is NEVER gonna come back. You might as well just work 1 day per week part-time to make $13 per day, in the remotest and lowest paying countries in the world.

Even then, you would have more time freedom.

So even if Pillowbux is legit, it is definitely not something that I recommend. It’s a big time-waster and so low-paying that it’s not worth it!

Here’s A Much Better Alternative! You Can Earn Full-Time Money Working Part-Time!

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I won’t lie to you. It does take hard work, but if you were willing to work on this 8 hours a day for 6 days, you could make so much MORE money than if you wasted your time with Pillowbux. I only work for 3 hours 5 days a week and I’m still making a consistent online income.

I’m not a millionaire (yet) but I’m making enough to pay the bills. Many people ARE making a full-time income with this though and they didn’t even have to increase their work hours. Work the same number of hours consistently for a long period of time and your earnings will increase on their own.

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Thanks for reading this Pillowbux review. Tell me of your experiences with Pillowbux, in the comments section below. I would love to hear about whether or not you enjoy the work or if you would rather start your own business.

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