Profit Injector Review – The LEGAL Way To Monetize Others’ Videos

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We all know Youtube is the biggest video marketing platform on the internet today. Many are using it to reach more people and to grow their online revenue. You’ve probably wondered at least once in your life, how you can also do the same, am I right?

The truth is that there are so many make-money-online programs on the internet that promise to help you do just that, but unfortunately, most of them are either scams or so low-quality that there isn’t a big chance of you making any real money, because they’re so generic and don’t have step-by-step lessons.

Is Profit Injector going to break the trend or is it just anothe program to skip over? My review is going to give you all the details so that you can make an informed decision.

Profit Injector Review At A Glance


Owner: Jamie Lewis

Purpose: Make money using other people’s videos

Price: $37

Do I Recommend It?: Yes, it’s a very good course for intermediate/advanced affiliate marketers

What is Profit Injector?

I must admit that looking at the sales page, it’s so much more different that most of the sales pages of the programs that I have reviewed. There aren’t hyped up income claims or outrageous promises made, which made a good impression of the sales page.

This is a program made available for sale via ClickBank, and if you know anything about make-money-online programs from that platform, you would know that they don’t have good reputation. Very few programs actually offer any value at all and most of them are scams.

Jamie is also a very successful affiliate marketer and learning from him will prove to be beneficial, if the program turns out to be as good as he claims.

The other thing that I noticed, was that even if the video was a little cheesy, with money everywhere on Jamie’s table, he actually gave valuable information about Youtube and how he can help you make money with it. Of course, he won’t disclose everything about his course, but I find that he gave good information.

He explains that Profit Injector is for people who want to make money on Youtube, using other people’s successful videos instead of creating their own. Doing so without infringing copyright laws is impossible, right?

Well, Jamie is here to show you a method that you can use to make money on other people’s videos, without you breaking any laws or risk facing a law suit.

How Profit Injector Works

Getting to the member’s area, I found that the platform was easy to navigate. The training is in video format and I find that it’s very easy to follow that way. You also get some bonuses in the form of a PDF guide and a FREE one-on-one coaching session with Jamie himself, to help you.

The training is geared towards showing you, the affiliate marketer who DOESN’T want to create videos of your own, to approach other successful vloggers on Youtube and to offer to make a deal; to feature your affiliate link in their video description, so that any revenue from the sales generated from there will get split between you and them.

What I really like is the fact that you don’t have to target the make-money-online niche. You won’t find specialty niches but if it’s for a niche like Travel, blogging, reviews, toys and the trendy stuff, you’ll mostly find your fit within the program.

This is actually an ingenious idea, because this is not really what is taught in traditional affiliate marketing. You usually have to create your own video reviews to be able to convince others to make the purchase. This idea makes use of high-visibility videos that are already on the internet and monetizing it.

What I find lacking though, is any relevent training for beginners to have an understanding of basic affiliate marketing. He touches a little bit on it but does not have a lot of training on how to chose your offers, which is very important. This is mostly training on how to approach those vloggers to increase the chances of getting accepted.

You also get some email swipes if you’re just a beginner and don’t know how to start up the conversation and you also get a keyword tool, as well as a software that has been created by Jamie himself, that pulls in information from Youtube to help you choose who you’ll need to contact next.

Overall, I really think that this is not training amde for beginners who know NOTHING of affiliate marketing. This will benefit mostly intermediate/advanced affiliate marketers who know how affiliate marketing works and who want to up their game and their income.

What I Like

1) You’ll be learning from Jamie, a real person and a very successful affiliate marketer

2) Step-by-step Video Training

3) FREE One-on-One coaching session with Jamie

4) Real and effective method to make money online

5) Not limited to the make-money-online niche

6) Software works like a charm

7) 60-Day money-back guarantee

8) Can work WITHOUT any other tools

What I Don’t Like

1) Not beginner-friendly – Does not offer basic training on what affiliate marketing is

2) Keyword took is TOO basic – I recommend you use JAAXY

3) No trial offered

4) More niches need to be offered

Profit Injector Review – Is It Worth It?

In my opinion, Profit Injector is one of the few courses on the internet that actually provides value and it does exactly what it promises on the sales page.

Jamie is one of the most successful affiliate marketers around today and he has quite a lot of experience. I say being able to learn from him at such a low price of $37 is absolutely worth it! You get so much value for your money and you can actually make money with the methods taught.

If you’ve been thinking of taking it one step further in your online business with Youtube, then Profit Injector is the way to go. The more exposure your affiliate link gets, the more money you can make and you’re not even putting in the effort to produce the video.

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that in my opinion, this training is best for those who already have an idea of how the online world works. I do not recommend this course for newbies because there are a lot of things that will raise questions, instead of answering them. The course if not basic enough for newbies to START an online business here.

Are You A Beginner To Affiliate Marketing? START HERE!

If you’re a beginner, then you need a course that will start from the beginning. You need a solid foundation for your online business to be long-lasting and profitable. When I was still new to the online world, I did buy a bunch of courses that sounded appealing but they were not beginner-friendly. That’s when I found out I had lost money.

I thought that wasn’t a course as comprehensive as I was looking for but that’s when I stumbled across the platform that was going to change my life forever. It had all the training, tools and support that I needed all in one place. I didin’t have to go looking for answers elsewhere.

The best part, is that you can start the training for completely free! I’m now making passive income and I never thought that this day would come. The day I made my first dollar online was a dream come true. And I knew that if I could make $1, then I could make $100, or even $10,000.


Additionally, you’ll also have access to me personally for any questions or help that you may need on this journey. What better way is there to learn from somebody who has seen results with the program? I’m somebody who actually practices what I preach and to prove it to you, I’m a Top 50 member of the platform.

I must be doing something right, right?;)

Sign up now and I’ll see you on the inside!

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