Profit Reign Review – Will You Make $240 With 30 Minutes Of Work?

If you’ve landed on this Profit Reign review to learn the complete truth about this program, then let me congratulate you on doing the right thing. There are just too many programs online that promise to show you how to earn money from home, and yet, don’t deliver what they promise.

Is Profit Reign a scam? Is it going to be another useless program? Does it really work as well as it is advertised? Will you make $240 for only 30 minutes of work? Will you just be wasting your time and money yet again, or will you learn anything valuable from the program?

These are very good questions to ask yourself and I have the answers to these questions for you within this review. I’m not an affiliate of this program, so you can rest assured that I’m not one of those who will be pitching this up to you. I will be completely honest and unbiased so you can make an informed decision.

Let’s get started!

Profit Reign At A Glance


Owners: Paul Prissick / Mark Barrett

Purpose: Make money with affiliate marketing using Push Notifs

Price: $2+

Do I Recommend it?: No!

What is Profit Reign?

Profit Reign is advertised by Mark as being a brand new, never-seen-before method that is newbie-friendly and that only requires 15 – 30 minutes of work per day. The results; make $240 daily. You don’t have to pay for traffic and you can start making money right away.

You don’t need any special skills or techy know-how. You don’t have to create any product or program either. All you need is to be able to follow simple instructions.

How amazing would it be if a program could deliver on each one of these promises! But let me ask you if this program worked as great as it is advertised, then why aren’t more people doing this? Why is it that people are still struggling to make ends meet? Why aren’t more people quitting their jobs?

If this were a perfect world, all this may have been true, but unfortunately, there is much more to these programs that these “gurus” are not telling you. Take it from me; you either need a lot of MONEY in order to hire others to do the work for you, or you need to a lot of TIME to learn about online business and doing all the work.

There isn’t an online business that will cost you $2, to then easily make you $200 per day right away. From my experience, using free traffic, it is NOT possible to start making $200 within your first day or two. It may be possible with PAID traffic, but there is a lot of risks associated with some paid methods.

And let’s face it; if you don’t have any experience or skills to make an online business work, you’re not going to be successful. Why doesn’t your company hire you as the CEO? That’s because you don’t have the qualifications, knowledge, and skills necessary for the role. It’s the same thing in online business.

Will Profit Reign teach you what you need to know to make financial success happen for you, though? Let’s see.

How Profit Reign Works

Inside the member’s area, you’ll find a simple layout starting with video training. There are 8 of them and are in an over-the-shoulder format so you can see exactly what is going on when the process is explained to you. This is the kind of training that is best, in my opinion.

But the important thing is what is TAUGHT. The easiest way to explain it is that Mark and Paul have a unique twist on email marketing. Instead of sending your subscribers to a squeeze page, you would send them to a webpage that will have a consent pop-up to receive push notifications.

You must have heard of Email Marketing before; it’s a way for retail giants, like Amazon, eBay and others to stay in touch with you. They are able to send you emails periodically about special promotions or updates.

Marketers like Paul and Mark would usually use emails to send you updates, information on new programs or tools but the “new” strategy, would be using Push Notifications instead, which is a pop-up on your computer or phone screen. These pop-ups are supposedly yielding better results and the app they recommend is called PushEngage.

The free traffic method is to use video marketing, such as creating videos for Youtube, and the paid method is using Solo Ads.

Unfortunately, using the free method is not going to yield you results fast, just like I mentioned earlier. You have to be releasing videos on a consistent basis to be able to make any money. It generally takes a few months before you start seeing results.

Solo Ads on the other hand, can bring you traffic and income right away, but there is a big risk associated with this method. With Solo Ads, you would pay other marketers with a list, to send their subscribers an email containing your links. You would pay for a set number of clicks on those links.

The risk is that you would be paying for those links, while the marketer may not send you the number of clicks agreed upon. Or, you could get clicks to those links but there is no guarantee that anybody would enable the notifications or that anybody would BUY from your links.

Thus there is no guaranteed ROI (return on investment).

About PushEngage

What I hate about these gurus, is that they don’t disclose what’s important on their sales page; first, there’s not enough information about WHAT you will be taught inside, and second, they don’t tell you the cost of the tools they will be recommending.

