Profit Point Autonomy Review – Rehashed Junk?

Profit Point Autonomy review

If you were looking for an honest Profit Point Autonomy review, then you’ve just found it.

You’re probably looking for more information on the program because you are aware that there are too many scams online and you wanted to make sure that it was legit before joining.

You also probably are wondering how it works and whether it will provide you with the amount of information that you need in order to start making some serious money online.

Well, stick around because I have uncovered some facts about the program that you absolutely have to consider before joining. They could be deal-breakers!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Profit Point Autonomy At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Learn affiliate marketing

Price: $47

Do I recommend it?: No! It’s junk!

What Is Profit Point Autonomy?

To be honest, I was already thrown off and skeptical because of the tagline that states you can make $5000 just by pressing a button. I’ve been in the online world for almost 19 months and I can assure you that push button systems do not exist.

It takes learning, a lot of work and a lot of patience to make money online and any ETHICAL and TRUTHFUL online marketer will tell you that. Anything else is just designed to make the creator of the program and his affiliates rich, not you!

There are more absurd claims that the creator makes, like the program is going to be completely hands-of, meaning that it’s automated. There is no complicated set up because everything is done for you. It’s a business in a box.

This means that there will be no learning curves and you’ll be able to execute the business and start earning today. What you’ll get are turn-key websites that will make you money just like it’s been making the creator and others money.

To me, all this just sounds too good to be true and that’s usually the case with these programs. I’ve bought into and reviewed so many other programs before making the same kind of claims and they never worked as advertised. I have a feeling that Profit Point Autonomy is going to be another one of them.

Because if you really stop and think about it, if it was that easy to make money online, then nobody would be struggling to pay their bills. Nobody would be trading their time for money at their corporate jobs and there would be LESS scams online.

Don’t you think so?

Red Flags – Proof That Profit Point Autonomy Could Be A Scam Or Low-Quality Program

Not only did I find that what the spokesperson said highly hyped up and suspicious, I also have other red flags that could point to a potential scam or a low-quality program. These are similar to other scams and low-quality programs that I’ve reviewed.

1) Creator – Who is he?

I’m asking you this question because I have absolutely no idea. Do you know?

Well, unfortunately, other than the fact that he says he is the creator and he tells us a little bit about his background and how he came upon this method, there really isn’t a lot of information that we can gather about him. So, I’m highly suspicious.

You see, the problem is that there is no way to verify who the creator of the program really is. The person speaking in the video is most likely a paid actor because I have a feeling that I’ve seen him somewhere before and it does not stir up any good memories.

If you can’t verify who the creator is, then how can you be sure that he is qualified to really give you a system that works? How do you know he really knows what he is talking about?

The thing is that scammers usually hide their identities in order to be able to change their names with each scam that they release so as not to be recognized. That way, they can avoid being caught, fined or even sued.

I have a feeling that it’s what’s happening here. Why else would he be hiding? He must be doing something that’s NOT right!

2) 8 Positions Left

Do you really believe that there is only 8 positions left? Well, I don’t. That’s because the creator is actually using fake scarcity in an attempt to make you act without having much time to think.

If you really believed that there were 8 positions left, you would usually be grabbing up the program before it got sold out, right? The creator is trying to scare you into thinking that you’re going to miss out should you not sign up asap!

It’s pretty common for scammers to do that, unfortunately. But let me prove to you that it’s fake. Just refresh the sales page and you’ll see that the number will go right back up again. That’s how you know the countdown is fake!

Additionally, it also does not make sense to limit the number of people that can sign up. That’s because the creator obviously wants to make more money and by limiting the number of people that can sign up, he might lose out on money.

So of course, he would want as many people as possible signing up to make the maximum amount of money.

3) Same lay out as another program I’ve reviewed

Another fact that got me backtracking is that Profit Point Autonomy actually looks like another program that I’ve reviewed a few days ago, called, Website ATM and needless to say that I found it to be low-quality.

Having the same layout, almost the same words and speech and even almost the same voice, just points out that the creator behind Website ATM is the same one that’s behind Profit Point Autonomy.

