Profit Download Review – Make $650 In 60 Seconds?

Welcome to my HONEST Profit Download review. You probably came across it because somebody was promoting it, right? Promoting how good of an income opportunity it is.

And being the smart person that you are, you’re trying to find out whether this will really be your golden ticket out of the financial difficulties brought on by the Covid-19, right?

Well, I have to say that I found a TON of people, or should I say, affiliates, promoting this program. All they do is tell you what’s good, but they never tell you the downsides of the program. That’s not fair, is it?

Because if they don’t tell you the downsides too, how can you make an informed decision?

That’s exactly what my review is going to be about; a balanced review to give you all the info you need to make an informed decision, to really decide whether Profit Download is really what you’re looking for in an online business.

Profit Download At A Glance


Creator: Jamie Lewis

Purpose: Make money online flipping websites

Price: $39+

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s not a scam but you won’t be able to make much money with what’s inside. Sure it worked before, but the marketplace must be so full with the same websites so far that you won’t find it easy to sell websites.

What Is Profit Download?

First of all, I gotta hand it to Jamie. The headline of Profit Download is REALLY catchy. I mean making $650 for other people’s failures sounds pretty good to me because it’s insinuated that about 95% of people fail with business, right?

The market then looks pretty good for what he wants to promote to you. Moreover, he claims in the video that you could not only make $650 a pop, but even $1000 for only 60 seconds of work!

Okay hold up now! This is sounding to me like a get-rich-quick scheme. Anyone else get that feeling? I mean, I review a website every day and have been doing so for the past 2 years, and they’ve pretty much sounded like that too.

And guess what? They never worked as advertised. We’ll have to see if Profit Download is any different.

But anyways, Jamie also claims that Profit Download will allow just about anybody to make sales online, even if you’re a newbie. It is “push-button” simple. The three steps are;

1) To get a copy of Profit Download

2) To activate the money magnet in 1 click

3) Make money in 60 seconds

That’s another thing that I just have to comment on because if it claims to be THAT simple, then know it won’t work as advertised at all. it sounds simple in theory, but it will NEVER be like that.

There are always some steps in between that these guys will omit to make you think that it’s as easy as they claim. The whole thing about “selling” this program to you is to manipulate your mind enough to give them your money.

I’ve reviewed some of Jamie’s products before, like Bank Ramp and Income League. They weren’t as advertised. I’m not denying there could be a chance to make some money with this program, but how good is it really?

Inside The Members Area – What Are You Getting?

Before understanding how it all works together, you need to know what you’re getting for your money, right? Well, I took a look and to tell you the truth, I was a unimpressed.

You get a few training orientation videos, a few walk-through videos, a few case studies and a few actual training videos on how to sell websites on Flippa. I will get a little more into details below about how all the tools and training tie in together.

But I have to say that the core training videos are very few and give very little information. I mean, if you put the actual core videos together, you’ll only be getting around 50 minutes of instructions, which to be honest, is not very much.

You’ll understand what I mean when I explain more in-depth of how this program is supposed to work further down below.

Otherwise, you’re also getting a few landing pages that you can use for yourself or for your customers, where you or your customers will be able to make sales.

Something that is also worth mentioning is that you’ll be given the chance to buy upsells. In my honest opinion, the more upsells there are, the less likely the front-end product is supposed to work as advertised.

If it did, then there would not be a need for you to have to purchase extra stuff, right?

There are 5 upsells that range from $47 to $167 and let me tell you that those aren’t even related to Profit Download. Those are past products that Jamie is promoting to make more money from you.

In other words, those aren’t really going to help you make more money with Profit Download.

How Profit Download Works

Now we get to how this really works, because it looks like Jamie just wants to make it sound so good on the sales page and avoids giving you the details. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

They expect you to buy something you know nothing about, right? And unfortunately, a lot of people will fall for this trap. That’s what he wants!

