Profit 24×7 Review – 5 Red Flags You Absolutely Need to Know About!

Making money 24/7 is what everybody wants, especially if it as easy as jacob claims it is. He claims no need for skills or for any experience. His system will work for anybody and everybody!

In this Profit 24×7 Review, I will be going over the red flags that I have found and why I think that this program isa low-quality program or a scam. I will also be explaining to you what it takes to make money online, specially doing affiliate marketing, because it is my area of expertise.

By the end of this review, you will be able to make informed decision about this system and I’ll also show you what your next steps to be successful should be, if you’re ready to make serious money online.

At A Glance

Name: Profit 24×7


Owners: Jacob Allen

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $37

Do I Recommend it?: No… Read further to find out why

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What is Profit 24×7?

Jacob starts off showing us some income proof and explains that he earned this money by following a system that has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies, or online trading. It’s not about generating websites that get no traffic nor about finding loopholes in search engines.

With this system, you won’t have to go spamming social media, tricking big websites into sending you traffic, or filling in surveys. But what you will be able to do is earn money fast, with no skills and no experience.

From the video, Jacob shows us an online digital product retailer, called ClickBank, which is where this system is also being sold. By the look of things, you will be promoting other products on this platform, where each sale you bring to the platform will earn you a commission. This is called affiliate marketing.

Will Profit 24×7 help you make a 4 – 5 figure income, like Jacob claims? Or will this system let you down, like so many of the other make-money-online programs on ClickBank? Is Profit 24×7 a scam that’s going to leave you hanging and run with your money or will it really teach you what to do to become successful?

Let’s look at the red flags to decide.

Red Flags

Based on my experiences in the past with the same kind of programs, I have compiled below the 5 red flags that I have found do not make sense and I will explain why. I have fallen for scams before believing these claims and I really hope that after reading the following points, that you will be able to make an informed decision.

1) Scammy tactics

Like so many of the sales videos on ClickBank, there are a lot of scammy tactics used to lure you and push you into purchasing the system as soon as possible. A few of them are that only few people were selected to watch the video and that you should count yourself lucky and that it is a limited time offer.

But this does not make sense because the reason why this system is being sold on ClickBank is to have affiliates of the program sell the system. The intention behind this is to make as much money as possible. Therefore, only making this available to a few people is a lie, as they actually want to sell this to as many people as possible.

The limited time offer is also fake, because the creator of this program wants to make as much money as possible, so this offer will be available for as long as people are buying it. This video will only vanish as soon as people realize that it is a scam / low-quality product and the scammer will move on to create a new system.

2) Pen name

This is also like so many of the other scams that I have reviewed; they always have pen names or made-up names that do not show up when I’m trying to Google them to get more information about them. Sure, from your perspective, there might not be anything wrong with using a pen name, it’s their right to protect their privacy.

But that’s actually a major problem!

The problem is that scammers will hide behind pen names for each and every scam that they create and sell, and each time that these programs are found to be scams and stop making them money, they will move on to creating a new product and create a new name that will go with that system.

This way, it is impossible to catch serial scammers, because nobody can ever recognize them and people keep falling for their scams and schemes. So if Jacob were legit and had nothing to hide, it makes sense that he would use his real name, as that would increase his credibility.

3) Secret industry or secret website

With these scams or low-quality products, you will notice that there will always be a secret industry, a secret website, a secret traffic source, or even a secret code. Others will have push-buttons and more will tell you of their very easy steps.

But there is no such thing! So many people are making money on the internet, how can anything be a secret? Sure, it is a secret if nobody is willing to share how they make money online, but if you Google “how to make money online”, you will get TONS of websites and videos that will show you how.

This is a luring tactic that the scammer uses to make you curious about the system and raises your expectations that the system will teach you what NOBODY on the internet is going to. But remember, it’s a play on words. Making money online is not a secret. There is no secret industry or secret website.

4) Jacob talks about earning money fast, with no skills or experience

Sure, there is such a thing as earning money online and there is such a thing as being a newbie, having no skills and no experience. But earning money online is not as easy as Jacob claims. A newbie will NEVER make money online fast, especially without learning the ropes of the business.

You see, there are tons of done-for-you systems on the internet that claim otherwise but that don’t deliver on their promises. There is always something missing! Or there is always an upgrade to the higher level that promise the riches.

