Profit Genesis Review (Reloaded) – Is It Really What It Seems To Be?

Does it not sound so good to be able to make thousands of dollars every single week? David claims that his system, Profit Genesis 2.0, is a revamped program that has helped 3500 people change their lives and that he can help you change your life too.

Is it true?

In this Profit Genesis Review (Reloaded), I will walk you through the claims and how it will supposedly work for you. There are a lot of claims that we will examine, as well as some red flags that you should be aware of, if you are thinking of getting this system.

Note: I have not bought this system myself. Based on my experiences and David’s promises of the program, I was able to come up with a conclusion of the program. These are my opinions only.

At A Glance

Name: Profit Genesis Reloaded (2.0)


Owner: David Miller

Purpose: Make money with dropshipping

Price: $37

Do I Recommend it?: Definitely NOT! Read further to find out why…

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Sales Video – What is Profit Genesis 2.0?

David starts off telling us about the people that have found success with his system, saying that they made money either when they were away on vacation, while walking their dog and even while taking care of two young children.

Then, he even shows you that he, himself, has been making over $200K per month on average, using his own system, and that it has allowed him to make over $2 Million within the past 12 months. David says that this system is unique and has got nothing to do with MLM, Bitcoin, Surveys or Amazon. And it is not some push button scam that will promise you thousands of dollars overnight.

He was able to change his life and keep his daughter from his ex-wife, when he met a man that used to work for Google at a bar and who told him about a “loophole” he found that tapped into a $7 Billion industry online. David went home to implement it and within 15 minutes he was set up.

He made around $45 the first hour, then he made over $230 the second hour. He wrote down all the steps and was able to simplify it for others. The steps are;

1) Watch Videos

2) Follow Simple Instructions

3) Start generating cash online

David claims it’s so easy that anybody without any experience can do it and it will work for people with busy schedules too. Once the system is set, you are able to make money on autopilot, 24 hours a day, everyday. You don’t have to worry about product development or inventory. You can make sales without touching the products!

It sounds to me, like David wants to show you dropshipping. So, is dropshipping going to be as profitable and as easy as David makes it out to be?

Let’s find out.

Red Flags

Going through the sales video, I found some red flags that already told me that this system was not going to work and that it was either a low-quality program or an outright scam.

You see, because I have so much experience with scams and identifying them, I will go ahead and point out the red flags that indicate that this system is just not going to work. I didn’t buy into the system so I don’t know what’s inside, but I know enough of what’s happening, by watching the video.

1) Who is David?

Well, nobody really knows, do they? There’s no picture of him, his daughter, his wife. There’s just no way to really know if he is really a true person or a made up character. This is very common when it comes to scams and low-quality products because of the fact that as soon as people figure out their system is poor, they’ll just create a new system and use a different name.

David could become John, or Harvey next time, with a different last name and a different product name, and you’ll never even know that the scammer that’s behind Profit Genesis, is also behind that new product. That’s how scammy products keep popping up and how scammers are able to get away with stealing people’s money.

2) Non-verifiable proof of income

The next part, is the proof of income and sales screenshots that David shows you. Because we don’t know who David is, it’s even harder to believe that the screenshots of his income are real at all. There is no way to contact David before buying the system, or talking to him, or emailing him, to confirm that what he is showing you, is true.

Additionally, he only shows you sales figures. However, we all know in a real business, that there will be expenses. How much of the money he got from the sales, is he actually keeping to be able to live off of? This is not a realistic way of looking at things, from a business perspective.

3) You’re specially chosen if you’re watching this video 

That’s all lies, because I was able to get through to the video via ClickBank, which is a marketplace similar to Amazon, but that sells digital products.

The reason that he says that you’re specially chosen, if because most of the time, when you would be seeing this video, you will be referred by an affiliate of the program. These affiliates make money each time the system gets bought by a person who they referred there.

That’s only to pull your heartstrings to make you believe that you HAVE to buy the product because you are one of the lucky few, which is totally not true. Anybody who sees the video could potentially buy the product because that’s the way the scammer will make more money.

4) He meets some stranger who tells him about their money-making secrets

Seriously, I don’t buy David’s story. Sure, guys can be more outspoken and friendlier than girls when they first meet each other, but a complete stranger explaining how he makes money to David on their very first meeting, is just too far-fetched to believe.

It does not happen like that in the real world. If you were that person who made tons of money, would you tell another stranger how it all worked for FREE, on your first meeting? It it was to a friend, then it would have been believable.