Sorry to make Jamie seem like such a devil, lol. I’m sure he is nice in person. And hey, gotta hand it to him. He knows what he is doing which is why he is making so much money, right? Just his tactic is a little unacceptable to me.

But anyways, what Jamie will be teaching you inside the program is how to sell websites on Flippa. If you don’t know about Flippa, it is a website where you can sell websites for literally any price.

Anybody looking to buy websites is most likely to look there first. It’s like Amazon but for websites.

What you’ll be doing is basically creating those website from scratch as instructed by Jamie and using the ready-made tools that he provides. You’ll post those websites on Flippa and hope that somebody buys them.

But unfortunately, I have to say that there are some problems with this.

1) The first thing, and Jamie doesn’t even mention it on the sales page, you’ll first need to BUY a domain name. Then you’ll be able to customer the website with the templates he gives you. That’s more investment.

2) The second thing is that you’ll have a lot of competition because everybody buying Profit Download will be using the same templates and ready-made websites. Or, customers shopping around will think you’re spamming Flippa and won’t buy.

3) The third thing is that people usually look for how much money a website is making before buying it, as well as how many visitors, how many social media accounts it has, as well as how many followers. So no, it won’t be as easy as that to just start selling websites.


1) The creator, Jamie, doesn’t hide behind his computer. He is a real person and not a made-up character.

2) The landing pages are high quality and will convert. Great for intermediate to advanced online marketers.

3) 30 Day Money-back guarantee


1) Hyped up sales page

2) Not newbie-friendly

3) Low-quality and inadequate training for something as complex as selling websites

4) Upsells have nothing to do with selling websites

5) More investments required than you think just looking at the sales page

7) There’s way more work involved than Jamie lets on (NOT three steps)

8) Ready-made websites mean that everybody buying Profit Download will be selling the same website layout, which can come across as spammy and scammy to customers

9) You’ll have difficulty selling the websites because Jamie doesn’t tell you anything about how to grow the value of the website in terms of visitors, social media account followers and income the website brings.

10) Although there is a money-back guarantee, often times, creators of such product don’t respond to refund requests.

Is Profit Download A Scam?

I would like to apologize to Jamie and even to everybody who is promoting Profit Download for portraying them as money-hungry but the truth is that Profit Download is not a scam. You do get some good tools to use.

You are getting something for your money. It’s not like you’re paying for something and getting nothing in return, although I do not agree that Profit Download is worth $39.

Moreover, I really don’t recommend it for newbies because it really isn’t for the newbie. There is a lot of missing training in my honest opinion, that’s making it hard for the newbie to really understand how to fit it all in the puzzle.

This is more for intermediate to advanced marketers who might be looking for simple landing pages to boost their online businesses, either to help build a list or to direct their visitors to their offers.

But this is not for beginners and the training definitely will not show you how to properly sell websites on Flippa.

Then, you also have the upsells that are never mentioned on the sales page. And these upsells, although not needed for Flippa, will actually not be related at all to what the front-end training is trying to accomplish.

So overall, this is very scattered and will only cause confusion. I do not recommend Profit Download as there are better alternatives out there that can really teach you a whole lot for $39.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those trying to SELL anything to you. I’m just here to expose less-than-good programs so that you can make an informed decision. But if Profit Download isn’t what you expect, then you may want to check out how I make money online.

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And here’s one more!


Don’t be misled by people like Jamie, though. Although making money online is definitely possible, it takes work. You don’t know how to do it so you need to learn and that’s the process that takes the longest.

So if you’re willing to invest the time in yourself to learn it all, then only will you become successful. As you can already tell, done-for-you system don’t teach you a whole lot and don’t work as well as you want them to.

Therefore, the only way to get what you want is to do it yourself. So get my free guide now to learn how I got to where I am today, and how you can get started for free. I promise you, it’s nothing like you’ve seen before.

No empty promises! No BS! No lies!

Thanks for reading my Profit Download review. If you have tried it out and have had some experience with the website, i would love it if you could share them. It would help a lot of others make an informed decision about it.

Lots of Love,


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