Profit Bank Software Review – Your Ticket To $1.1K a Day?

You hear about so many people making full-time income over the internet and you want to take a piece of it too. You stumble across Profit Bank, where you are promised to make $1100 per day almost immediately, and on autopilot.

How true is it? Does this program really deliver on its promises? How do you know if it’s not another scam BEFORE actually investing into it?

The best way to find out more about the credibility of the program, is to read a Profit Bank Software Review, and this is exactly what this article will be about. I will let you know what I have found out about it and the facts are pretty shocking, let me tell you that!

At A Glance

Name: Profit Bank


Owner: “Thomas Black”

Purpose: Help you make money through Affiliate Marketing

Price: $24.97 per month + upsells

Recommended?: You’ll find out at the end of this review…

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What Profit Bank is Supposed to Be

Just as many other products, we get a run-down of the system through a video, with Thomas Black, the owner of the system. We come to know of the workings of the program, that I will be going through briefly. We need to know of their offerings before we understand if it will work or not.

So, starting off, Thomas explains that he has created a system in collaboration with a certain “Matt”, that will do everything for you and that it is truly a one-click system that will generate online revenue for you on autopilot. All it takes is 3 minutes to set it up and you can start watching the money rolling in.

There’s no technical know-how needed, no experience and you won’t need knowledge of how it is all working in the background. All you have to do is input a line of information and click a button. That will create your website for you. As long as you have a website and traffic coming to it, which is what Profit bank will take care of for you, you’ll be good to go.

You won’t need to invest in paid ads, in a website, in hosting, in an email list and won’t need ANY connections whatsoever. Thomas created this platform with the intention of having it be self-sustaining where it will create your website for you, create your email list and advertise itself, which is a TRULY automated system.

He shows you a few income proofs of the money he generated using the system, in an attempt to show you that it works. Now, we’ll find out whether the claims that he makes are true and whether you’ll be able to make over $7K on a weekly basis on autopilot.

What Profit Bank ACTUALLY Is

I know that all these claims sound legit and just amazing! And to be honest with you, if such a push-button system existed, even I would have been so happy to be part of it and to promote it. However, if there were such a system, don’t you think that everybody else would also be doing it?

Here are the reasons I compiled about why NOT everybody is using this program.

1) Thomas Black – One concern that I have, is that I googled “Thomas Black affiliate marketer” and was not able to find anybody that goes by that name. There should have been SOMETHING about this guy, because believe it or not, this website has been online for over 17 years!

If it has really worked for as many people as he pretends, then somebody, maybe a member, a reporter, would have talked about him. But there was no such information. Not so much as even a picture was given. How does this anonymous person harbour trust? In NO way at all.

Not to mention that if you scroll down to the bottom of the video, you find another name and that name is “Mack”. So he totally lies to you about his name.

2) The Created Website – It all sounds so wonderful when he explains that the software will create a website for you. But what you have to know is that the created website will look exactly the same for ALL members of the program. It may all sound fine, unless you actually know about how the online world works.

You see, when you have a website and want free traffic, the only way to do this, is to use Google, Yahoo and Bing, the big search engines, to get visitors to come to your website and to buy what you are offering so you can make money. However, the search engines rank only UNIQUE content, not duplicate content.

And like I mentioned before, the created website is the EXACT same as ALL the other members. SO guess what’s gonna happen? You got it! This website is not going to show ANYWHERE in the search engines, making FREE traffic to your website impossible.

Yes, “Thomas” or “Mack” does talk about the automated traffic being sent to your website but that’s a FAKE claim! YOU have to do all the work by promoting your website thorugh social media or PAID ADS in order to make any money.

Even if there were such a thing, the traffic would NOT be targeted traffic, thus not making you any money because your offering would not be what your audience would be looking for.

3) Payment Proofs – You may not have noticed, but the income proofs that he gives you have been FORGED! They are FAKE! If you go to Youtube and type in “how to fake ClickBank earnings”, there will be a lot of videos that will show you how, and that’s exactly what was done to the income proofs within this video.

Here are the proofs. Look at these two proofs that “Thomas” shows you. One is supposedly the first few weeks when he started making money with the system and the other is one that he is supposedly making now.

You will notice that the days and dates are exactly the same. When I googled the exact day where Tuesday the 28th occurred within the Month of January in the past, I was given only one in 2014, as you can see within the below screenshot. The next January 28 happening on a Tuesday, will be in 2020.

How can he earn different amounts of money on the EXACT SAME day? It’s impossible, so this is enough proof that it was forged.

4) The Upsell – I’m 100% sure that the reason that Profit Bank was created, was to upsell you to the highler level; Millionaire Society. And Millionaire Society is actually a separate system that I have already written a review on that you can READ HERE. You will find out that I have categorized it as a scam because of the obvious pitches within the sales video and what I found within the program itself.

Actually, you don’t even have to BUY the system to know about this. You can just go to the sales video right now, scroll ALL the way to bottom and click on ‘Contact”. The resulting page will be one at Millionaire Society, forcing you to sign up to get in touch with anybody.

So “Thomas” telling you that all you will ever need will be within the system at Profit Bank is a total lie! Not only will it not work because of the reasons I gave you above, but also because there are MANY parts of the system that are locked unless you upgrade, to be able to access them.

Therefore, telling you that this system is all self-sustained is a broken promise. You will be bombarded with upsells at every single level until you cannot give any more money to them.

That’s also when I was convinced that the REAL owner of this program was Mack Michaels, because he is also the owner of Millionaire Society. Why he changed his name within the sales video, is unknown to me, but know that if he lied about such a thing as his name, he could lie to you about EVERYTHING else.

The Verdict

Based on everything that I have found out about this program, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that this program should be categorized as a scam. Not only are there too many lies within the sales video and too many things that just don’t add up about the program, Mack takes total advantage of your lack of knowledge of how the online world works.

The duplicate websites will not attract FREE visitors because the search engines HATE duplicate content and thus, the only other way to get traffic is to promote your website through PAID ADS! This is actually another LIE because he had promised you won’t need to make any investment into ads.

He lies about his name and also forged the income proofs to make you believe that the amount of money that you can make with the system, is greater than you will actually make, which is ZERO, ZILCH, NADA!

I definitely do not recommend this program, because although it would have been wonderful to make so much money at the click of a button, such a system does not exist. If there were such a system, then I would have found it by now through out my two years experience making money online.

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