And how could the stranger explain everything to David within a night at a bar? I mean, there is so much to do to configure an ecommerce store, that it could not have all been explained within a night.

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5) Make $200K per month with a few clicks 

This is a big hype that you should really not fall for, because making money online takes time and it takes work! You will not even make $100 online with a few clicks a day and working for only an hour per day. This is a sign of a scam, because these figures are there to lure you into believing that making money online is easy.

It really is not, specially in the case of an e-commerce or dropshipping store. Sure, you could eventually start making that much money, but it will take a lot of work, and even YEARS to get to making $200K in sales every single month.

And again, this is only the sales figures. David does not go over the expenses of the business, the taxes that needs to be deducts and so on, so you can’t trust that he is taking home $200K every single month with this system because it is not realistic.

6) It takes 15 minutes to set up 

Again with the lies! It does not take 15 minutes to set up a website to begin accommodating visitors. That’s just a lure to get you to buy the system and to give them your money.

You see, actually building a website to make it live online, only takes a few minutes. That’s not the hard part. The hard part, is to get your e-commerce store recognized by the search engines, it is to research suppliers, you have to research products and what price you will sell them at.

You also need to add them as listing on your website, then add descriptions to each of them as well. You also need to make sure that you’re not selling items that are out-of-stock or that are discontinued by the supplier. You also need to take care of customer service, answer questions, take care of angry customers.

This not does take 15 minutes or an hour a day to do. There is much work to be done with an e-commerce store. The reason that I know so much about it is because I once started e-commerce myself and failed miserably. That’s because of the load of work that needed to be done. It’s really hard!

7) Fake testimonials 

That’s right! Those people who talked to you and told you that they made so much money online and how Profit Genesis turned their life around are all fake. They are actually paid actors from a website called Fiverr, where they are able to list their testimonial services to get paid a measly $5 per testimonial.

If the system really worked, then why not get those successful people from the 3500 people he helped make money online? Why pay to get testimonials? This is just something that does not make sense, and this proves anyways that what’s inside will not help you get rich.

Here’s a Fiverr profile, if you want me to prove that they are fake.

And to show you that these people are used over and over again in different make-money-online schemes, take a look at the other reviews that I wrote that feature actors;

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  2. 30 Day Success Club
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The Realities of Dropshipping

Sure, dropshipping is way easier than having your own products to sell, because you don’t need any inventory and you don’t need to worry about product development, just like David mentioned.

However, it is still not as easy as David claims. With the amount of work that’s needed, you will not make money on your first day, not even within your first week. It is possible to make money afterwards, but you will need to spend money in Ads. And if you’re a newbie, then I totally don’t recommend that you dabble in Ads yet, because it’s so easy to burn money with it, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But let me go through why dropshipping is not that great of an avenue to pursue. You’ll have to:

1) research reliable suppliers

2) research good products without touching them (if you don’t want to invest in them)

3) add each listing one by one to your website

4) add descriptions to each of your listing

5) edit listings as more variety is added, such as colour options

6) make sure that you’re not selling items that are discontinued or out-of-stock

7) take care of customer service, such as returns, angry customers, broken items during shipment

8) offer free shipping, even when you’re paying your suppliers for shipping to remain competitive in the market.

9) fulfil your orders in a timely manner with your supplier so your customers can receive the product as soon as possible.

And it does not stop here. There’s a lot more to do! Dropshipping is not easy.

Profit Genesis Review (Reloaded) – Final Thoughts

It’s true that dropshipping is better than having to work under a boss, or for a company, because you can work whenever you want, wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection and your computer. However, it is not for everyone. It’s not as easy as David claims it is.

With the number of red flags that I have found out within the sales page, such as how we don’t know who David is, the non-verifibale income proof, the scammy tactics to lure you into buying the system and also because of the fake testimonials, I just don’t feel comfortable recommending this system to you.

I just don’t think that it is going to work.

I looked at a few other reviews for this system and I can honestly say that most people are recommending it, probably because they are affiliates of the program. But if you take a second look, they don’t even show you what’s inside or how it helped them make money.

All these people care about, is to sell you the system so they can get a commission by referring you. You’ll know they never tried the system because they don’t give you proof of their earnings, they don’t show you what’s inside the program and yet, tell you that it has changed their lives. That’s total BS!

So don’t fall for them or for David’s lies. Because based on my experiences, this system is a total flop! It’s not going to help you. I recommend you stay away from this program altogether.

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I hope to see you on the other side. Let me help you.

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