Profit Vortex Review [HONEST] – Will You Really Bank $3K Paydays?

Welcome to this Profit Vortex Review!

I came across an email telling me that I could make between $2K – $3K every single day with Profit Vortex and it instantly screamed “scam” to me. But I don’t judge a book by its cover, and I saw that there were a lot of people looking for information about this program, hence, I’m writing this review today.

If you’re wondering whether this program is a scam or legit and whether it is going to work as good as advertised, then you’ve come to the right review. Many other people reviewing this program will lure you into it with bonuses and will tell you how great the program is to make you buy it.

But I, on the other hand, will give you a totally unbiased review so you can make an informed decision. I’m not looking to make money off of you. I just want you to make an informed decision about what you’re purchasing.

Let’s get this review on the road!

Profit Vortex Review At A Glance


Owner: Wayne Crowe (supported by Bill Hugall and Simple Spencer)

Purpose: Make money online doing email marketing

Price: $8.37

Do I Recommend It?: It’s not a scam but I don’t recommend it…

What Is Profit Vortex?

When I first came across the sales page, I couldn’t help thinking that this would be a program that would not live up to its expectations. Profit Vortex makes a few bold claims on there, saying that you’ll be able to bank $2k – $3k into your Paypal account everyday using a never-seen-before method.

In my experience, anything that claims that you can make so much money and refers to the program as a “Quick and Easy Job Replacer” would be a scam in my book. I’m not saying that Profit Vortex is a scam but just letting you know what I’ve seen, reviewing over 160 products on this website.

Additionally, the claim that you’ll only need 30 minutes a day to make this process work doesn’t help with the uneasy feeling that I already have. A solid online business needs a ton of time and effort to initially get off the ground. Only after that’s done, will you be able to work less.

What Profit Vortex is going to teach you, is to build your list for FREE and to show you how to leverage this list in order to make an income online.

That sounds reasonable but you should keep in mind that building a business, be it online or offline, takes time and effort in order to grow. You need time to grow an audience and you need time for this audience to trust you. Making $3k a day is absolutely possible but you’re not going to start off that way.

It’s not going to be an easy way for you to replace your income either. Don’t quit your job expecting to start making $2K a day next month because it’s not gonna happen.

How Does Profit Vortex Work?

When you get to the member’s area, you’re greeted with a welcome video and 2 PDF documents. The video is just a greeting and thanking you for the purchase. The main training are within the 2 PDFs.

The first PDF is the main one, at 67 pages. This is also the document that will include your 2 bonuses. The other PDF is an unannounced bonus of 25 pages.

Let’s discuss the first PDF. After finding out what the “never-seen-before” method taught inside the program is, I have to admit, that I have never seen this tactic before. So hats off to Wayne for discovering a FREE way to starting and growing a list of subscribers.

Wayne refers to this way of gathering subscribers as “click banking”. It’s a way to exchange clicks between list owners. Because you’re exchanging clicks, nobody needs to pay to acquire these clicks, unlike Solo Ads.

What Wayne teaches inside the program, is to find a few people who have a list and to ask them if they want to do “Click Banking”. You’re exchanging clicks, remember? So if you’re starting out without a list, the best way to go about doing this, is to ask for clicks first, for you to later return the clicks.

Now, what would these SUBSCRIBERS be clicking on? You’ll send your “partners” a link to send to their email subscribers, that will lead to your squeeze page (where you will collect their email addresses), to then redirect them to your affiliate offer. Any purchase made from that offer, will result in you getting paid commissions.

If you request 100 clicks from each of 10 “partners”, that’s 1000 clicks. Not everybody will sign up to your list but let’s say you get 300 subscribers. Now, you can easily send back 100 clicks to those 10 “partners”.


The second PDF, which is a third bonus, will be about buying Solo Ads. Solo Ads can be referred to as “renting” another person’s list where you will be paying for the clicks you need. It works the same way as “click banking”, the only difference being that you won’t need to send back clicks.

Solo Ads can be very expensive and they do not guarantee any amount of subscribers to your list, nor any number of purchases.

Will This Method Work Long-Term?

In my opinion, less than 100 pages of content to teach you email and affiliate marketing, is not enough to propel you to a $3k payday. There’s definitely a lot of value to be had if you are new to email marketing, and click banking can very well start you off with building your email list, but I don’t think it’s going to be a viable long-term option.

You see, you will constantly need to find new “partners” to do click banking with. The reason for that is the fact that if you choose the same 10 partners each time, the same email list will be circulating and thus, it would be more difficult as time goes by to give back 100 clicks.

You can counter that by saying these people’s lists will keep growing and thus, you would be able to get new subscribers all the time, and you would be right. However, that would be the case only if they have OTHER ways to get people on their lists, apart from click banking.

