Profit Robot Review – Will You Land $400-Days With It?

Congratulations on doing your research and landing on this Profit Robot Review.

We both know that there are too many scams on the internet and too many programs that are so low-quality that they don’t work and don’t make you money. So it’s wise to be doing your research before investing in a program that only “seems” to be good.

Does this program work? Will Art and Pallab keep their promises? Will you be able to earn $400+ days as easily as they claim? Can you quit your job following the steps inside? Or will this program be a scam and leave you stranded? Will you just be losing money by investing in it?

All these are good questions to ask and I will be answering them within this review. I do not promote this program so know that my review is going to be completely unbiased. I’m not going to be bribing you with bonuses like some of the other reviews you’ll find.

Let’s just get into it!

Profit Robot At A Glace

Website: ArtOfMarketing.Academy/Profit-Robot/

Owners: Art Flair / Pallab Ghosal

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing

PriceL $12.97+

Do I Recommend it?: No…

What Is Profit Robot?

I’ll be honest, like I always am, and tell you why I wanted to write a review on this program; any other marketer who writes reviews will understand it. It’s because of the way that this product is named; Profit ROBOT. To me, it screams “automated program”, as if there would be a ROBOT doing all the work for me.

Right off the bat, I was skeptical and somehow knew that this program was not going to work as advertised, but I wanted to give it a chance by looking into it properly.

But anyway, Profit Robot is a program that is supposed to be very newbie-friendly, where anybody can work 20 minutes a day and see money pouring in. The video even says that this program is “automated” and that you can “set-and-forget it”.

It would be amazing if a program like this really existed, right? Something that you didn’t need to spend a lot of time or money on, that would make sales for you on autopilot and that would make you over $400 every day. But that’s not how it works.

Unfortunately, there are only two ways to make money online; one, is to invest a lot of MONEY in order to get others to do the work for you and the second option is to invest a lot of TIME yourself to learn the ins and outs of the business and do the work yourself.

You want it to be automated and to make money fast? In my experience, the only way to do that is to invest hundreds to thousands of dollars, the kind of money that 90% of the population does not have. Something is fishy here, but let’s keep going.

Further on, they say that 95% of the work has been done-for-you; all that you need to do is send traffic. As a newbie, it might sound like a good deal, but all experienced online marketers know that sending traffic is the HARDEST part of making money online.

In my opinion, Art and Pallab just want to show you what you DESIRE to see in a program and making money online. They’re not showing the reality of things, or how things typically work when you’re first starting off in the online world.

Let me bring clarity and light for you!

How Profit Robot Works

Well, well! Another program that tells you NOTHING of what’s inside the program. The sales page has a lot on it, and yet, does not give you even a hint of what you’ll be learning on the inside. Honestly, how are you supposed to make an informed decision without any information?

If the program was so good, why not give people SOME information and use that as an initiative for people to sign up? What have they got to hide? Let’s find out.

So when I got to the member’s area, it was obvious why they didn’t say anything; it was about plain, old affiliate marketing. For a newbie, the training might be good information and it might be a good place to start, but in my honest opinion, there is MUCH more to learn in affiliate marketing than they are teaching.

Affiliate marketing is a way to make money online, where you drive traffic to a special link and each time somebody buys through, you make a commission. It’s also how I make money online so I know this is legit and it works.

You get 7 sales funnel, 6 of which are recurring opportunities and one is a pay-per-lead opportunity, where the referral does not need to actually BUY something for you to make money. You’ll get paid for each person that signs up for free. But you still have to PROMOTE these opportunities!

You’ll get training on promoting and driving traffic from Facebook and social media, as well as from a few paid traffic sources, for example, placing banner ads on other websites.

Art and Pallab have already broken a lot of their promises already. They promised to teach you a way to make money online without promoting anything, and yet, you have to promote the different opportunities and get referrals in order to make money.

They say you’ll only have to work 20 minutes a day and that you can make money within that amount of time, but that’s all LIES! There is much more work to be done, especially promoting on social media. It’s going to take you MONTHS to YEARS to start making $400 a day like they claim.

Important Facts About The Sales Funnels

We already know now that 7 sales funnels are included within the program and that these funnels represent 7 different ways for you to be able to make money. But what they don’t tell you within the sales page, is that there is still MORE money to be spent within these sales funnels YOURSELF!