In that case, Profit Point Autonomy might just be another rehashed product of Website ATM. If the sales video is almost the same and the method of making money taught is the same, then you bet I know what’s inside!

How Profit Point Autonomy Works

Like I told you, I already had a feeling that Profit Point Autonomy was most probably going to be the same as Website ATM and that’s BAD news. That’s because the training inside Website ATM was just low-quality.

What the training says it will teach you is affiliate marketing. The good news is that affiliate marketing is actually a legit method of making money online. I know because I am an affiliate marketer and the big names, like Amazon, also are involved in this method.

What the creator says you supposedly get with Profit Point Autonomy is a website that will make you the kind of money that he has made. So you expect to have a done-for-you website that you can just plug-in and play, right?

But no, this is not what you get with the program.

The program consists of a few videos that will help you get started in affiliate marketing but only as it pertains to the tools included in the system. For example, you get website hosting and templates to use.

You’re also taught on what plug-ins (those can be called “apps” for websites) to download and install, like AliExpress, ebay and Amazon. That way, your website is connected to those three platforms.

How you make money is simple. Each time your visitors click on the products embedded with your affiliate link, they are brought to one of the websites where they can make a purchase. For each sale you send, you make commissions.

To the untrained newbie that does not know how the online world works, this may sound like the perfect way to make money online, but what you may not know is that such a website is useless, unless you know how to drive traffic/visitors to it.

You see, if you just create a website and expect people to just stumble across it by the thousands so that you can make sales and make money, you’re mistaken! What is actually gonna happen is that it’s going to float in the online space without anyone knowing about it.

You need to MARKET it and drive your own traffic to it, which is the most important aspect of making money online. And that’s the EXACT aspect that is not explained or shown to you within the system.

So basically, if you were to follow Profit Point Autonomy, you wouldn’t make ANY money at all, let alone $500 per day.

And there’s more! The creator did promise to GIVE you the website in exchange for a small payment, right? Even that promise is not kept because you need to BUY your domain (examples; or It’s an extra cost!

As you can see, the creator lies to you one after the other. There really isn’t any good reason to sign up for Profit Point Autonomy.

Is Profit Point Autonomy A Scam?

It really depends on what you perceive to be a scam.

A lot of people will say that this is NOT a scam because a scam is something that you are paying for but not getting anything in return. Although this program is low-quality and does not live to the expectations of the sales page, you’re still getting something.

On the other hand, many more people will call Profit Point Autonomy a scam because it does not work as advertised. You see, the sales page is hyped up and makes false promises. You don’t even get inside what the creator promises you.

Additionally, there’s also the fact that the sales video is misleading newbies and giving them fale expectations of how the online world works. This is a perfect example of why you’re led to believe that push button systems exist.

In reality, these programs don’t work! They are only designed to lure unsuspecting people to pay in order to make the creator and his affiliates rich. The people actually using the system DON’T ever succeed.

Then, you have extra costs for things that are supposed to be included in the fee, like the website that you were promised. And guess what? It’s not even a plug-and-play system, like the creator promised.

Ask any ethical marketing and they will tell you that making money online takes learning, work and patience to make money online and if you don’t understand that, then you’ll keep failing at finding a system that works.

But when it concerns Profit Point Autonomy, it obviously will not make you even $1 online, if you follow it to the letter. You’ll need to invest in more tools and more courses anyway, so why get a program that will only give you ONE piece of the puzzle?

Due to these obvious reasons, I do not recommend that you get Profit Point Autonomy.

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I used to be like you, who believed a push button system really existed. I wasn’t interested in building a website, or learning how it all works, and I wasn’t interested in something that was complicated and that needed time to build.

I wanted the instant, automated money system.

It took me some time to realize that it does not exist, and unfortunately, by the time I understood, I had already lost a few thousand dollars. Can you relate?

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Thanks for reading my Profit Point Autonomy review. If you have any questions or would like to share any experience, feel free to leave them below. I always read your comments and answer them!

Lots of Love,



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