Profit Raider Review – $200 Days Or Money Pit?

Welcome to this Profit Raider review. 

I know that you’re probably wondering whether this program is going to be legit or a scam so that’s why you’ve landed on this review. There are just too many scams online nowadays that seem legit and that’s why it’s important to do your research. You don’t want to be trusting them and losing your money.

Well, within this honest and unbiased review, I will be revealing what I have found about this program and will let you know based on my experience, whether this program is worth it. Know that I am not an affiliate of this program and this, will not be promoting it to you. Expect a fair evaluation of the program.

That being said, let’s get started!

Profit Raider At A Glance


Owner: Samuel Cheema/Edwin Mik

Purpose: Affiliate marketing/email marketing with a twist

Price: $10.95+

Do I Recommend It?: 

What Is Profit Raider?

Samuel presents this program as being one that will be able to bring you $200-days even if you are a complete beginner. he claims that all you need is 30 minutes a day, a laptop and an internet connection along with their “A-Z affiliate training” and you’ll finally be able to have your first break-through.

There is a ton of money to be made online and I can say that it is entirely possible to make over $200 per day. Some people are even making $1000 per day. However, it’s not as easy as these creators make you think. Just think about it; if it was so easy to make money online, then everybody would have been doing it.

What I don’t like about this sales page is that it makes it sound like this system is all you need and makes you feel like an idiot for not having their system. They make the solution seem so obvious.

But let me tell you that I would have once fallen for these claims, if it weren’t for my own online success. I have seen to many programs promise the same things as Profit Raider and most of them failed to deliver or work as advertised. In my experience, they either under-deliver or ask for more money to give out their secrets.

I have to agree with the problems that Samuel and Edwin lay out on the sales page; that there are way too many programs out there that only give you pieces of the puzzle to make money online. The truth is that online gurus don’t want you to figure out how to make money online so they can keep selling their junk.

However, if they don’t tell you what their program is about instead of what it’s NOT about, like on their sales page, then how do you ever know whether you’re getting something different from the other products you’ve bought? How can you make an informed decision?

That’s one aspect that I hate about these sales pages; you don’t get to know about the program or what you’ll be taught unless you purchase it. But lucky got you, I researched the program and now know exactly what’s inside.

How Profit Raider Works

The first thing that I need to mention about the training is that it is in video format. That’s perfect for most people because most of us are visual learners. It helps to see exactly what something looks like and where to go and what to click in order to minimize mistakes. 

The training is mainly going to show you how to use email marketing and affiliate marketing combined, as a way of making money online. You’ve probably heard of a saying that goes “The Money Is In The List” and that’s exactly what they’re going to be showing you. 

You’ll see examples of a great looking funnel, you’ll get access to a tool that will help you with funnel-buidling, you’ll learn how to drive traffic using Bings Ads. There is also a free traffic method that will teach you how to get leads using Facebook if you don’t want to use Ads.

There’s some good email marketing training. You’ll learn how to create your emails for maximum clicks and conversions and you’ll learn how to choose your offers.

Email marketing by itself is nothing really new but there is a twist to the training; instead of just collecting emails and sending out offer after offer, you’ll be creating some free mini-trainings and then offering a product as a way to further that training. 

I can say from experience that this is very effective because people will want to learn more about a method, especially if you are giving out great value within your free mini-training. They’ll be more willing to spend money to get it as long as you give them a reason to trust you.

Although all this sounds good in theory, the training is largely lacking in one area. They won’t really show you the elements of a good funnel and how to put things together. If you don’t set up a good funnel, then you’re not going to convince a lot of people to buy into your offers, right?

Costs To Consider – I Got Shivers

I scouted the entire sales page and there’s no information at all on how much money it is expected to cost you to run such a business. That’s what really gets me upset! How the heck are you supposed to know if this product is for you if you don’t know the cost?

Businesses are not free to run. You need tools in order to be able to deliver your products, especially on the internet. And the tools that are recommended here are really pricy.

The first tool you’ll need is ClickFunnels, which will cost you $97 per month. ClickFunnels is what will help you create your funnels in the first place and is integral to the success of such a business.

The other tool you’ll need is called an autoresponder, which can be expected to cost at least $20 per month. This is where your susbcribers are collected and saved so you’ll be able to send email sequences and your mini-trainings to them, sometimes even on automation.

You’ll probably also need a video-editing software if you want to look professional and create more trust with your audience. Those aren’t too costly, around $5 a month, but still a cost to consider.

Last but not least, you’ll need to budget for advertising costs, which can run from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand per month. The good thing with ads is that you have the potential to make sales on the first day but the downside is that ads can burn your money really quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That’s why if you’re a newbie, it’s not recommended to start with paid ads.

The Upsells – More Costs Still!

As if the other costs required to run the business were not enough, there are still the costs of the upsells to consider. These are not mandatory to make the main course work, unlike many other programs, but I really don’t think these upsells will do you any good.

Upsell 1 – Done-For-You Pack + Case Studies – $27

This upsell will give you campaigns that have already been researched and proven to work, from the keyword research to the sales funnel and even the mini-training and offer. If you’re a newbie, you’ll find this great but my experience will tell you that it’s not so.