And imagine if each week, you order 100 clicks from each of those people. It’s not guaranteed that if they get 100 new subscribers every week that they will be able to send you 100 clicks every week. That’s because CTR (click-through rate) is always LOWER than the number of subscribers on that list.

Not everybody will click through to your offer and not everybody will sign up to be part of your list. Additionally, not every who looks at your offer will buy. That’s just reality.

The only OTHER way taught to get new clicks hassle-free, without having to find “partners” to do click banking with, would be to BUY Solo Ads. Apparently, even Wayne knew that people would find this method tiring in the long-run, which is why he created that BONUS on Solo Ads.

Let’s put things into perspective in an example where you want to make $3K GROSS in a day.

You would need to have at least 100 buyers of a product that will pay you $30 in commissions each. You’ll realistically need at least 1000 opt ins, which would translate to you needing between 2000 – 2500 clicks, which will translate to you needing to invest between $1600 – $2000 in Solo Ads.

Your profit would be $1000 – $1400 a day.

Additional Costs To Consider

Going through the sales page makes it sound like the $8.37 is all you’ll need to pay in order to get this baby on the road. But sadly, that’s not the case.

There are a bunch of tools that are recommended and some of them do come with a free trial. However, as a newbie, you will need to go BEYOND the trial in order to see any money come in, which means that you’ll end up having to PAY for these tools.

A very important tool that you will need in email marketing, is called an autoresponder. There are free ones that you can use to start out but they put a limit on the number of subscribers that you can have as a free user, thus making $2k-$3k paydays impossible.

So you WILL need to invest in one that will allow you to build a list of as many subscribers as possible. For example, if you start off with Aweber as an autoresponder service, you would start off paying $19/month after the trial. If you were to slowly build out a list of upto 10,000, you would eventually need to dish out $69/month.

Additionally, you’ll maybe need to invest in the upsells within the program that will collectively cost you an extra $123. I’m kind of questioning some of them because they just don’t make sense.

For example, the fourth upsell at $12 promises an EASY Buyers List Building Method, that will help you build a list without having to create or launch a product, which I thought the initial guides took care of… hmmmm….

Moreover, you may even need a website and hosting and it may cost you hundreds of dollars a year, even if they say you don’t need one. Why on earth would EVERY legit business, even if they are physical businesses, have websites nowadays? Have you EVER asked yourself that?

You may also need a tool like Leadpages or even Clickfunnels to help you create attractive landing/squeeze pages and funnels to make even more money. These come at monthly costs at $25 and $97 per month respectively.

AND… you need to get some training on how to properly build squeeze pages and funnels, which will cost you more.

My point is that having such an online business will need money, much more than the $8.37 that you are asked for upfront. That’s only to get your foot through the door.

Let’s Conclude This Profit Vortex Review

Is Profit Vortex a scam? No, I wouldn’t categorize it as a scam because there’s still SOME valuable information that you can take away from the training.

Do I recommend it? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. To me, Profit Vortex is just a training to START OFF your email list. But I just don’t think that you will be able to keep making big paydays with that same list for long. It’s not going to build you a strong business foundation.

I also use email marketing but it’s only to enhance, to improve or to add on to my existing online business, which is SOLID.

What you need is NEW ways of getting fresh leads in order to keep making 3 – 4 figure days and the ONLY alternative that Profit Vortex shows you, is Solo Ads, which is really expensive. I get that Solo Ads will bring you some profit faster than other methods, but you also need to have the money to invest into it.


Sure, it takes money to make money, but there are much better alternatives to getting leads out there for WAY cheaper… try FREE!

So, if you’re looking to start your list alongside your business, to boost traffic and sales, Profit Vortex will be good for you, without the upsells. But if you’re a newbie looking to start and grow a solid online business, Profit Vortex will not be enough.

Here’s A Platform With EVERYTHING That You’ll Need For Your Online Business

Remember I told you that I have a solid online business? That’s because I have a website.

Any online business without a website, is not going to be stable for long. It may work for some time, but in the long run, you’ll need to spend even more money to keep the business afloat. Not when you have a website.

The method that I use to make money online is called affiliate marketing. What you do, is promote a product you feel strongly will help others and each time you facilitate a sale, you make a commission. Easy peasy to understand, right?

What I do literally, is write helpful articles and make sure to include keywords and my unique link within my articles. People come in to my article from Google, Bing, Yahoo and social media, BY THEMSELVES! I don’t need to pay for this traffic. They like my article and my recommendation, they click my unique link and they buy the product. I make money!

There’s no forcing anybody to buy. You don’t have to recruit. You don’t have to invest in traffic. In fact, you can get started for FREE and I can even give you tips and tricks to boost your online business. The platform that I use has all the training, the tools and the support that you need, so you don’t have to go looking OUTSIDE the platform.


Before finding this platform, I was really struggling to make money online and was falling for scam after scam. But thanks to this training platform, I make passive income every day!

Sign up for free now and I’ll see you on the inside.

Your Friend,


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