Point 2 Click Profits Review – LIES On The Sales Page REVEALED!

If you’re looking for the most honest and most revealing Point 2 Click Profits review, then you’ve just found it!

Is it a scam that will rob you of your money? Is it a legit program that will be THE answer to your financial problems? How does it work? Will you be able to quit your job?

Well, I congratulate you on doing your research before investing into another make-money-online programs because we have to agree that there are just too many scams and low-quality programs across the internet. Doing your research and of course reading this review, will get you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Just an FYI that I do not promote Point 2 Click Profits so you can rest assured that I will be giving you an honest and unbiased review.

Let’s get this show on the road!

Point 2 Click Profits At A Glance

Website: GGSystemsTm.Pro/ptcpv34/step2.html

Owner: Charles MacAllister

Purpose: Affiliate Marketing with Amazon

Price: $47

Do I Recommend It?: Absolutely NOT!

What Is Point 2 Click Profits?

As soon as I saw the sales page for Point 2 Click Profits, I braced myself for the worst; that’s because I have seen similar sales pages before for programs that turned out to be scams or low-quality programs, and I just knew this was going to be another one of them.

You’ll understand if you head over to my Dream Websites Review and Ecom Cash Code Review.

But I didn’t want to judge a book by its cover so I watched the presentation.

What Charles says is that you’re going to have a black box with a button on it and each time you press the button, you’ll make $500 or more. Apart from that, you do absolutely nothing! The system will do all the work for you. There’s apparently a “backdoor” to Amazon, that will siphon money into your bank account.

The way that you’re going to make money is through Amazon. Yes, it’s true that Amazon is becoming bigger and bigger by the day but the truth is that I’ve gone through so many courses and programs that claim to show you the ropes of how to make money on Amazon, either as a vendor or an affiliate, but that didn’t work!

Oh but all you need to do is click a button on the black box, says Charles. Yeah, right! If it were as easy as that, why didn’t everybody just quit their jobs to click this button a few times a day to make the kind of money they were making in a whole month? Wouldn’t that be easier than grinding their life away at work?

The truth is that money cannot be made online at the click of a button, no matter what anybody says. It would be nice but that’s not realistic. There are things that can be automated but a business cannot be 100% automated to bring you the kind of money that Charles claims.

He is just trying to say things that will sound good to you in order to make you buy Point 2 Click Profits. His aim is not to help you make money but to make himself more money off of you.

The Red Flags – Things Don’t Add Up!

Unfortunately, just like many of the other programs that I have reviewed, I saw some red flags and those are of course, never a good sign! If you think that things don’t add up, don’t be a victim of impulsive buying because the results SOUND good because chances are, you’re not going to get what you’re promised.

The first thing to always remember is that if information provided can’t be verified, then take it with a grain of salt! That’s the case with the testimonials and the actual creator of the program, Charles.

There’s no way to contact any of the people that have supposedly made a lot of money with the Point 2 Click Profits. Have you also noticed that nobody actually mentions Point 2 Click Profits within their testimonials? That’s the strangest thing and does not add up.

And although there seems to be  an email address associated with the website, chances are that Charles will never respond. I’ve actually also seen responses before you buy the program and they disappear right after!

There’s also no way to find Charles on social media. Is that a fake or a pen name? Most creators will use pen names so as to remain anonymous and take that to their advantage. They’ll create multiple programs and scams, and use different pen names so as to never get caught.

Another problem I see is that although the program is called “Point 2 Click Profits”, various images, especially those of the income proofs, show “Copy & Paste Profits”. A few even showed “Point & Click Profits”. That’s a very big red flag in my opinion, because it just shows that there may not be a real program to Point 2 Click Profits.

The next problem that I see is that there are several different company names listed in the Privacy Policy and the Terms Page. The first one is the email, that references EasyKits. The next one is Automated Paydays, then it’s Markenark… what the heck is going on? That’s a red flag!

If the name of the company is not properly advertised in the policy and the conditions, that’s something to stay away from!

How Point 2 Click Profits Works

Charles does not really give you details on how the program works, except that you’ll just need to click a button whenever you want to make money and that you’ll make money in 1 hour. Sure, that sounds amazing but is it not weird to you that he would ask you for money before even telling you HOW it works?

My experience coupled with the way that things are explained in the video, like not needing an inventory and not having to deal with customer service and shipping, tells me that you’re going to be an affiliate of Amazon.

You’ll be doing affiliate marketing, promoting products from the platform. For each sale you make, you’re going to be making a commission. And that’s totally legit. I’m an affiliate marketer myself and can tell you that things are not quite going to go the way that Charles claims.

Sure, he might have some videos and some training material to show you the ropes but my hunch is that you’re just going to get generic guides that will give you ideas, which is so different compared to a comprehensive course that will teach you what to do step by step.

Why do you think the program is only costing $47? That’s because there won’t be your money’s worth of information inside, and that had been my experience with most programs that made similar claims.

The other thing that I caught was that Charles emphasizes that there is no need to have a URL, in other words, a website. But he’s totally lying to you!

If you’re a newbie, you may not know that, but in order to become an affiliate with Amazon, you need to go through an affiliate application process. Each affiliate gets approved manually and one requirement to getting accepted is to have a website with lots of content on it.

Now, the website needs to be live and have a unique domain name and it needs to be full of content. So you’ll basically need hosting, a domain name and the know-how of writing content and getting ranked in order to be approved as an affiliate with Amazon.

Will you get this training within Point 2 Click Profits? Probably not, because here you’re told that you’re going to be clicking a button to make $500 when in reality, you’ll need to learn and work real hard to please Amazon. Didn’t I tell you that there is no such thing as automation? There’s always more work involved than these guys are willing to disclose!

Is Point 2 Click Profits A Scam?

My opinion is that Point 2 Click Profits IS A SCAM, judging from the sales video.

Charles tells you about Amazon and how easy it will be with the help of the little black box, to make hundreds to thousands of dollars per week off of the platform. He even shows you testimonials and some pictures of himself and his family. The system does it all for you!

But the reality is that there is much more work involved that he is willing to disclose. He tells you all these things that sound so good to the ears because he just wants your money! All he is interested in is to help himself and not you.

He is a liar and I would not trust for things to head in a good direction for you if you ever get this program. I mean, did you see what he said about NOT needing to have a website to promote things on Amazon? If you listened to him, you’d never get approved!

And those red flags? This all did it for me as soon as I saw them. Charles definitely does not give us a good first impression and does not look very trustworthy. I wouldn’t believe anything he says since he had the guts to say he does not hide, when his name is probably a fake or a pen name.

If you can’t find him anywhere anyways, what good would it do if he told you the truth? With all of the lies, I’m pretty sure the whole presentation is the lie.

I do think that Point 2 Click Profits is a scam and that you should avoid it!

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Is affiliate marketing with Amazon something that you want to do? Let me say that affiliate marketing is the easiest place to start as a beginner with making money online. If you can handle that, you can grow and start to handle other kinds of businesses if you so wish.

But of course, you need the step by step training, the tools and the support of a community to make that happen.

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I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! If you feel like this is not for you after going through the whole thing, then hey! Nobody’s stopping you from leaving. At least you would have looked at the concept and tried it.


Get in now!

Thanks for reading my Point 2 Click Profits review and don’t forget to share your experiences with us below if you’e bought into the program. I would love to hear from you.

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