The ones that offer recurring income actually require more investment from you, to the tune of hundreds of dollars PER funnel! What are these guys playing at? They said that a big budget was not required and yet, they show us opportunities that require so much MONEY.

That’s the reason why they didn’t tell us what’s inside. It all makes sense! They wanted to MASK the opportunities presented because if you knew what was on the inside, you would never sign up to Profit Robot. All they care about is the money.

Additionally, they have their affiliate links within each of the sales funnels, so that each time you sign up within a sales funnel, they’re making even more money. You would expect that they would have the decency of actually doing some WORK for you seeing as you are a paid member, but NO!

They are using you to make even more money for themselves. They have no interest to help you!

The Downside to Profit Robot

The obvious downside to Profit Robot is that you require A TON of money to make it work, because all of the sales funnel require a combination of monthly investments and one-time investments, and they’re not cheap!

Additionally, you’ll also need an autoresponder. This is a tool that online marketers use to keep in touch with their email subscribers to be able to provide them with either more value, update them on new products or to re-market to them and unfortunately, this costs money too.

Not only do the funnels cost money, but there are actual upsells within the program that promise you even more stuff that will propel you to success. There are 5 of them and one of them could cost you as much as $97! So IF you were to get them all, you would be at an investment of $450, which is NOT cheap!

The $12.97 is only to get your foot through the door. Yes, there are upsells for many programs online and it’s normal to see them but what I absolutely HATE with these programs, is that they don’t tell you what the product is REALLY going to cost you on the sales page.

This leads to people making WRONG decisions and in people like Art and Pallab making money from these unsuspecting people. To me, that’s playing dirty.

Is Profit Robot A Scam?

Even if I disapprove of their marketing ways, I don’t think that Profit Robot is a scam. It teaches affiliate and online marketing like it promises it would.

But this program not being a scam does not mean that I recommend it. On the other hand, I have to emphasize that I strongly DON’T recommend this program. I didn’t like their other programs that under-delivered and I don’t like this one either.

I don’t support people who are NOT transparent about their programs, even if they have the potential to make people money. The program does NOT work as advertised; it will take you A LONG TIME to see results with Facebook marketing and it will take a lot of money to even make one funnel work.

20 minutes a day is not going to be enough work to get you making $400 per day and $12.97 is NOT the only cost associated with making this program work. They don’t disclose the total cost or even, the MINIMUM cost to become successful with the program.

And I have a feeling that these funnels are FULL of affiliate links so that they themselves can make more money from you. I don’t have the feeling that they want to help at ALL! Sure, these programs are legit programs and people are making money from them, but you can by-pass the $12.97 that Art and Pallab are charging to get to these programs.

It’s unbelievable how much these marketers are money-hungry! I know I’m going to get negative comments because of this, but that’s my opinion and my feelings of the program. If I were a newbie signing up, I would feel CHEATED!

Bottom-line; I do NOT recommend Profit Robot. You’re definitely not going to have a ROBOT by your side to do all the work for you. You’re gonna have to come up with the money and do the work.

Discover My Secrets To Making Money Online

I have been honest with you all this time and nothing stops me from continuing to be honest with you. I’ll explain how I make money online and how you can get started for free.

What I do is Affiliate Marketing, but in a different way than what Art and Pallab are teaching within Profit Robot. What I do, is type up articles every day and one of those articles takes me 2 – 3 hours to write. I make sure to include my keyword so Google can send me free visitors and buyers and to also include my affiliate link to make commissions.

That’s really it! It’s just a matter of rinsing and repeating the process.

I know it sounds easy, but there was some learning that went into making me this efficient. It takes work and time, just like any legitimate business, but it’s worth it in the end because my efforts are paying off big time! I’m making passive income now, even while I sleep.

I can introduce you to the program that got me started and trained me. Not only does the platform come with training, but it also comes with the tools and the support you need to succeed. There is a free version that you can have forever, and it also has a paid version that is NOWHERE as expensive as Profit Robot.


And that information will tell you ALL you need to know about the program before you sign up. My suggestion is not to pay a lot of attention to the paid version before checking it out what the free version has to offer and giving it a chance. You have nothing to lose… 🙂 I’ll see you on the inside!

In the meantime, if you have questions about Profit Robot or about making money online in general, please leave them below. I would love to answer your questions and to help you understand what it takes to make money online.

Your Friend,


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