Profit Product Creator Review – Another Low-Quality Product?

Profit Product Creator review

Are you looking for an honest Profit Product Creator review? You’ve just landed on it. The truth is that I’m seeing so many affiliates promoting this program as if it’s the best out there.

Nobody is really telling you what the disadvantages are. They’re only telling you what’s good! Well, they do have an incentive to sell the program to you and make commissions, right?

But is Profit Product Creator the right one software for you to really start raking in those big online commissions and profits? My review will tell you all about it, and more importantly, I’ll tell you the truth.

You see, I’m not an affiliate of Profit Product Creator and so, my review is going to be unbiased and honest. You can count on that… 🙂

Profit Product Creator At A Glance


Creator: Tony and his team

Purpose: Earn by creating and selling your own digital products

Price: $21+

Do I Recommend It?: No! If you were to only rely on the products that are created within Profit Product Creator and expect to sell them to make a big profits, it’s not going to work because they are low-quality.

What Is Profit Product Creator?

The sales page and the sales video make Profit Product Creator look like it’s going to be the only thing you’ll need to make those big sales and commissions. It’s newbie-friendly, you get to create products in under 60 seconds and make sales!

The traffic is also included inside. So they claim that all you’ll need is inside this software. You don’t need to hunch over your computer and trade your time for money here. You want easy work and easy money.

Well, that’s exactly why I don’t think that Tony is being entirely transparent and upfront with you. You see, no matter what business, you always need to work hard to see results. Why do you think your employer wants every ounce of your time at work?

The truth is that you can use software and other tools to make your work easier and maybe even automate a few things but not everything can be automated. That’s why you can bet that there will be more work required to make this product work.

If getting a product that makes money for you on automation was all that as needed, then why aren’t more people buying software like this? Especially during these hard times where people are getting laid off?

No, I have seen a lot of these products over the almost-3-years that I have been reviewing make-money-online products and I can tell you that even Profit Product Creator is not going to work exactly as promised.

You may not believe me at first, so let’s just dive in so i can prove a few points to you.

What’s Inside The Member’s Area?

All that Tony tells us is that you will be able to create digital products, add your affiliate links and send the built-in traffic that they have within the product to your products. Then you’ll make sales and commissions.

But that’s not exactly in-depth information, don’t you agree? There isn’t even a breakdown of the courses or tools on the sales page. It seems to me that Tony just wants to sell you his product without you knowing what’s inside.

Luckily, you have me who has done in-depth research and I can tell you what you’re getting for your money.

The first is the training section that has a few videos showing you how to use the software. I’m cool with that.

The next is where you can create your products. You get to input a keyword and a whole list of pre-written products show up. You can then choose whichever ones you like and compile them to make up the content of your product.

Then, you can create a cover for your digital product. That’s where you can slap a title on the product and make it as attractive as you can so people are interested. Once you save it, it’s available under the Library tab.

A cool feature is the Licence Generator that you can include with your digital products that outlines what a buyer of the product can and cannot do. For example, reselling can be quite an important one.

One other nice feature is that you can create a squeeze page to collect email addresses of the people visiting it. You can then grow your email list.

When it comes to traffic, Tony incorporated other software that were already created before. They are known as traffic apps that have some training on how to get traffic on social media.

Believe it or not, that’s it. The rest are upsells. By the way, upsells are never mentioned on the sales page, right? I hate it that Tony makes you think everything on the sales page is included for the one-time price of $21 when that’s not true.

The Reality of The Software

The Profit Product Creator software looks like it works theoretically, right? You have a software that helps you create product content out of nothing, create the covers for those products, create a landing page to grow your email list.

You even get free traffic that’s inside all the other apps that are included. You get traffic from social media that first land on your squeeze page. They give you their emails to purchase a product that you didn’t even have to spend time creating.

However, the truth is that it won’t work out exactly like this.

The software does create digital products for you, but unfortunately, they are incredibly low-quality. They are FREE content that somebody else has already written and might not be relevant anymore. That’s why even if you include your affiliate link within the content, you’re not gonna make affiliate sales.

You could give those away for free in exchange for people’s email addresses to build your list, but it won’t serve you good as an actual product to SELL either. These are PLR products that are full of generic and possibly outdated information.

Moreover, you cannot rely on traffic from social media, especially if you are a newbie. That’s because traffic from social media will only work if you have a big following. It won’t work for a newbie just starting online because you don’t have any.

So that’s why simply creating and sharing the products on social media is not going to bring you anywhere. You first need to learn how to build that following, which takes months and months, before being able to promote to them.

The only use that I can find for this software is if you already have your own products and want to create a nice landing page to promote it and to create an ecover for it. And it obviously won’t take you 60 seconds to create original and high-quality content.

And it obviously would be appropriate only for intermediate to advanced marketers.


1) Real person behind the product – he doesn’t hide behind his computer and the internet

2) Low cost

3) Software does what it needs to do – creating digital products, ecovers and re-use/re-sell licenses

4) Easy to use

5) Products can be used as lead magnets to build your email list

6) Great for intermediate to advanced marketers

7) 30-day Money-back guarantee


1) Hyped up sales page

2) Low-quality products

3) Potential to make sales with the created products are low

4) Low income potential

5) Not newbie-friendly

6) Does not really have integrated free traffic. You have to use the OTHER apps included

7) Upsells will be needed if you really want unlimited use of this app (which was not mentioned on the sales page)

8) May not get your money back as these creators very weldom reply to refund requests (this is my personal experience)

Is Profit Product Creator A Scam?

I sincerely do not think that Profit Product Creator is a scam. There might be a lot of lies and a lot of hype, but at the end of the day, you’re still getting something for your money. And it does work.

However, the results that Tony talks about on the sales page will not happen. And that’s why I don’t recommend Profit Product Creator. Sure, you can create digital products and use them in your online business, but it’s best to not sell them.

That’s why I don’t recommend it for newbies. Though it seems like it might just work in theory, the reality is that the products are incredibly low-quality.

Moreover, even if you DO manage to create a high quality product, upload it to Profit Product Creator, create an ecover for it and use the traffic methods suggested within the software, it won’t work for you if you’re a newbie.

Like I mentioned earlier, the traffic sources that Profit Product Creator uses is more towards social media and if you don’t have a following for your specific niche, you won’t convert them into sales.

That’s why I say the software can only benefit intermediate to advanced marketers, who might already have some kind of following. Those are the people who can really get results with social media.

But anyway, if your aim is to make money online using Profit Product Creator using the digital products created within, then it’s not gonna work, which means that I do not recommend it.

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So as you can see, my method does work. But like every legitimate business, you will need to learn it and work hard to see results. Ask any honest online marketer and they’ll tell you that there’s no such thing as a push-button system.

So if you’re ready to discover what it really takes to be successful online, then grab my free guide now. I promise that everything that I recommend is either completely free or has a free trial, so you’re not risking your money.

Let’s start you on the right track to making profits online.

Thanks for reading my Profit Product Creator review. Have you used the software and gotten some results that you’d like to share with us? Whether positive or negative, please share with us in the comments section below.

Lots Of Love,


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