I was once a newbie too, with no skills and no experience. And I kept falling for these systems because I didn’t want to do the work. I didn’t want to learn about what it takes. All I wanted, was to click a few buttons and to see the money rolling in. I kept buying system after system, each time thinking “This is it!”.

But the truth about this, is that it takes time and effort to build something solid. You have to learn the ropes and start from scratch. You have to invest in your future, in tools and in your business. You have to learn about it to be able to grow it. Else even if you do find a system that is bringing in some money, you will always be limited to that system.

You won’t ever be able to grow more and expand.

5) No information about the system

If you walked into a store looking for an oven, would you just buy the first oven that comes your way, just because it is advertised as an oven? Of course not!

You’ll ask an associate to help you find an oven with the features that you want included. You will do your homework and you will make an informed decision. That’s how buying is done, because you work for your money. It does not fall down from trees.

Similarly, you have to know what you’re getting yourself into, you have to know what you’re buying, before you give these people your money. It’s not expensive at $37, but no matter how little it costs, you still worked for your money. You have to get ALL the information that you need to see whether it is going to be worth the money.

But here, Profit 24×7 does not tell you within the sales video, or the sales page, about what is included, how you’re going to make money, what kind of products you’ll be selling and the whole shebang. So why would you just give away your money online to these people if you would not do the same at a store?

Scammers will purposefully leave out important details like this because they know that if they reveal it, they will be able to get called out as a scam instantly. They would not make any money out of it. That’s a technique that I have seen been used over and over again.

Most times, if there isn’t a detailed explanation as to why the system is worth your money, you would have a free trial. That’s with legit products. But in this case, they want your money no matter what! So no free trial.

The Reality About Affiliate Marketing

Now, don’t go thinking that affiliate marketing is a scam in itself, because it isn’t. Like I said, I have fallen for these systems before and I thought the same thing, which is why I avoided it for the longest time possible. However, once I understood what it was, everything clicked and I’m now building my success.

Affiliate marketing is a way for companies to make more sales. They will allow affiliates to promote their product and each time a sale is made through an affiliate, the company will give the affiliate a cut of the sale made.

This way, companies save big on advertisement, that has no guarantee of return on their investment. With affiliate marketing, the company wins for selling the product and making a sale and the affiliate wins by getting a cut and making money.

However, building such a business is like building a regular business; you need time and patience to see it grow. It won’t just grow on its own, just like a physical business won’t just grow on its own. The only difference between an affiliate marketing business and a regular business is that it takes way less money to start and to maintain.

Profit 24×7 Review – Conclusion

Based on other reviews that I have written in the past about similar systems, I don’t recommend this system and think that it is either going to be a low-quality program or an outright scam. The red flags that I have found, are all similar to the ones that I have categorized as a scam before. They’re nothing new.

Jacob uses scammy tactics to lure you in, he uses a fake name, he does not reveal anything about the system at all and all he talks about is the amount of money that you will make and how much this system is going to change your life. No information given can be verified with hard facts and proof.

To me, all the sales video is hyped and that is enough proof for me that this system is not what it seems. I would highly recommend that you avoid this program at all costs.

Here’s How To Make Money Online The RIGHT Way

When you’re trying to make money online, you want to build trust with your audience, your visitors, your buyers. You want to be ethical and honest in the way that you present something.

Take Amazon for example. There are vendors there that have a lot of good reviews and that exercise good customer service. Would you not prefer to buy from them, as opposed to somebody else who is selling the same product but who has no reviews at all?

It’s the same thing here. I’m writing this review to build trust with you based on my experiences and that’s my way of helping you out. I want to be your friend and somebody you can rely on. I’m not looking to make money off of you at every step of the way. I genuinely know how it feels to fall for scams and lose money to them.

That’s why I also created a FREE Guide that will show you how I make money online. I will also introduce you to the training platform that I used when I first started, as well as the tools that are required to see success. I’ll also throw in my 6-Day Course for completely FREE!

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Get the guide now and I will see you on the other side. I’m excited to help you start this new chapter in your life of making money online, just like you have been dreaming of. Give me a chance to prove to you that I am different that those scammers.

See you inside the guide soon!

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