You see, nobody wants to work and everybody wants to take shortcuts to making money fast. Everybody will want this upsell, especially if highly recommended by affiliates of the program. What this will do is create competition for you because everybody else will be using the same keyword, the same sales funnel and selling the same products.

So this will get saturated very fast! It’s no good if you didn’t get the upsell on the first day of the launch.

The case studies are good because you get to see examples and results from the use of the campaigns, but I would not say that they are worth the $27.

Upsell 2 – Advanced Tactics + Strategies – $47

To be honest, I’m a little bit skeptical about this upsell because there isn’t much explained at all. It just says that you’re going to be putting the main training on steroids – uhhh… You did get it, didn’t you? Whatever that means…

Upsell 3 – Limiteless Traffic for 365 Days – $197

This upsell is supposed to get you traffic for a whole year. But where this traffic is supposed to be SENT to, I have no idea. Is it traffic to be sent to your offers specifically or is it to the Profit Raider funnel, they don’t say.

All I know is that with such limited information and such a high price, that I woudn’t want to risk it because you don’t really know how well that traffic is going to convert. These kinds of programs are notorious for overcharging per click or per lead.

Upsell 4 – Reseller’s License – $97

This sounds like a serious upsell, doesn’t it? But yeah, it’s not going to do you any good unless you plan to promote Profit Raider. If you want to promote products from other niches, this upsell is useless. It’s designed to get you 100% commissions from the sale of the main course and its upsells.

Even if you plan on promoting products from the make-money-online niche, why would you even recommend such a program? It’s lacking training and the sales page is very misleading. That will have a big negative impact on your reputation.

Does It Work As Advertised?

The short answer is no.

If you want explanations on why I think this program does not live up to the expectations set on the sales page, then read on.

The first thing that you’re told is that this program is “simple, it’s fast and requires just 30 minutes a day”. But all this is just a sales tactic. For a newbie, it won’t be as easy and as fast.

You need to go through the (lacking) training, and afterwards, you’ll still have lots of questions with NO way to get the answers, at least, not within the training. You’ll need to set up funnels and always be looking for new offers and creating new mini-trainings. Even if you do set up your email sequence, you’ll need to add to it, which will take time.

Doing all this DOES require some skills, if not experience. But the experience is needed when it comes to PAID training else you’ll just be burning your money. 

Coming to the money talk, you’ll need hundreds per month as a minimum to run the business which is NOT disclosed on the sales page. Additionally, you’ll need AT LEAST $50 per day in advertising costs in order to make the $150 advertised on the sales page.

Is Profit Raider A Scam?

After all this, I have to say that I do not think Profit Raider to be a scam.

However, if you’re a newbie looking for a complete system, then I do NOT recommend Profit Raider. The sales page advertises this program as the LAST THING that you’ll ever need but that does not hold true. You’ll need to buy other programs to get answers to questions that I’m sure will arise as you go through the training.

The sales page is misleading and makes it sound easy and fast to make money with the methods but that’s not the case. As with everything else, you need some time to learn and to put everything into practice. Success won’t happen overnight.

I also don’t appreciate that the cost of running such a business is NOT disclosed on the sales page. If you can only invest $20 per month at the moment, what’s the use of getting training that will require you to spend $200 per month to run it? I hate that you don’t get a clear picture from the sales page.

They just want to sell you the program and make money. I feel like they don’t really care whether you find value in the program or not and whether the program is even right for you or not. I really only see the greed for your money on the sales page. 

On a more positive note, if you’re already an affiliate marketer looking to learn email marketing, I think that Profit Raider is definitely worth the $10.95, if only for it’s email marketing training. But that’s the only good thing about this program.

My final conclusion is that this training CAN be good if you’re already somewhat experienced and want to expand your revenue stream, but I do not recommend it if you’re a total newbie.

Here’s What’s Making Me Passive Income! The BEST Training For A Newbie

If you’re reading this review, you’re most probably a newbie looking to start your online career. You’ve also probably been buying program after program like Profit Raider and not getting anywhere online. Am I right?

Well, look no further. I was once in the same spot as you and was never able to make any money online. I was always buying program after program that promised that I could make a full time income online and I never got any results.

That’s until I found a program that really took me by the hand and showed me from A – Z how an online business should be set up. 

All I literally do on a daily basis, is type up articles that get ranked on Google and Yahoo, where traffic is sent to me for FREE. I just make sure to include special links to things that I recommend within the article so that when people click and buy, I make a commission.

This is affiliate marketing at it’s core! And it works! I make a passive online income from this.

What if I told you that I could get you FREE training that can kickstart your journey, like it did mine? 


You’ll get the training, the tools and even the support necessary to make success happen. There is some work to be done as with anything legit. I’m not going to promise you riches overnight because that’s simply not true. But you will have the proper foundation for a long-term business that will have the potential to bring you full-time income.

If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, then keep following those “shiny programs” (that won’t get you to riches anyway).

I promise to hold you by the hand as well as I’ll be your sponsor. Sign up now and I’ll get in touch with you on the inside to help you really start your success story.

Your Friend,


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