PushEngage, which is the tool that is going to help you to send the push notifications to those who have accepted to receive them from you has different membership options and like autoresponders, it depends heavily on the number of subscribers that you will be collecting to your list.

There is a free version that you can use, but the problem is that you will only be able to accumulate 2500 subscribers. Additionally, there are quite some restrictions as well in regards to the number of notifications that you can send for the life of your membership.

It’s great that you are given free trials of the app for the paid versions, but that also means that should you NOT be able to pay or to upgrade to those paid methods, then you won’t be able to use this method of making money online at all, whether the traffic is paid or not.

The paid membership starts at $29/month and allows up to 5000 subscribers.

Why I Don’t Think It’s Worth Your Time

I don’t think that it’s such a bad idea to be using Push Notifications, or even PushEngage as a tool because these promote a legit way of making money, but I just don’t think that it’s worth your time as a newbie.

There is a ton of missing training, such as picking a niche (a topic or area of interest) and how to carefully choose and strategically apply to promote a product within that niche. There isn’t enough information on other affiliate networks where it might be easier for you to apply and to promote products.

Additionally, knowing what I know about making money online, it looks like this training is going to only show you ONE part of what it takes to make money online and thus, you’ll have to buy the upsells or other programs and courses on affiliate marketing to be able to replace quit your day job.

This program also does not make it easy for you to ask questions or to ask for help, which I think is a major flaw. When you’re a newbie, you’re learning new things and need a reliable method of asking for help, just in case you get stuck or have questions. This is NOT made easy within Profit Reign.

Is Profit Reign A Scam?

No, I don’t think Profit Reign is a scam. It has some training and it introduced you to a legit tool that you can use and methods that you can implement to make it work. However, there are a few things that I’m not okay with.

The sales page is hyped up and says that this program is for newbies when I believe that the training is not enough to get a newbie started on the right track to making money online. I also think that the sales page is misleading because it says that a newbie can start making money today with FREE traffic methods, which is not true.

I also hate the fact that not ALL costs were disclosed before you actually buy the program. This is definitely not helping you make an informed buying decision and makes me feel like these guys are only in this to make money and that they have no interest to really help you.

That being said though, how much can you really expect from a program that is only costing you $2? There’s some good info, but in my opinion, is still not enough. Newbies will end up with a lot more questions than there are answers to within this program.

Additionally, this program only shows you ONE small part of the whole picture with affiliate marketing thus making you more prone to buying upsells and other programs that have exaggerated prices. There are much better alternatives that this program to get you started the right way.

Though not a scam, I do not recommend Profit Reign.

Discover MY Secrets To A Passive Online Income

I will be totally transparent with you, just like I always am. There is work and time involved in making money online, especially when you want an online business that is sustainable for the long-term and one that will be able to help you quit your day-job.

This kind of success is not achieved overnight. All affiliate marketers were newbies at one point but unfortunately, they will NEVER tell you how they REALLY got started.

But I’m different. I WILL tell you how I got started.

After losing several hundred to thousands of dollars trying to find information on how to make money online, I stumbled across a platform that taught me everything that I needed to know about making money online. It has the training you need, the tools are integrated and you have 24/7 support from experts at your fingertips.

All I do is type an article a day that takes me about 2 – 3 hours and I write about my passions, interests and hobbies. I make sure to include my keywords so that Google can send me visitors and buyers and I also make sure to include my special link through which visitors can buy what I recommend.

Each sale made through this link generates a commission for me. That’s exactly how I make money. The best part, is that this platform can get you started for FREE! No credit card required.


This may sound easy, but I had to learn about the process because I was a newbie, just like you. I’m a university drop-out and if I can do it, you can do it too. And since this is FREE to try, you’ve got nothing to lose. If you end up not liking it, then hey! Nobody is gonna stop you from leaving. And you won’t lose anything.

So what are you waiting for? Get signed up and I will see you on the inside!

If, in the meantime, you have any questions for me, about anything that I have discussed in this post or about making money online in general, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below. I would love to hear from you and to answer your questions.

Your Friend,


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