Brendan Mace’s Print Monkey Review – $1000 Per Day Method?

Print Monkey review

Are you looking for an honest Print Monkey review? It seems like all the affiliates are promoting it, right? Well, that’s obviously because they’re gonna make commissions when they sell it to you.

So are you going to hear of anything bad about the program? Obviously not! But yet, there are a few things that don’t work with the website.

But I’m not an affiliate and I do not promote Print Monkey. On the contrary, there is a lot of hype around the program and it just won’t work as advertised. That’s why I want to open your eyes today to the truth.

I’m not here to make money off you. I’m just a fellow online marketer who started making money from scratch and now know what it takes to make money online. I fell for many scams and such low-quality programs and just want to help you make an informed decision.

Print Monkey At A Glance


Creator: Brendan Mace

Purpose: Creates DFY pages and you can earn doing affiliate marketing

Price: $12.95+

Do I Recommend It?: No! The truth is that the training is seriously incomplete. If you were to follow the training and use the software within Print Monkey online, you wouldn’t earn anything as close to what they claim you can make.

What Is Print Monkey?

Brendan says that Print Monkey is a compilation of 30 of his best-selling products that have made him over $1000 everyday on autopilot. No need for a website, no need for any experience or skills.

Most of all, it is 100% done-for-you. You get instant access to the offers, to bonus pages, to video reviews and demos. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about getting traffic because there is built-in traffic in this software.

The way that Brendan puts it, Print Monkey is going to make it impossible for you to fail. It sounds pretty exciting, right? To finally be able to make money online with very minimal work.

If only such a program really existed, I wouldn’t have been busting my butt working hard on this website. If such a thing existed, then nobody would be working the traditional job and nobody would be struggling during this pandemic.

You know what I mean?

There has to be a catch. Additionally, I know Brendan and his products very well. I recently reviewed 1 Page Profits, Take It and Set & Forget and guess what? They all promised to work like that but didn’t actually deliver,

So what do I think about Print Monkey? That it’s going to be the same as the others and that it won’t work as advertised. It doesn’t matter than Brendan is making so much money and showing you his proofs.

What matters is whether the programs he creates will actually deliver you the results you’re looking for. And from what I see, that’s not gonna happen.

Inside The Dashboard

Sure, there’s plenty of information that’s given to us on the sales page, but it’s all really a sales pitch. He doesn’t really give you the details of the campaigns and not does he reveal how it all ties in together.

So you don’t really know much, as a newbie, right?

But that’s why it’s important to do your research, just like you’re doing now. I’ll tell you everything that’s inside and how it’s all supposed to work together.

The Print Monkey software allows you to create review pages for the products that are integrated within it. Most of them are Brendan’s previous products so he says that you’ll get instant approval to earn from the sales from them.

Moreover, the reviews will come with demos and videos and even their own customized bonuses, which sounds good. All you have to do is create a title for the page, enter your affiliate link for the product and create the page.

There’s also a “traffic” tab that will allow you to share those pages onto social media and that’s actually the built-in traffic method. It all makes sense in theory, right?

You create the pages, you share them on social media, people will start visiting your pages and buy. When they buy, you make commissions from them.

But the truth is that even Set & Forget, 1 Page Profits and Take It were supposed to work like that, but they didn’t. There’s a vital piece of the puzzle that is missing and it’s going to GREATLY have an impact on your income.

The Missing Piece – Traffic

Yes, the missing piece is really the traffic portion of the system. You cannot rely on the social media traffic and let me tell you why.

Firstly, you have to understand that Brendan has a big following. I mean, he even discloses that he has over 45K in Youtube followers and viewers. He also has an email list and he also has a huge following on Facebook and other platforms.

For him, simply sharing those pages WILL work because he has a huge audience already. He will be able to make money from his offers right away.

But not you, especially not if you’re a beginner. That’s because you don’t have a following. Even if you do share it, not many people will actually see the offer and even if they do, even less people will purchase it.

Therefore, simply sharing it won’t work for you, unless you’ve got some kind of following already.

The second thing that I want to explain is the fact that all these pages are going to be replicas, meaning that they’re not unique content. Therefore, you won’t get ranked on Google and the search engines. You won’t get free, organic traffic.

I know! Isn’t that horrible? And Brendan doesn’t mention these at all! Now you understand how he is lying on the sales page about how this is going to work? There’s a big missing piece.

If there’s no traffic, there’s no visitors, there’s no sale made, right? So how could you really make money here?

It’s by getting the upsells where he shows you paid traffic methods and I don’t recommend those. That’s because as a beginner, you don’t know your audience or who to target specifically, so you could burn a lot of money and still get no results.

If the front-end of the product does not work as advertised, can you trust that the upsells will work 100%? I wouldn’t risk it. I think it’s just safe to get a program that was created by somebody whose got a better reputation.


1) Created by a real person, not somebody who hides behind the internet

2) App does work to some extent

3) Intermediate to advanced marketers who have some social media following can make this work

4) Integrated social media sharing

5) Instant approval to promote Brendan’s products

6) 30-Day Money-Back guarantee


1) Sales page is hyped up and are full of lies

2) Income claims are unrealistic based on the method inside

3) Upsells required to make money for newbies. Those are not even mentioned on the sales page and you’re led to believe all you’ll need is the front-end product and you’ll make hundreds to thousands.

4) It is definitely NOT newbie-friendly

5) No traffic training

6) Almost the same as 1 Page Profits, Take It and Set & Forget so it’s nothing new

7) Niche and products are pre-selected. You can’t choose any other.

8) Even if the money-back guarantee is there, there’s usually no response from Brendan for refund requests.

Should You Get Print Monkey?

It’s really up to you, now that you’ve got the full scoop on how Print Monkey actually works. But if you want my advice and my honest opinion, I don’t think it’s worth it for anybody.

If you’re beginner, then there’s obviously the most important thing missing which is getting reliable traffic with this software. Moreover, there isn’t any other training available unless you upgrade.

Additionally, you’ve already seen that this is nothing new. And if this really worked, then Brendan wouldn’t be creating products for a living. He would be using his own software to bank hundreds to thousands of dollars.

But that’s not what he really is doing, right?

What’s the need to create dozens of products for him to make money if they really worked? The truth is that he only wants to sell his products to you, no matter what. That’s why he hides the truth and lies about the program.

If you’re an intermediate to advanced marketer, then you could potentially make money from this if you’ve got some social media following or a Youtube Channel. But even then, if you’re intermediate to advanced, you wouldn’t need Print Monkey.

So as you can see, I think that Print Monkey is a total waste of your time, unless you want to get an instant approval to promote Brendan’s products and already know how to drive traffic to the others.

Otherwise, I don’t recommend it, and especially NOT for newbies.

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Thanks for reading my Print Monkey review. If you’ve gotten any of Brendan’s products, including Print Monkey, please let us all know what you think of it and your results. This would help out a lot!

Lots Of Love,


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